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Hi guys!
XD I've disappeared again this time ^_^', college sure is tough. BUT, i will have my holidays in 2weeks time :D. So hopefully i will submit more art by that time, and also take care of my DA too(its dead now).
Anyway this time is just a random char i thought up when i got tired of doing my homework. There is a fatal error in this doujin, but its up to you to find out where. Hope you guys enjoy :D. Done all with HB and 4b pencil, and a little adjustment in PS.

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  1. nakimas Aug 06, 2006

    I love it! She looks so peacefull and happy! Nice! The birds are well done too!

  2. mechanical-angel Aug 06, 2006

    Ooh, beautiful ^^
    lovely shading.
    as for the error..
    is a leg missing or something?

  3. cremia Aug 06, 2006

    Nice! really good job!
    I love the birds and cute girl too:)

  4. ToriTori Aug 06, 2006

    awww! this is really beautiful! and for a original its kinda detailed.. ehehehe..

  5. eclair-chan Aug 06, 2006

    beautifull, those details are amazing and the whole picture is so cute! amazing!

  6. catcrazy Aug 06, 2006

    great drawing! good work! looks cute

  7. jasaiyajin Mute Member Aug 06, 2006

    this is simply a beautiful sketch, very well drawn indeed... ^__^

  8. AnoxiaAngelus Aug 07, 2006


  9. flyindreams Aug 07, 2006

    Pretty much all the good things that everyone else has said... ^^ the girl looks great, I love the details in her outfit, and those birds look really nice :D

  10. Chingers Aug 07, 2006

    Gosh u r such an artist! (they are the worst at picking at their own mistakes...lol) Don't tell people that there's an error in your drawing, that's just asking for trouble (or attention, cuz I looked and couldn't really find one). It would take someone pretty harsh to point out imperfections in someone else's work, unless of course, it's an Art Critic.

    Lovely work. *muah*

  11. Anjhurin Aug 07, 2006

    Really great work (see comments above), but it could use a bit of cleaning. *looking for the mistake*... except for the foot, i don't know (though from her stance, she would have crossed her feet, then it could be hidden by the one in front) :) .
    Great level of detail, and fancy outfit... Kudos for drawing all those feathers !

    Oh, mistake : maybe the spear's shadow doesn't extend on the wall, it stops on the dress, and then 'poof', it's not on the wall, though the spear is longer ? (ahah, lil detail)

  12. bj0rn Aug 07, 2006

    Cool work dude! Actually, you should colour up Haruko and post here. I bet she'll rock. =X

  13. starhellokittyangel Aug 07, 2006

    Wow, that is amazing! The shading is great especially the birds! They look so cute! ^_^ And its really good for being a original aswell!

  14. Peezhoun Aug 08, 2006

    Cute pic
    Nice details and the shading is really good.
    The girl is so cute ^.^

  15. o0Beginner0o Aug 09, 2006

    ........wow.....THIS IS GOOD, the way you drew the birds and feathers with the girl is great, the shading is good too. *lol* random character or not it is still cool, i'm adding this to favourites and about the fatal error*kekeke i'll keep quiet lol*

  16. julian1 Aug 12, 2006

    .......there's a mistake...? i can't seem to find one... maybe it's the foot, but it may be obscured. nice work, quite a lot of details, and the light shading gives it a peaceful look. great work!

  17. Wapy Aug 17, 2006

    I like it, still, I think it could be better if you make the lines darken of another retouch.. but I like it too this way... her eyes are great, but the smile is almost invisible.... the valkyrien smile... (uh) the birds and the shades are the great poin here... she looks great too! nice job!

  18. Clarryn Aug 25, 2006

    I CAN CALL YOU MASTER OR PRO! AWW MY GOSH! I've never seen doujinshi sooooo clean and DAM GOOD! I can even draw like that! You have already got a vote from me XD I wan to see your other doujinshi work! ++FAV!

  19. Carmen Sep 05, 2006

    Is very nice and detailed... I like the skirt better. And I think that the error is somethin to do with the perspective (you can't hold on something like she is holding her staf, and have at the same time your right arm in that position). Her staff should be mor at her side that at her front. Anyway, all the details are cool, and I like it a lot.

  20. MapleRose Retired Moderator Sep 05, 2006

    ooh pretty! I love all the details on her dress :) and nice shading! :)

  21. DismantledChaos Aug 15, 2008

    WOW! this is really very good
    just like everyone else has said, but honestly it is very good for an original char.

    *oh and the "mistake"
    i feel kinda bad for pointing it out... but Im pretty sure its the wall. Its angled wrong for her tush to be sitting on. Maybe thats not it and Im just looking at the picture wrong, but if it is, Im sorry for revealing it. ^_^'

    but that doesnt even matter cuz it still looks awesome!

    EDIT: now that i look at it again that may be the lip of the wall and not the top of it...
    so, sorry for the misguided accusation... -_-

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