Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Golden Dragon Throne

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1600x1200 Wallpaper

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hmmm.. I'm back to Tsubasa Chronicle, lol. The most disturbing work I've done cuz it took a hell lotta time.. hmm.. the whole background is made from scratch except the desert from sxc...

Scan:: came from Tsubasa no Ryu by Marissa Well, when I see dragons, either two colors pop in my head - gold or red. made their clothes golden/tanned as well as their eyes.. I love it when I made them golden..
Sakura's throne:: I used my pen and sketched it, and CG-ed it, taking in a more dragon-like appeal.
Plants:: why is it here anyway? well, I've entered the word 'throne' in sxc and I was amazed when a result came out - the throne was a tree trunk, perfectly carved for someone to sit it. so, that was the output of my inspiration. brushes by shinta.
Floor:: supposed to be water under glass.. so even if it has a water texture, it's solid when they step on it. looks mucky? the sand.. brushes and some textures..
Wall:: used my isometric skills again.. thanks to miss m's brushes connected together to form this. i added golden pipings, and the dragon symbol cuz it's every character has them.
Sky:: grunge brushes.. nothing much..

More resolutions at KatzKrafts. hope you like it. :)

EDIT:: ah, it's in the elite?! OX so happy..

I am a member of Colorfull-Wallies, Celestial Luminesse, Feathers-of-Eternity and Wings-Lovers:

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  1. Chingers Jul 23, 2006

    OoooOOoooH...look at the colours! The gold is magnificent. Normally a scarlet red sunset wouldn't work with gold but in this case it adds to the atmosphere. Fab! + fav

  2. starrliteangel Jul 23, 2006

    very very nice! the sunset goes great with the gold. This is definitely going into my favs! the throne is gorgeous. its just so detailed! The dragons on the sides of the throne look a little pixelly, but besides that this is a great wallpaper! (sets to desktop background)

    *looks at the original scan* wow! youve done alot to the original scan! I didnt know that you redid that throne. lol >.<;; I seriuosly thought it was part of the original scan!

    +CL gallery

    (will be featured in the next week's feature section)

  3. fenglinyin Jul 23, 2006

    Very goog wallie!
    The throne is well-made,the sketching is pretty

  4. schwindelmagier Jul 23, 2006

    very, very, very great O.O
    how you have made the throne and coloured the four into golden
    the bg looks awesome, love it

  5. joviality Jul 23, 2006

    I think the wings on Sakura's throne can be bigger, cos' the first thing that came to my mind was bat instead of dragon when I saw that. Other than this, I think the wall is pretty well done, nice choice of colours too. I like the 2 dragon pillars too, suits the whole wall theme really well.

  6. annakee Jul 23, 2006

    so pretty u_u. really like me a lot. congrats for your beautiful work

  7. tomoyotsukishiro Jul 23, 2006

    very pretty^^.......your work are very beautiful...I love Tsubasa *-*

  8. IzumiChan Jul 23, 2006

    Woah, such a great wallie~ O_O
    I loved the new throne, and their clothes being golden... it's just so cool!~ XD
    My attention went directly to Kuropon's glasses~ kakoii XD
    I loved the sky~ :D
    Amazing work, congrats! ^o^

  9. aqiaqua Jul 23, 2006

    Ooooooh Shineeeeeey! XD. Awesome wallie. All the clothes golden...looks so totally awesome! I love the throne <3. Well deserved fave from me, and definite feature @ CL ;).

  10. enchantment Jul 23, 2006

    wow, lovely wall, really interesting outlook really :D i love the background, nice wall^^

  11. darkwings Jul 23, 2006

    me gusta mucho los colores, son como de un atardecer y al mismo tiempo como caoticos, creo que le da un cierto dramatismo, muy buen trabajo, felicidades!

  12. loochie83 Jul 24, 2006

    thanks! it is absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Imashitowareto Jul 24, 2006


  14. eternallegend Jul 24, 2006

    great wall, i really like the colours that you used in the background and how they blend together, the composition of your wall is really nice and i really like the background ^^

  15. milla-chan Jul 24, 2006

    thats a cool wallpaper, i've always like that picture, great colors too.

    Clamp-fanantic :D

  16. GoNik Jul 24, 2006

    Angel-chan.... sugoi! Love the colors, love bg, love those cute dragon wings too!

  17. Korixxkairi Jul 24, 2006

    Wow~~ Blueangel - sama > <
    veryyyy nice ! I love Sakura . She look so awesome with the dragon wings.
    FAV !

  18. sakatakung Jul 24, 2006

    Wow ! this is a beautiful wallpaper , I like it , thank you for sharing

  19. Lina-chan10 Jul 24, 2006

    Wow you really did a lot of things, it looks really great so your time wasn't wasted. I luv the whole idea, with the throne, water under glass, sky and such, man that's way too pretty + I luv Tsubasa Cronicle *0*

    *adding it to the group gallery*

  20. sugar-addict Jul 24, 2006

    O-O *blinks* ... *blinks again* ... *glomp tackles Blueangel-sama* it is beautiful! i could never dream of doing something like that! > < must fav! i really hope you come up with another one soon! XD *starts doing a happy jig*

  21. Kyuoto Jul 24, 2006

    *Jaw drops*
    I can't say how good it is......it's too good! The thing i wonder is that Fye's eyes look a bit weird......Kurogane has glasses? Eh?
    Anyway, this is really good, thanks for it :)

  22. merelie Jul 25, 2006

    haha, for some reason this picture always gives me the willies. it's kind of weird but not so weird, especially for CLAMP, you know? :)

  23. redangel6112 Jul 25, 2006

    I like Tsubasa and this wallie have my fav bg colour...^-^...
    Fav for me.
    Thanks for sharing

  24. drastikhate Jul 25, 2006

    Beautiful! Everyone must zoom in to get the clarity. The small thumnail isnt very clear, u cant see the golden surface properly. Gj! +fav!

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