Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Wings Of Light

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

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Please view in Full View, Its much better looking! Thanks

Whats up MT! XD ,

I just thought I would share with you all my first wallpaper contest entry ever!. I entered into ClyneFaction Wallpaper contest, the theme was Light and Dark. So I thought of this creation. :)

I have always loved this scan of Lacus so much!. I liked the way her hand is raised as if pointing towards something. I wanted this wallpaper to be different than usual GSD walls though. So I had Lacus with wings, to represent her always trying to make a pathway of peace towards a new and better future like an angel of hope kind of, sending the new future seeds to flight towards a new and better world, to help carry on the job Lacus and others have created.

I used an angel scans for Lacus's wings and a random winged scan for the seed's wings, and I used the old scan of Lacus in the purple hood cloak holding the seed in her hands, for the seed image.

I used lots of grudge brushes and all different types of brushes so many I cant remember ^_^' . I used a texture in the background and changed the levels, color balance, and hue and saturation of it. I then used another texture on low low opacity on it also in the background to add more color. I used lots and lots of layers on this wallpaper, I know it was over 28 but I cant remember right now. :) Thanks to Devianart and Aethereality for the brushes I used. :)

Thanks to my best friend Starr for her advice on this wallpaper. I have a problem of making my text to big and bright, and she has to tell me alot to make the text smaller, but Im getting better at it. :D She also forced me, (okay not really forced me, but persuaded me) to hurry up and submit this LOL. *hehe* XD

This wallpaper is to kick off kaisui1tatsu's, my sister thingperson's, and mine first day of college tommorrow together, and also my friend Stellar's (darkangel013) first day at HighSchool. Wish us luck please XD !.

I hope you all like this wallpaper, its all from the deep creative thoughts of my mind. ( a scary place I know ;) ).
Comments are always very much Welcomed! ENJOY!

EDIT/UPDATE: I recently just found out that this wallpaper got 3rd place in the contest so hurray!.

Come and Join Us: (I love all these groups!)

Im A Proud New Member Of! XD :


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  1. thingperson Aug 20, 2006

    oh i love it ..really lacus looks so pretty and i like the colors and how you did that its so cute..your so talented really..*smiles*.

    From your real life twin Sister,

  2. DrakenImmortal Aug 20, 2006

    Very nice, Princess
    Thanks for walling, thanks for sharing
    A lovely piece of work, well done

  3. ORANGE-RANGE Banned Member Aug 20, 2006

    ACK! SO CUTE >___<

    OH! can you do a cagalli wallpaper next ? for me*puppy eyes* YOUR SO TALENTED LACUS-SAMA!*huggles*

  4. Melisandre Aug 20, 2006

    Really nice wallie. I like the pic you chose, the background is great and the light and the winds..., perfect! Keep on fascinating us :D

  5. eternally-asuka Aug 20, 2006

    oh my! this is your enter! looks great! i love that scan of Lacus too, she looks amazing! amazig work!

    merged: 08-21-2006 ~ 07:34am
    oh my! this is your enter! looks great! i love that scan of Lacus too, she looks amazing! amazig work!

    merged: 08-21-2006 ~ 07:34am
    oh my! this is your enter! looks great! i love that scan of Lacus too, she looks amazing! amazig work!

  6. sabbie Aug 20, 2006

    lacus is soo pretty ^ - ^ thx for sharing!

  7. Starrie Aug 20, 2006

    O.O I really like this wallie. In the background it looks like pink smoke is going to surround her because of the swirl right beside her. Good job and keep up the great work. I will watch out for more wallies by you.

  8. pchne2630 Banned Member Aug 21, 2006

    Good likes lacus oh appearing lacus oh is kira most likes to peace
    hope and the will oh well liking oh

  9. moonelf313 Aug 25, 2006

    So very very pretty! Nice job, I love the wings on Lacus! Great job once again!

  10. EldaLacus92 Aug 25, 2006

    It's really pretty Lacus-sama! Though the wings are beautiful I don't exactly get the idea of the jewel... I suppose it represents the freedom? *curious* It's really pretty :)

  11. laurent Aug 25, 2006

    Another great piece of art from you, my love. The background looks so high class and the colour match with Lacus is perfect. The wings are so beautiful ( hehe, I think we're both obsessed by wings *smiles* ). So far this is the best use of that scan I've seen. the idea of the hand is so clever. You truely are an artist first class. And wow, 3d place in the contest. Owww I'm so proud *pinks away a little tear of joy and gives ya a very tight hug* Well, I'm gonna fav this. Thanx so much for creating this artwonder and sharing it with us, my lovergirl.

    Your always loving you and protecting you knight, you Kira-dono

  12. wolfsan Aug 26, 2006

    I think this a really great image. I'm glad that your hard work got payed off. though personally i think it should have gotten first place. :)

  13. darkangel013 Aug 26, 2006

    Waii!I love it Lacus and thanks for supporting our group.I lovve everything about this wallie.All the hard work really did pay off.I agree with Cagalli,you are very talented.Congrat on getting 3rd place in the contest.*adds favs*
    Keep it up and hope to see more *hugs*
    Your friend

  14. kitamurazv Aug 26, 2006

    Waa, you did it right with the pink-to-purple tone to go with Lacus scan's dominant colors. The snitch-look-alike in her hand also makes it good. Well done. :)

    Oh, and the coloring (and the brushworks) is also well done. Congrats. :)

    The only thing to irk me is that the scan is cut-off at the bottom part, though. That gave me impression as if there's a Lacus image being painted on a textured pink-wall; yet it also makes 'flat' impression to the overall wall. But overall, it's a nice pic.

    Keep the good work!

  15. pamkips Aug 26, 2006

    oh it's so nice >_<
    so celestial like and purple ^_^

  16. drastikhate Aug 26, 2006

    Amazing! It's like the encounter with the dove could lighten up the dark. I sure hope it brightens up your day too because you did a fine job. +fav

  17. cassandraronald Aug 27, 2006

    *full views*
    wow nice wallie
    i love the bg and the effects that u used
    i like the wings

  18. Rikkablurhound Aug 27, 2006

    Hmm... Its actually a pretty good wall, a pretty good theme... ^^
    Thanks to the fact your scan wasnt in high quality, neither is the wings on the seed, it spoils the whole thing...
    Honestly, thats the main problem of your walls, otherwise, theyll look great!
    Let see... this one... I really enjoy reading through your theme. Congrats, its done pretty well too^^ though maybe a lil more light surrounding Lacus would make it more perfect. I prefer it more if the grunge brushes on her wings were taken away... more light there then^^ and more visible... >_<
    Its actually pretty good, the brushes of contrast were brushed on correctly & its really nice...
    Make sure U get a btter quality scan next time.. >_<

    merged: 08-27-2006 ~ 03:33pm
    Oh, and thanks for using my banners^^

  19. uchiha-heine Aug 27, 2006


    That's so lovely pic

    i like it add to fav

  20. starrliteangel Aug 27, 2006

    hehe. Where is that kira and lacus in the clouds one? Im waiiiiiiting............

  21. sorm Aug 27, 2006

    Oh... I love this wall, its really good the background and the effect you use was great and the scan of Lacus look good too, I specialy like the wing of seed nice work
    Thank for sharing ^ ^

  22. xianghua Aug 27, 2006

    Wow very beautiful Lacus-san! (So sorry i didn't see this one earlier! XD)
    The bg looks absolutly awesome! I love that pic of Lacus too! Effects are very nice! Borders looks really nice!
    Great work my friend! I really hope to see more from you!
    Instant favs!
    Your friend,

  23. mikan-sakura Aug 27, 2006

    oh i love this one <3
    good job on the effects hmm i see u've added wings on lacus X-P good job on that too :)
    oh i just love it! good luck with the lacus contest!

  24. Kan-chan Aug 29, 2006

    oh i didn't know it was ur wall wow really pretty i love the bg and effect and all :D

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