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Whew. This was... a great change. Should I say that? Everything looks simple. But I think I really love this one.

Firstly, I must thank the Expression de Vigilance team for giving us the music theme. I really think that this round's theme was far cooler and yea, music has always inspired most of us wallers.

For my case, this wall was inspired by Jay Chou - Shan Hu Hai, which means Sea of Coral. It's a very popular song, and yesh, I'm Jay's fan! <3

In his lyric, there was a sentence that goes like this:

you turned to leave (you have something you can't say) can't even say you wanna break up

the love between a seagull and fish is just a coincidence

Okay, that was a bad translation, but it wouldn't be hard to figure what does it says. It basically means that seagull and fish can't possibly be together, and even if they do, it's just a matter of pure coincidence. It's really sad to think so, though. As if the love between 2 creature has been decided from a very long time ago. And so it makes a very good sad wall~

Seagull is vectored from here
, with it's mouth from here,
and fish from here. All vectored. Actually, it was Muz's idea to vector the outline of both of the animals. My first idea was to just vector the seagull black and the fish white. But the outline vector turned out great! ^^ Thanks, Muz!

The background was an awesome texture by Aethereality mixed with a white to black blending I did. For the water ripples, it wasn't really entirely my idea. It was Yina's Sakura Dance that gave me that idea. At first I wanted to do a coloured version, but aahh... can't seem to make the whole thing fit so I made it... this colour. *stares up*

Anyways, we lose the battle again. But it was great, everybody in TLM submitted awesome entries! ^^ We rock~

*edit: Moved the left text nearer.


Chosen by flyindreams and kuroimisa

Ephemeral-Garden has created this work of art with a striking and beautiful composition with exquisite linework. The oriental atmosphere with the harmonious colour scheme generates a subtle musical quality, enhanced by an interesting concept. A must download!

Proposed by flyindreams and highlighted by kuroimisa.

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  1. Akaiken Aug 20, 2006

    Between a fish and a seagull? Weird theme but kind of intruiging...

    Errr... why the the upper-right portion to be that bright? ^_^' a simple one but the expression, me can't explain it that much really. Damn... your art rocks Sofie, bad thing though you lost. Like the presentation of both fish anf seagull.

    Nice... that's what I've been waiting!

  2. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Aug 20, 2006


    I love the colours and the exquisite line work :o so authentic!
    The text on the left can be moved a bit closer to the centre, but otherwise this is fantastic! I love the atmosphere o_o <3

  3. Regenbogen Aug 20, 2006

    Hello Ephie,

    I love the idea for this wallpaper. :) Melancholic but beautiful... I agree with Misa about the text... moving it a bit more to the center, like the one on the right should make it even better. It is very original... I love the flowers and the water... very beautiful vectored.

  4. riku-chan Aug 20, 2006

    xD;; Ephie is a fan of Jay Chou? ^^

    I love the rationale behind this, the design also resembles that of a Chinese painting. The patterns are very beautifully used and there is a sense of flow. Very nicely executed!

  5. flyindreams Aug 20, 2006

    This is exquisite... Definitely a favorite out of all the walls for that challenge... I love the whole concept and the design work, and yeah, I'm a Jay fan too XD The only thing I'm not sure is the white outline around the black text... but meh, minor complaint.

    Lovely work ^^

  6. moonfire Aug 21, 2006

    I love how it seems to be so orientally-inspired.. I've always loved oriental works.. Yup, simple but it expresses a lot, expecially those thick and thin lines.. you remind me of calligraphy. ;)

    Beautiful work. :D

  7. viekazama Aug 21, 2006

    (still can't put into words)


  8. HaWaIIofHoaI Aug 21, 2006

    ummmm. i looked at this and then i looked at the text... wouldn't the seagull eat the fish? XD ok. perhaps not but in finding nemo, it would! otherwise, i love the simplicity and how it resembles a somewhat aged ink painting. =)

  9. Misato-Kun Aug 25, 2006

    Truly one of the most veritable pieces of work I've seen so far. The colors are soothing and it really has a genuine feel to it. Great job, thanks for sharing this!

  10. redangel6112 Aug 26, 2006

    When I first look at this, it is beautiful.
    It have a chinese style drawing atmosphere.
    It would be great if it can put as a poster...^-^...
    Great wallie...^-^

  11. pegassuss Aug 26, 2006

    Lovely work ephemeral! ^^ I love the vector work you did there, the colors are just great and I love that oriental feeling it gives.Nice composition and design. You did a great job!

  12. pixxelette Aug 26, 2006

    awesome job!

  13. marcoskatsuragi Aug 27, 2006

    Wow.. i already see this wallie on AP... but, i say again here, this one are amazing!

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Chloe Retired Moderator Aug 27, 2006

    Yes! This is freakin' awesome!
    I'm loving the colors and the vectors are nicely done! Textures are great and the whole idea is just so cool. Definately deserves the highlight ;)

  15. epsilon86 Aug 28, 2006

    There is no coicidence but inevitable. This is something that i chance upon from an anime. This sound so sad. Things must turn out this way.
    Any way, it look quite nice to me. I dont know how to describe it. It have a silent feel to it and a gentle touch. I like the colours too. Hope to see more work from u!

  16. epiklady Aug 29, 2006

    the aura is so enigmatic ! i love it : D

  17. diablillo Aug 30, 2006

    looks so simple but is so beautiful at the same time I love it ^^

  18. MapleRose Retired Moderator Aug 30, 2006

    wow, I love the colours and textures! and the oriental look from the way you've done the outlines :) the textures work nicely as well ^_^

  19. N9e1 Aug 31, 2006

    What a cool wallie! Simple but artistic~ The outlines of the fish and seagull really fit into the background~
    Thanks for sharing! :D

  20. yo-chanbokura Aug 31, 2006

    i've seen it full view >__< omg.. wish i could make the one like this!
    a simply beautifull wallpaper.. great work! keep more coming ok ^^ :D

  21. bluSake Retired Moderator Sep 11, 2006

    So simple, but so effective. The vectors are delicately and beautifully done. Hm...must find a copy of that song again. XD

  22. DarthTofu Oct 08, 2006

    That's a really interesting concept! I love it. So simple.

  23. GaiJiN Nov 09, 2006

    Light and elegant, perfect for a wall. Love everything about this, except the text (well done but kanji+english feels overdone and I think it adds too much weight to the picture).

  24. serdello Nov 09, 2006

    yeah... it's amazing!

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