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I love mary to death and her hair (The girl with the crazy stylish hair)
Shes an ORIGNAL creation from my hands. For some odd reason; i was fond with the differet color shadings of pink. I can't really say how i was obessed with it; but PINK OWNS JOO. The theme basically is about the color pink aand butterflys. (If somebody calls me a sissy... imma drag you to the deaths of hell and there. You can meet the pink Devil.) I start out to do a basic shape of her head with the pen tool in ILLUSTRATOR. I had some troubles to get it right. After that! I had fun designing the hair! I didnt want to go with the long swirly hair crap which is hella over used. So i designed the hair to be sticking out like crazy. Like spiking your hair; expect her hair doesnt actually go up and facing the sky. Instead facing in a steady angle. Afterwards i designed her eyebrows and lashes. I made it that her eye closes.After that; i outlined the neck. Afterwards; i pondered what to do after that. I looked over many stock photos of butterflys to get the basic idea of what the wings design should look like. Therefore i made the wings of a butterfly on her cheek; not THE butterfly it self. Afterwards; i made a scarf fabric around her neck. Than made another butterfly and sticked it around the neck area of the fabric. But Gideon told the fabric looked a bit too stiff. So i redo'ed the outline to make it more swirlying around. It worked out. After that i made some glowing white lines on the bg behind her. I can thank Shinta's Tutortial for that. I randomly looked through pink flowers until i get the right idea what to do. I vectored a Sakura Blossom and layed it down on the bottom right; close to Mary's face. I used the brush tool and the smudge to do the shadings. Using various of different tyep of pink colors. Afterwards i did the yellow thats suppose to stick out in the middle of all flowers... well not all(Sun Flowers; GOD THOSE ARE FREAKIN HUGE). Than onwards on color the hair; i thought about doing smudges for shadings but it didnt worked out. So i just did the Vector Shading method. After that, i made another butterfly in Illustrator and sticked it and overlayed on the back at the far left. Making it blend and fade. With Gideons idea of using sakura petals; i used it to make as if they're trails that was left by the butterfly while its wondering around. I made some ribbions that would somehow cospond with the butterfly. Gideon also suggested that i could use Pixel Patterns also; and so i did. And it works out! i added more ribbions and did some shadings on the scarf, lips and face.


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  1. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 07, 2006

    It would have worked out with a lotus flower since it goes well witht he pink rather than the sakura because its so small compared to the lotus, I wish you could work on the smoothing out of the lines althought your worked on this piece for hours i bet, thats only my pet peeve... :)

    Anyway great job on the whole face structure and eyebrows especially! Its a tattoo on her face right? o_o

  2. frozenwilderness Aug 07, 2006

    Oooohh this is nice..

    Her hair kind of reminds me of those abstract and slightly techy designs.. I really like how you combined a bit of flow with a bit of spike. Her face seems a bit too "well-defined" for a girl.. as in the edges should be a little more soft, but that's a pretty minor thing and I like being picky with good art, so consider it a compliment ;) Personally, I think that the tattoo on her face should be a dragon (because I'm incredibly partial to dragons and they just look awesome)... if you hadn't said that it was a butterfly wing on her cheek, I really wouldn't have known what it was ^^; The sakura blossom you vectored looks like a cross between a lotus and a sakura flower, but I think it works pretty well here. All in all, a very beautiful pieace.. I especially love the pink background :D

  3. rythem Aug 07, 2006

    the vector is very nice ~ but I suggest making it flat tones only , because the shading on the skin is too light . but very original like XD nice job ~

  4. anji Oct 07, 2006

    This is so very very beautiful XD
    Can't understand why it had so few feeback o_O
    Even if the background is a very different style from the vector character, I think it really goes well together.
    Quite original mix ^__^
    And the style of the character make me think of the really skilfull French cartoonist Enki Bilal for some reasons.
    Looking foward your next project. ;)

  5. animefairy Nov 22, 2006

    Pink! XDDD This is so freaking cool! ^^ *add to favs*

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