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..... well , flowers are part of a garden deshou ? xDD snagged the title from Maaya Sakamoto (and Steve Conte)'s song .

anyways ~ I drew this to get rid of my artblock - to do something that I'll enjoy doing it from start to end : D well , it wasnt all that fun , because I get tired of using the polygonal lasso tool . *LOL* but I love pink hair ~ (like you don't know that yet :P) and cell-shading <3 I remember how I liked drawing Sakura (from Naruto) just because she has pink hair :O rofl .

I don't usually draw from side-view .. because I suck at them xD;; this is .. one of the better ones . #__# the purple flower is all crumply because .. I intended to do it all crumply =D this kinda looks like my 'Searching for Hope' pic .. (since she's not wearing any clothes because I'm lazy) and that thingy on her head is .. an accessory o_O w/e

Details ::

Tools : tablet ; mouse .
Program : PS7 and OC3.02
Textures and patterns : masterjinn.deviantart.com / gender.livejournal.com
Original resolution : 1544x1580

please full-view T__T

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  1. aqiaqua Sep 18, 2006

    Aww she's so pretty. I like the garden theme. She's got such cute pink hair as well! Amazing drawing :D. You scare me with your talent. Fave from me.

  2. zaira Sep 18, 2006

    wow! sooo cute! i like her! nice hair and a cute flower in her head! i like the great colors too! your so damn good! XD + fav!

  3. euna Retired Moderator Sep 18, 2006

    Waaaa~ it's another fabulous doujinshi~ <3
    I think this one might be one of your very bests.
    Seriously, the composition and the colours are just beautiful.
    Love the flowers in the bg as well. It has a nice tone and style to it.
    Blimey good work. *rushes off to update antiquePOP*

  4. Ardenta Sep 18, 2006

    Beautiful, light picture. It's very nice, I like it.

  5. chisaikame Sep 18, 2006

    i love the use of patterns and bg! amazing.. lovely picture and sense of style!.. T_T

  6. nolove Sep 18, 2006

    ouch @_@ my eyes blind >_<
    the most clean + fabulous doujin i've seen ever XD *hug the art*
    love the color you choose esp the pinky hair X-P
    muuaawwhhh lovely brushes and all <3
    definitely favveeee XD

    PS: the title remind mee of sumthin....suckie i cant remember it X-P

  7. SakuraShirayuki Sep 18, 2006

    wooow beautifull! <3333
    the colours! I luv them!

  8. flyindreams Sep 18, 2006

    I need to learn to use patterns as well as you do ><!

    And as always, gorgeous drawing <3

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 18, 2006

    One of your best, in my opinion. I'm loving the color and the character is just beautiful. Patterns are working great :)

  10. Kiako Sep 18, 2006

    wow you did a great job on this one, the chara looks very good, i like her face-expression and all the details look great.
    keep it up

  11. Devilet Sep 18, 2006


    So purty! My gosh, full view is just eye candy. I love pink hair too ... But only in that shade, fantastic job! It's okay if she doesn't have clothes, it's not a full body shot anyways. What's with the smug looking expressions lately though? Too much stress? xD

  12. pegassuss Sep 18, 2006

    Lovely work rythem! ^^ it's really a beautiful work. I love the soft colors and their intensity. The design is lovely and I love her expression and her hair. Composition is great and I love the flowers in the background. Great work! ^^

  13. Athrun Sep 18, 2006

    Wow! Her expression is quite breathtaking! Sure it's not a happy look, but there's a very cool aura coming out of it. I love it!

  14. ShiXon Sep 18, 2006

    me already comment at DA, and me is even too lazy to copy paste the comments D:
    gomen rythem-oneechan! >-< but you know it looks fabulous 8d

  15. eclair-chan Sep 19, 2006

    BEAUTIFULL rythem-chan, I love your works and this one as well love them all!
    wonderful job!

  16. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Sep 19, 2006

    Lovely doujin rythem! The color scheme is so pretty as well as background! Looks like the print you'd find on a screen! Excellent work... keep it up! :D

  17. rebravo Sep 19, 2006


    Very Beautiful!

    Thanks ^^

  18. ayaki Sep 19, 2006

    whoa whoa whoa...i dunno why but when i first see this...i get a totally different feel from your past work.
    The bg is lovely..and her expression is >___<
    I totally agree with euna..this might be one of your best best O_O

  19. rknight1 Sep 19, 2006

    Beautiful colors, beautiful flowers, everything perfect. :) Brilliant.

  20. LeeAnn Sep 20, 2006

    oh my gawrsh!
    i know i have to add this to my fav!

  21. Shkira Sep 20, 2006

    I look at this and I think "delicate". I guess it's her neck and shoulders, hehe. The flowers help too. But her expression and the colors, they all match up to create a mood. I love all the art deco squares in the BG, they add to the image instead of being too much. Beautiful job!

  22. starrliteangel Sep 20, 2006

    O.O And...this hasnt been featured because?...

    wow, everything is so perfect. not much more i can say, besides awesome job!

    I wish i could do that....personally, i think doujinshi show the artist's true skills because you are creating the character yourself rather than using a character someone else already made (like I do with wallies)

  23. studio Sep 21, 2006

    Hm pretty as usual rythem mo <3 Everything is lovely but if I had any complaint it would be that burberryish pattern on the head! :3 Ha ha -ha nice work.

  24. midnightLOVERS Sep 21, 2006

    this is so beautiful. i love the colors. rhey are so soft and light. it gives such a lovely touch and very rarely do i run into an piece like this. i love it ^.^ a fav for sure.

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