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I'm back! Finally able to create something! School and family issues have been keeping me from creating something, but since it's the weekend, I have a ton more time! I also got my website with all my current work back up..FINALLY! You can check that out here: http://production-symphonia.com/

Now about this piece! I'm so excited I have finished this..I got the idea from one of the coolest songs.. "Open Your heart" by Yuki Kajiura. This isn't the .hack//sign version, but from her album version "Fiction". Anyways, the part of the song that inspired me is "Open your heart For tears and rejection". So as I heard it, I made the clouds weaping, which are the lines connecting the clouds with little tear drops on them. Then the heart idea came thinking of rejection so I made hearts disolving off some of the clothes below. The background is made from paper and my jeans..MUWAHA. :3 Enjoy!


Chosen by Saikusa and euna

I can tell you that I've been waiting for some lovely abstract artwork lately, and it has arrived! One look at the thumbnail and I knew this was 'the one'. XD

This is just lovely. It is a perfect example of how a simple design could look like a professionally drawn, high-quality artwork. You just have to love the soft shades of green and blue, coupled with the denim texture and the love hearts floating away from the clothes. You can see how each aspect fit in with the main theme of this artwork.

It will have been crime for me to ignore this beautiful artwork and leave it un-highlighted. Fabulous work.

Proposed by Saikusa and highlighted by euna.

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  1. Devilet Sep 17, 2006

    Wow, I love this, girl. I always liked this kind of style, it's simple and clean. The texture looks like cloth of some sort, very neat. Ah you said is made by paper and jeans, haha. Interesting techniques you have, not sure what else to say, but I like it.

  2. nolove Sep 17, 2006

    i love chubby's art >_<
    how can those be so wonderful T_T me jealous XD
    very neat and beautiful. i can feel the "open ur heart" in this one, what a nice idea turn out from the origin
    the clear-white color is quite contrast with the whole colored area covered by texture XD and it make your art seem more special ^_^

  3. DancingBlades Sep 17, 2006

    pretty. the colors are really nice. i love the textures. i was wondering... is there a person in the background? because i see a slight outline of a face (mainly the lip, eye, an eyebrow and a bit of hair... unless i'm just seeing things -.-'')

  4. Misato-Kun Sep 17, 2006

    Wow, I didn't think I would be notified from you so soon, since I thought school was going to be so troublesome. But thats not the case here. i really enjoy the colors and I think you integrated the idea of the song really well in this piece. Great work, and don't let school stop you from creating amazing art work!

  5. EldaLacus92 Sep 17, 2006

    Kyaa~! That's really pretty :) The colors blend with each other so nice it's just so pretty :)

  6. IzumiChan Sep 17, 2006

    I can't believe you used your jeans on it! XD
    I see, I see.... so great! >_<
    Loved it... it's there any possibilty of a wallpaper version? =3
    She looks so light, like she's floating~ ^_^
    The clothes dissolving into hearts are just great! ^.^
    Yay! ^o^

  7. SakuraShirayuki Sep 17, 2006

    uuiii! pretty! <3333
    as soon as i can I'll make it fav!
    but right now MT has a few errors -_-

  8. animanga Sep 17, 2006

    That is your best piece of work EVER!
    I absolutely love it! The BG with your jeans is so awesome! ;)
    I love the whole thing to bits, well done!

  9. MapleRose Retired Moderator Sep 17, 2006

    nice concept :) and well-executed. Hmm, you seem to like the idea of weeping clouds doncha ^___^

    nice idea with the background texture :)

  10. ShiXon Sep 17, 2006

    i like your lovely gradation of green and blue it's soothing and it fits the white silhouette ~
    nice job again, i told you you'll come back with something good xDD

  11. cloudfinal Sep 18, 2006

    nice color! pretty~~~~ good job.

  12. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 18, 2006

    This is just fabulous, Ashley, my love. Love the colors and the whole idea is awesome. I love it, keep up the excellent work *glomps*

  13. Saikusa Retired Moderator Sep 19, 2006

    Simple idea, ingenious execution! It's such a high quality piece, and yet appears to be so simple!

  14. flyindreams Sep 19, 2006

    Beautiful :D Love the colors, and gorgeous concept :) My only bit of critique would probably be that the denim seam sticks out a bit... but it fits with the laundry idea. It's lovely :)

  15. euna Retired Moderator Sep 20, 2006

    OMG. I've been waiting for something like this.
    God, this is lovely! I just love it! <333
    Lovely use of colours and texture to fit with the wetness and clothes. I really love the simple white figure on the clotheline. And those love hearts <333 It's such a cool idea.
    Lovely work. *highlighted + fav*

  16. LeeAnn Sep 20, 2006

    the concept is so great!
    and lotta vectahs!

  17. b3r Sep 20, 2006

    I love how the image is meant to be melancholic with the clouds having tears and its title, yet the girl seems like she is dancing while balancing on the clothes line.

  18. N9e1 Sep 23, 2006

    Brilliant idea! I love how you composed this wonderful piece of art~ Every thing has its own meaning (very symbolic!)~~~
    Great job! :D Thank you for sharing!

  19. sakuraino Sep 25, 2006

    I knew it! ... the background was somekind of clothing like a skirt... ha! are the clouds and girl etc. made of paper?.. if so it's nicely cut...

  20. icyrain Sep 28, 2006

    An interesting piece. I love what inspired you. Yuki Kajiura is awesome! Even though the title is sad, there's rain, and the hearts are melthing, the character looks oddly happy, jubilant even. I don't know... but that's what it makes me think.

  21. animefairy Nov 20, 2006

    Whoa...I love the pretty summer ciolors! It's still so sad that summer is long gone. T_T The effects look so cool with the hearts on the edges of the clothes. LOL. Nice job, chubbykitty! ^^

  22. RuKya Dec 17, 2006

    It's really beautiful. It give of a certain uniq emotion....

  23. eqaneko Dec 18, 2006

    very easy brezzey to me :)

  24. Iare Feb 05, 2007

    I like the idea. It's very unique and funny at the same time. Really an interesting image.

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