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CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Fay D. Flourite Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Fay D. Flourite Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


title: unleashed
subtitle: what will happen when the seal is broken

hello minna-san
Yeah XD
I was finally able to make a wallie only with my beloved fay on it, yatta
I hope you like it.It took me days to think about a good idea for this wallpaper.I love this scan and so I badly wanted to make a wallpaper to it.
I was very proud of myself because the blood on Fays face and hands looks as it was originaly there.
I am not sure if you will correctly noticed what is on the wallpaper because I think that for example the water looks a little bit like a sky, so I will explain some things here:
It is water, not a sky.The reflections in the water are birds and a planet.The two black strips under water are a crucifix.The feather upside the wallie stands for a sakura feather.The blue spots on the wallie should be flowers ^_^'.
This wallie is a wallpaper for the first Fay-fans contest. (http://fye-fans.minitokyo.net/)

This wallpaper is a gift for Aqi-chan who is beside me the biggest fay-fangirl I know, and for Ju-chan who became a great friend and penpal through MT




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Browse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. fenglinyin Jul 22, 2006

    Thsi looks as if Fye partially submerges himself into the water ,pretty wall ,nice conception,auitbale title,+fav
    Keep it up

  2. cassandraronald Jul 22, 2006

    *full views*
    i love it
    thanks for sharing
    btw who is tt person besides fye?

  3. starrliteangel Jul 22, 2006

    wow cool concept. I dont think Ive ever seen this scan of fye before. I love how you made the blood on his hands look so real! and youre right - it does look as if its part of teh original scan. I like the reflection of the sky in the water. Nice job! But since I dont know too much about Tsubasa chronicles, I dont understand why the other character is in the reflection. Does it have some meaning?

  4. milla-chan Jul 22, 2006

    thats a real nice wallpaper.
    I hope Fai is gonna be alright in the manga, cause i seriosly don't like whats happening so far (in chap. 120,121 and 122)

    but its a really nice wallpaer ;)

  5. bromithia Retired Moderator Jul 22, 2006

    Interesting concept, though the blending of the character and crucifix in the background could use a little work. His left arm looks strange. However, I think the idea is well thought out. Good job.

  6. aqiaqua Jul 22, 2006



    I love the chains...the poor guy...he looks so sad....and the reflection of Ashura-ou...Awww...it reflects his sad past *sniff*. The blood really does look like it was there...

    Awwwwwwwww *huge hug* thanks for dedicating this...amazing Fye wallie to me <3333333333. You're the best *hugs again*

  7. eternally-asuka Jul 22, 2006

    OMG! This wallie is awesome, amazing! *-* kyaaaa

  8. Rikkablurhound Jul 23, 2006

    Well, I think its really nice XD
    I like the reflections U did...
    very nicely done... And the water is pretty good.. very calm & still, making it kinda scary...
    My sugestion would be that the crufix have more design on it...
    And erm... the flowers looks kinda odd... >_<
    But others are pretty good, especially the blood stains XD
    Good job

  9. Superwaddle Jul 24, 2006

    *glomps Fai* NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Its a nice wallpaper, but it makes meh sad.
    Btw, the other guy is Ashura.

  10. sakurals Jul 24, 2006

    Another one GREAT WORK of my lovely friend Anna-chan... Thanks for dedicate it to me... ** Crying... Emotion.. ** I'm so glad to have such a wonderful friend in a far away country! I hope that my new letter will reach your house soon... Also, hope you like the postcard and the draw...

    For sure, i will download and use your lovely wallpaper...
    The Blood is awesome!
    Have nice vacations pal!

    Kisses and Hugs... from a BUSY -_- ** Sad... **

    Ju-chan ^^

  11. merelie Jul 25, 2006

    ooh, i like the water and the reflection underneath (is that over?) the water. fye is really trapped and the chains are a good touch to add. thanks for sharing!

  12. IzumiChan Jul 25, 2006

    I haven't read the manga yet, and as they didn't show this part on the anime yet, I have no idea of what's going on~ XD
    But I really liked Fai's expression and the idea with the water was very creative. ^.^
    Greeat job! ^_^

  13. aishiteraburu Jul 25, 2006

    ooh what a wonderful work magier-chan
    it must have been really hard making those reflection and submerging Fye in the water
    I really love the creativity you've used in the wall with the scan
    Great job!

  14. joviality Jul 26, 2006

    It's a wonderful paper, the details are great!

  15. CuteSherry Jul 28, 2006

    Great wall ^_^
    The chains under water and the reflection of Ashura-oh are really a good idea :)
    And...Fye looks great, as always ^_~
    Keep up the awsome job!

  16. enchantressinthedark Jul 28, 2006

    *stares at screen for a good long while* FYE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ enchant's newest craze! XD He's soooooooooooooooooo handsome when he's wounded XD Very very nice wall~~~ *___* Especially the way you did the water - impressive! Enchant can never do water....me suck at it ^_^' Whose the guy's reflection in the water? the one with long black hair?

  17. aznprianime Jul 31, 2006

    O.M.G. this is AWSOMENESS! XD i had never seen a sexyer fye wally. this is way beyond extrodinary! wonderful, fantastic, BRILLIANT job! the details fit perfectly 4 this hotty character. even though it does makes me feel kinda of sad T_T i stll lov wat u did. u had out done ur self ( even though i know all ur wallys r overly beautiful and cool ) ;)
    i still say this is one wonderful wally. my favs 4 sur all the way. i lik ur idea of adding Ashuraou as an reflection in the bkground. ~big hugs and kisses~ 4 an excellent job well done :nya:

  18. KieraAnn Dec 29, 2006

    ...man that's scary...and yet really cool at the same time. The chains creep me out, but I'm still faving it. Fye fangirl all the way!

  19. k-kubko Sep 17, 2009


  20. ftama Mar 07, 2010

    Very pretty! Great work! Thanks for sharing :D

  21. tigerhorse Apr 19, 2010

    Absolute gorgeousness.
    thank you for sharing!

  22. Rakime Apr 23, 2010

    thank you so much for sharing, its cool!

  23. YukihimeShikigami May 13, 2010

    This looks pretty! Thanks!

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