Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: A Love Beyond The Clouds

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne, Kira Yamato Wallpaper

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Please view in full view, its so much better and detailed than the thumbnail size view, Thankyou so much!

Hello Everyone! and once again nightwalkers of MT, :D

Hows it going? This wall might look familiar because I got the idea for it after I made the Kira-and-Lacus-in-Love Group's background. My sister agreed with me and said that it would make a nice wallie so I did. I tweak it alot from what I did in the group's background, I added some feather brushes in there, and used some scans of doves and placed them in the wallie, added more clouds and gradients and etc. XD .

I wanted a soft looking background, a wallpaper that make you feel calm and serene, and like the places my Laurent always tells me, a place that takes you away on a far away journey.

I wanted the theme of the wallpaper to have the fellin of a heaven / cloud like place, that shows how Kira and Lacus's love is pure, soft, and gentle as the the skies and clouds above. That their love is beyond that of others and ranks surpreme above all things. :)

Once again thanks to my Best Friend Starr for her advice on this wallie and for making me submit this, or else I would have never gotton around to doing so *hehe*, and special thank to EevaLeena for letting me use her beautiful vector of Kira and Lacus, and also thanks to Devianart for the brushes I used. :D

Once again I used a lot of layers on this wallpaper, so many I forget. It was because I had so many different layers of clouds on top of more clouds and gradients and etc.. :) I worked really hard on this wallpaper, even though it took me awhile to submit it, I really do love the result so much XD.

Thankyou so much to all the people who faved my last wallies, you all are so sweet to me thankyou again your the best XD *hugs to all*. Have a great day everyone!.

Comments are always Welcomed! XD

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  1. thingperson Aug 30, 2006

    oh i love this..oh its so pretty..really i like the scan of them and i like the clouds and the background this is so pretty sam..*smiles*..i love this.

    From your real life twin Sister,

  2. pchne2630 Banned Member Aug 30, 2006

    Appears kira to care about to lacus and to like oh liking well oh

  3. enchantment Aug 30, 2006

    wow, it does look heavenish :) the clouds are really nice and the colours are really lovely soft colours :D i love the birds and the feathers, ahh so nice XD and the title matches nicely~^^

  4. eternallegend Aug 30, 2006

    you portrayed your theme really well :D, the colours created a nice, soft and very sweet yet also romantic atmosphere, the clouds look really nice and i like the birds :), lovely wall ^^

  5. sorm Aug 30, 2006

    oh I like this pretty wall of Kira and Lacus, I like the color of this wall and the could really nice the bird and the feathers look good too. COOL
    Thank for sharing ^ ^

  6. EldaLacus92 Aug 30, 2006

    *full views*
    UUuu! Pretty! But I noticed that you used Eeva-san's vector so you should have credited that wallie... But I see that you've asked her permission so I guess it doesn't matter :\ Anyways to the wallie;
    Feathers are cute and they absolutely blend together with the wallie's theme and the clouds look so solid and fluffy I could just jump into that wallie and eat them up *yummie*
    Pigeons are serene... where did you get them?
    Anyways; overall lovely!<33

  7. laurent Aug 31, 2006

    WHAO ! ! ! Kawaii desu ! Ow ow, I get such a cosy feeling looking at this new wallie of yours. The sky is so serene and brings along a feeling of peace. I love the feathers ! ( hehe, you know I love those a lot, ne ^^ ). Wow, and where did you find or how did you make the birds ? They look really nice. Hmmm, this is really a great way to use Eeva-chan's pretty vector.

    Quote: ... and like the places my Laurent always tells me, a place that takes you away on a far away journey.

    Awww, that was really sweet of you to say. *kisses ya tenderly* But you're right, this does look like the place I'm always talking about I want to take you too ... you've read my mind well, my love *tender smile*

    Another great wall, my dearest Sammy ! I really love it, so this goes to my favs straight away ! *clicky clicky* I hope you get a lot of favs, 'cause you really deserve them ! I'm once again proud of you !

    Ja-na, my love *hugs*

    ..::Your loverboy, your Kira::..

  8. ORANGE-RANGE Banned Member Aug 31, 2006

    Oh wow! is this the wallie you menitoned on msn ? its so cute ^_^ i love it >_<


    Your friend

  9. Rikkablurhound Sep 01, 2006

    This is nice! XD *thumbs up*
    Finally, A wallie with a better scan XD ^_^'
    Its very nice, very soft and very magical... XD
    Congrats, this is your most well-done yet^^

  10. mikan-sakura Sep 01, 2006

    whoa your walls are getting better and better every week :)
    you really are improving quick *is proud* :D
    GJ ^^

  11. xianghua Sep 01, 2006

    Beautiful Lacus-san! The bg you made is simply amazing great work!
    Love the scan KiraXlacus forever! :D
    I love the birds you put in there! Gives the wallie a nice touch! It's sort of magical as well!
    Keep up your amazing works girl!
    Insant fav!

  12. darkangel013 Sep 02, 2006

    Kawaii Lacus!I love it XD
    It is soooo beautiful!
    This wallie really suits you and Kira(laurent)
    I love the doves and feather in the background,it adds a nice touch to it ^^
    To me, the dove represent purity and that is how your love is with Kira,very pure ^^
    Keep it up Lacus and hope see more great ones *adds favs and hugs*

  13. strikefreedom20 Sep 08, 2006

    you gotta love Kira and Lacus together....one of the greatest couples in the history of Gundam....simply amazing =D

  14. okiryu Sep 11, 2006

    wow...it's so romantic....I actually want this to come out in the anime!XD

  15. darkeyesfreelancer Sep 12, 2006

    nice wall,no more to say

  16. kd8540 Sep 15, 2006


  17. animefairy Sep 16, 2006

    Oooo....VERY pretty! ^^ I love the light and bright colors! It makes Lacus and Kira look like AWESOME couples! >.< Cool white feathers! The cursive handwriting looks very nice with the bg! Keep it up and thanks for sharing! ^^

  18. UchihaTaijiya Sep 23, 2006

    this is very suiting for Kira and Lacus. And not to mention beautiful. ^.^
    Great work, thanks for sharing it!

  19. rollingmreg Oct 01, 2006

    It is well-matched two

  20. merelie Jan 25, 2007

    that is such a good background for that image
    kira and lacus really bright so much light about with them
    i like the feathers and the sheer amount of light in your wallpaper
    thank you for sharing

  21. 2clio7 Nov 09, 2009


    gracias por
    la imagen
    es mas ke genial

  22. Lamooosh1990 Mar 04, 2010

    romantic .......... so nice >> ^^

  23. sarah May 13, 2010

    copas copas copas... ::p:p:p:p:p::p

  24. Crossbone123 Jan 16, 2011

    lacus looking different isn't it?

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