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He's cool. He's sexy. Guys, he might even suck your...blood (what were YOU thinking?!).

Anyways, it's 5:30 AM and I am hyper-active because I'm trying to figure out why I am missing one of my AP exam scores *cries* (talk about high school drama for nerds). Here's a pic, no idea why I called it the Vampire Diaries. I was thinking about a manga story line about a vampire, but I dunno if I have the time to draw it all out. >_< It was inspired by artwork by Yuhiro. ^_^. Sorry about blurriness...I didn't CG pic big enough for MT's required 600000 pixels since I was too lazy to re-do the lineart. @_@

Comments and critiques are always appreciated. Heck, even flames! I'm cold right now because the air conditioning is blasting for whatever reason...

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  1. Kiako Jul 05, 2006

    the drawing is very good, the chara looks nice, the colouring is well done and i like the crosses in the back.
    keep it up

  2. Yina Jul 06, 2006

    Vampire diaries.. Demon diaries..? lol the title reminds me of the manga "demon diary"
    the colours are great.. so pinkish and reddish >__<
    overall naisu work =3

  3. Devilet Jul 08, 2006

    Haha --whacks Evasion over the head-- You should always draw big and scan big ...
    It's better to have high quality art then a tiny one .. cos you enlarge it and now it looks blurry :P

    Well, I like the colouring, you might want to clean it up a bit, and the wings are in an awkward spot ... looks like it's coming from his lower back .. heheh .. you are weird ^___^

  4. KurriKlown Jul 09, 2006

    How appropriate. I've been playing Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow lately. Soma's quite the bishi vampire lord wannabee as well. :D

    Great drawing evasion, I especially like all those crosses in the background.

  5. studio Jul 11, 2006

    That's really nice evasion. Love the background, wish the shirt has seams though. Great colour; everything is quite lovely.

  6. harakiri Jul 14, 2006

    It is a shame that it is blurred - it would be so much nicer to look at if it was a high quality JPG.
    I somehow have the feeling that I already have seen this background in another work of yours. But it is a very good artwork again and the colouration is great.

    You've created that picture on my birthday xD

  7. yoshimitsu Jul 15, 2006

    wow the character is well designed anmd the coloring is of professional quality nice background too

  8. Daicon Jul 16, 2006

    It is really a very good drawing! I think that to the girls they liked a boy with that style. Perhaps I used much pink color friend, likes perhaps as you colored the bottom of the drawing a dusk. That good for seeing one d your works!
    Many greetings! :D

  9. maho-ho Jul 16, 2006

    That pretty boy but! and he watches where this taking a walk! It is a quite attractive vampire! I like much! I like that mixture of colors! Very good work! By the way long ago that did not see you! it is a pleasure to know that you do pass by minitokyo :D
    Greetings! ;)

  10. walkure245 Jul 24, 2006

    Sexy, he is. XD Actually, I like the wings position. It shows a laxed mood and when the big wings come out, it might show that he's more serious. You know I adore your cging skills and you don't disappoint. The slight blur of the lines takes it away a bit but it looks good. The way you created the clouds in the bg are really neat but the one at the very top looks a lil bit different. I like the cross silhouettes. Really great work.

  11. Carmen Jul 28, 2006

    How time pass... I think that there have been years since I write something for one of your works! (I know it can't be that long) Anyway, he looks awesome (even if that kind of wings are not my favorite) the colors, the sadness.
    Congratulations, excellent work :)

  12. pegassuss Jul 30, 2006

    Lovely drawing! ^^ It looks very good. I love his pose and the wings are a nice detail. Coloring is great and the background is lovely. Good job!

  13. Jakuku Oct 04, 2006

    woah..Very smexy..I like the fact that he'll suck blood :) ..Gotta love hot vampies >w<

  14. levezzali Nov 16, 2006

    oh... well, too bad it's blurry... But I liked it! Kinda... funny, I dunno, I liked this piece... dunno what to say...

    His wings are nice, a different concept.. remembers me of something, but I really can't tell what...

    And he can com over the night, and suck my ... blood? well, good for him, I had a blood test a few weeks from now and it said it's allright... ... ... man, why am I saying this anyway?

    In any case... sorry for the long time to coment, my life was a complete mess and now things are getting in their axes... my university is almost over, and nw I'll have the time to focus on art, and getting my skills better!

    See ya and have a great weekend!

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