Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: Hitori ja nai kara

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Alphonse Elric Character Edward Elric Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hehe. my entry for the battlegrounds at AP (Go Morrow days!). The theme was vertigo, and you had to use an upside down character in your wall. It took me over a week to make this thing, even though it might not look that way. This is probably the wall that I've spent the most work on so far. Well, we lost, and I almost feel as if its my fault, but its over now and theres nothing I can do about it except to work harder next time!

I guess I worked the hardest on Ed's part...and then I sort of ran out of time on Al's section. I was going to remove those flowers last minute because they looked wierd and not with the perspective, but I thought it would look really empty, so I just left them in. Al was originally supposed to be standing on grass, but it just took so much time, and the grass looked messy and fake, so I thought water would be the easiest. And for some reason, it just looked really depressing without some sky in it ^-^ And I like birds, feathers, and clouds......so yea. I hope that explains some things. The wall title was last minute..thats why its not in the wall itself. I was rushing, and I kind of forgot.

Comments are appreciated as usual^-^

Hitori ja nai kara = Because Im not alone (named after an UVERworld song because Im totally out of energy and I'm lacking ideas/creativity.)

hahah PinkPrincessLacus, now I can go and work on your present...


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oooops almost forgot to say that the texture is from DA! desktop anime! the best texture source ever! thanks so much, DA!

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  1. PinkPrincessLacus Sep 16, 2006

    OMG thats what it looks like, I finally get to see what you have been working your but off for! gosh girl it was worth it! XD I love it. Your creativity is amazing! The tiles you worked so hard on is so beautiful, and the veritigo theme is well seen here, espically the text wow! This is a 10 out of 10 wallpaper. Great work Starr I love it! and yea I get a present soon *hehe* *adds to favs for sure* ITS AMAZING. Oh i forgot I LOVE THAT SCAN OF ED! and the flowers do look so pretty in it Im glad they are still in it, and the feathers and birds are such a beautiful touch.

    Your Best Friend, Lacus

  2. Elves Sep 16, 2006

    You took a lot of time working on this and your attention to detail does show. It's too bad that the grass didn't work out. It seems that Al is standing in the air and isn't grounded - so to speak. It looks sort of strange with Al's reflection but Ed only has a shadow. I didn't even realize Ed did until closer inspection. For a better symmetry I'd line up both of their feet with each other as well, how they are looks a little off. It's too bad that the characters are so small. I understand the limitations of getting them both on there from this perspective, but the wall is background dominated.
    And yes, I do have good stuff too! ^_^'
    I really like the textures that you used throughout the whole wall. It makes everything have a hint of nostalgia and your work on the square bricks on Ed's half = very nice! Also, whether this was planned or not - it is AWESOME how the birds and feathers mirror each other! Downright cool. The text is interesting and original. Kudos for all your hard work!

  3. auel1124 Sep 16, 2006

    great wall! I cant say much since I am not very good at making wallpapers and I think that making one like this is impossible for me, but I like it, despite the fact that Al looks a bit weird @.@
    but anyway, you did a great work! no wonder why it took you so long ^^
    keep up your great work!

  4. eternallegend Sep 17, 2006

    amazing, the upside down and half half idea is really interesting :D i like how you made al seem to be in the sky and ed on the ground, the birds look nice in the sky and i like how you have the feathers floating down on eds half, makes it seem as though eds looing up at al and the birds XD except he might not be :) the background is composed really well especially the tiles, the choice of colours match well with ed having browns to suit what he is wearing, kinda reminds me of the olden times XD and how al seems to be in a nice refreshing scene :D i like how you did the shadows, oh, hey theres a lamp post shadow, silly me i only just noticed ^_^' you made a wonderful wall ^^

  5. deruzak Sep 17, 2006

    That wall paper is gorgeous. it's the best wallpaper that i've ever seen.
    really, very cool

  6. BlueAngel17 Sep 17, 2006

    oowwww... how did you make the boxes?!? *frantic* teaaach meeee! -_- nice work starr, the only thing that i just couldn't like was the reflection.. dunno why.. but i really love the bg.. oww.. how to make it that soft.. drives me craziieee.. *_*

  7. Yoshima Sep 17, 2006

    Beautiful wallie^^...I love the shadow of the lamp post and Ed and Al in two different dimensions^^. Good job! ++ta favs!

  8. Ookamichan Sep 18, 2006

    just i can say WOOO!
    so preatty cool and thanks for sharing ^^

  9. moonescape Sep 18, 2006

    Wow! That's such a pretty wallpaper of Ed. Very nice and creative. I love the texture and colors in here. The clouds were very pretty and the reflecting was good. I enjoyed this wallpaper a lot. It's something different. ^-^

  10. Zoamel Sep 18, 2006

    The wall is looking great. Only thing which is looking a bit strange are the flowerpots. They are all black while the rest of the wall is with texture. But overall the wall is a great idea :D

  11. rollingmreg Sep 21, 2006

    It is a nice idea!

  12. GettinHotWithJC Sep 21, 2006

    Ed's half is truly amazing. :)

  13. OriginalQueenofAnime Sep 23, 2006

    Edo-kun and Al-kun in the same wallpaper?! XD GENIUS!

    +fav! ;)

    ~ The 'Original' Queen of Anime ~

  14. enchantment Oct 01, 2006

    ahh, howd i miss this wall T_T its soo nice :) i love the pavement :D i love eds section :) whoohoo, go water XD ahh, als section is upside down, must tip head and look at all the details XD the full view looks so nice :D are some of the birds meant to be blurred? i love how you did the text, simple and stylish :) and the textureness looks really good :D cool wall~^^

  15. EvilhumunculiLust22 Oct 14, 2006


  16. sacred-angel Oct 19, 2006

    It looks a bit weird cause the 2 different backgrounds don't have anything in common in terms of colors and texture but that was the intention right?To look like 2 different worlds :) but I like it anyway!+ fav

  17. playa2209 Oct 17, 2009

    what an amazing wallpaper, so sweet

  18. casey22 Nov 18, 2009

    did you use your own scan for the wallpaper? I have the exact same scan uploaded. :S

  19. Amymarian Jan 22, 2010

    Nice picture! Thanks for sharing!

  20. greenemerald Mar 17, 2010

    nice scan thanks for sharing!

  21. kaceloko Mar 30, 2010

    Very Nice (^_^) Good Job ! \(^o^)/

  22. reici May 14, 2010

    wow, thanks for sharing this scan.

  23. ashiiya May 27, 2010

    This is supposed to be happy-ish but it somehow makes me sad T^T I guess sad in ....a peaceful sense? It that even makes any sense. Either way, this is awesome xD

  24. marcella Sep 21, 2010

    thank you for sharing.. I love fma..^^

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