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ever seen someone blow their brains out? well I have....nah, Im messing with you, I haven't, nor do I want to, I just felt like starting my description like my last wall. xD

ok ok, suicide is a serious matter blah blah Im a conservative blah blah :3

Once again, I found myself tired of photoshop, especially since I recently had a fight against my computer due to the fact that the blur tool and filters refused to work at all costs (I kicked its ass). -_- So, I went down to my basement hoping to make another painting, my acrylics were gone. -_- I suspect a 7 year old boy and a 3 year old girl teamed up to make the heist and erase all clues, any info would be greatly appriciated. Anyway, with no paint, there's no painting. I didn't feel like taking a train just to buy some paint, and on my way out of my basement I found one of my old stencils from when I was into that sh*t. Im more of a sticker guy now :3

Long story short, I made another stencil using this very impacting image. I wasn't planning on making anything digital with it, but since the image was on photoshop, I went ahead and cut it up with my photoshop knife (teh pen tool). I obviously had to make some adjustments since a simple stencil isn't really wallpaper material. I decided the imitate a band wallpaper. Ghinzu roxxors my suxxors. According to metal that'll be me in a few years; IM NOT SUICIDAL B*TCH! I just happen to have a thing for emotional facial expressions, and IMO fear is the most impressive one. Thanks to Danny for the quick review.

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Aug 13, 2006

    Do you ever sleep at normal hours?!

    Anywho: The original image is really scary (the guy's face, I mean. A little too excited) OX
    Great vectoring as usual though there's a little bit of jagged-ness here and there (I would tell you to blur it, but...). Nice use of texture for the bg color-band things.
    All in all great job~

  2. shiningdays Aug 13, 2006

    ap commented lol lol lol (we should stop doing this)

    I SENSE AN EMO~ (emu emo elmo!)

    this moment of randomness brought to you by celeste :D

  3. Rhonda21 Aug 13, 2006

    lol. Yeah my sister literally fought MY computer and now it is broken...Well anyways, his facial expresion is freaky. First I thought he looked crazy but then I saw the original image and yeah he does look scared. Well cool idea for a wall. Nice work.

  4. DREAM Aug 14, 2006

    i have. it suxs- a lot of questions and paper work..

    when i originally saw the title[be4] viewing i thought it was a wall on coke or something

  5. pamkips Aug 14, 2006

    such an impacting image O_O leaves a huge imprssion (peeps=self killing=Kawaii O_O)
    anywho, great idea and the vectoring...awesome >_< great job

  6. alterlier Aug 15, 2006

    jaja that's quite an image, but for some reason I just dont manage to understand .....at least for me it was not that impressive .....when you see that someone is about to kill himself I think you lose that fear....but on the other hand when you are not sure about what's gonna happen is when you actually get the nerves and the creeps....dont know why I'm thinking this ....I'm just wrinting directly from my head......but yeah....this guy here ...he's about to kill himself he looks like is joking but you can see his intention so you kind of stay on the "oh yeah he is gonna die" more impressive will be someone who has the doubt on his face....that will be for me a cool facial expression....ja anyway....to have the power of surround that emotion in that circle you did a great job the colors that are not to common fit pretty well with the theme, I really like it, for sure.

  7. Yina Aug 15, 2006

    the connection here is so slow.. too slow.. x___x
    nyaa.. you shouldn't fight against your computer..
    it's precious.. it's my precious, my own, my love.. hahahaha >D
    oh.. wrong film.. >>
    anyway, very interesting concept and very original style.. o__o
    i really like your style =D

  8. bromithia Retired Moderator Aug 16, 2006

    I'll comment this, due to the lack of comments it has right now.

    I wouldn't call this wallpaper emo... since it seems to have a more suicidal aura. Ah well. The colors are really flashy, it stuck out to me while I was browsing around. I'm happy to see that it isn't over-textured, as well, but it's kind of odd that only the background is textured, rather than everything in the wallpaper (or maybe it all is, it's just hard to see with the few colors used on the character?). The vector looks nicely done, as well. I'd probably use it if the guy didn't look so creepy. :x

  9. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 01, 2006

    You should watch this independent british film "Gangster no.1" because its slick, clean and deadly awesome with blood with a straight forward story... but thats what i see compared with the wall. But nonetheless it just pops brilliance, great work mate!

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