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Did this as a pencil drawing in my sketchbook, then traced it over with pen & ink. I think the character is original...although she might resemble someone. Haven't thought of a name for her either....care to get creative and help me out? :)

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  1. Evanrued Jul 05, 2006

    I like the detail in the cloth. The dragons look really awesome too. Love the depth overall. Great work.

    And to me, she looks like Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess.

  2. flyindreams Jul 05, 2006

    Beautiful :D Definitely agrees with Evanrued... she does look like Belldandy :)

  3. Anjhurin Jul 05, 2006

    Whooo..... those folds and shading are pretty awesome.... and thd dragon's wings are very original as well (they just look like the clothing actually.... not like scales or anything !).
    Your black and white is really soft as well, i wonder what kind of means you used. And the background painting is great (the black clouds!).

    Good job, thumbs up :D

    PS just one thing : the rocks she's standing on, their 'shading' is a bit hasty :)

  4. Chingers Jul 05, 2006

    I am not an expert on rocks....>:<

  5. U2nekofan Jul 05, 2006

    good job!

  6. charaznableamurorei Jul 06, 2006

    *must resist temptation... to help out an artist in need... must... focus... and prioritize answering posts in my guestbook... restraint.... (insert here oodles of mantras, praying to varied goddesses and gods for me to stop playing around, lol....)

    For her name... I feel it depends on what you want to emphasize as her more-or-less defining characteristic. She seems battle-ready (though isn't it cliche-ish to depict battle-ready womyn near-nakedly? lol, not that I don't love your art, and not that I am against potrayal of nudity in art!), and you have dragons close by (which do seem to be engaging in a battle with her, but since the dragons' poses do suggest that they're more like part of the character's personality, or that she could have summoned them, not battling them) so maybe that feel to her might help in giving her a name... hnnn, something close to a valkyric/Norse-sounding thing (which, I just thought after reading the posts above, really sounds akin to Ah! My Goddess since their names are derived from Nordic mythology, right?)... but maybe the valkyrie's names listed on the link are too guttural-sounding (that is, if you wish to follow the gender-duality stereotype of "hard=male / soft=female, lol)... hnnn, *further research into the Virtual Sea of Google* Hnnn, there's a Finnish word -- "Ilma" which is said to be translatable as "air" in English, how does that sound? But according to here, the name's masculine... but what better way to subvert or reclaim or do away with this whole nonsense about "hard=male" / "soft=female" binary/disctinction than take the terms 'out of context' and shower your own take or meaning onto it, ne?


    Hnn, you could add another meaning to her name if the dragons in the doujinshi are actually part of her summon and not her foes.... "drakkar" is dragon in Norse... so why not play around with the syllables a bit.... Ilma-Da-kar can be her full name, crudely translated as "Air of Dragon"; but since we took out some syllables, then it becomes the character's own distinct name, just grounded on some Nordic/Finnish words....!

    Ilma is her nick but her regal name is Ilma-Da-Kar?


    What about something akin or near the title of your piece? She really does represent, in my view, an aspect of Lilith, hated and scorned up to this day as a "man-hater", but also has this other less-appreciated side of being a autonomous and free-willed (like the wind!) womyn?

    Linkie again! I know the links seems kinda dubious and even outrageous at first glance, but hehe, maybe I'm just 'salvaging ideas' around these virtual places! "Anu" seems to be a Celtic sky-goddess, but was his-torically denigrated to "'Black Annis", a old perverted woman.... but maybe here is a more serious source, but not as fanciful as the one I mentioned before!

    ... but yes, I'm supposed to be doing something else today, and sorry for not completing this post! 'Hope this helps, sort of!

  7. Chingers Jul 06, 2006

    Boy o boy did u put a lot of work into this. *feels all warm and fuzzy inside*

    Ilma-Da-Kar eh? That name has such strength in it. Don't you think she looks a bit softer though? *points up*

    And I looked up the name in Google...got a few pages not in English and one that says the name has something to do with a Finnish swearword...LOL ^:^

  8. windyroller Jul 06, 2006

    I like the way you've shaded this. It's got a nice fliud motion throughout. Her foot seems a bit awkward, though. And I have to admit, the pose is extremely reminiscent of the Underworld movie coverart. o.O Still, not bad. I <3 the dragons. XD

    Names? Aw, heck, most of my own characters aren't named until my friend threatens my life if I don't name 'em. :sweat: Sorry, I'm useless there... Good luck, though!

  9. Chingers Jul 06, 2006

    Honest to GOD (and cross my heart and hope to live forever etc)I made this before Underworld came out...>:<

  10. fredsmart Jul 06, 2006


  11. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jul 06, 2006

    Really nice doujin! As others have already stated the folds of her clothing and the dragons are really well done. The character design does resemble those from Aa! My Goddess... The only thing I can see is the angle of her foot is a little off. From that angle I don't think we should be able to see that many of her toes... But great work overall! Keep it up! :D

  12. lthnadml Jul 08, 2006

    This one is very beautiful too . . . i just love the dragons and her dress is awesome . . . just beautiful work. Keep it up! XD XD XD

  13. tuxedotservo Jul 09, 2006

    There is a lot to like about this (general detail you put in the character - the background). It's really a very nice piece.

    The only thing that keeps it from a fav is the eyes. I'm not sure if it was intentional (and maybe it was) but there is quite a disparity between the right eye and the left that stands out. If it's intentional, then by all means ignore me immediately ^.^ Otherwise, it looks like one eye is normal, and the other is mutated to double size. It's actually enough of a difference where my focus was drawn to it immediately.

    Overall, however, very, very nice.

  14. sheol13 Jul 11, 2006

    great detail..use of light...what da'.. everything looks great

  15. Peezhoun Jul 16, 2006

    I like that background whit the two dragons
    The girl is really cute and you got lots of details there
    I can't say anything else than just amazing . love it
    Good job ^.^

  16. simo Jul 30, 2006

    OMG! It's very beautifull! The dragons, the moon, the girl, the details, everything! ^_^

  17. GAfreak Aug 05, 2006

    wow... this is simply amazing. The detail level, the concept, the whole scene, everything is great! I really like the dragons swirling around the girl, of which I love the hair and the expression she bears. The dark background is another strong thing about this piece of art. What I like the most that it's in black and white. I'm not a great fan of colored douji's. I think sometimes (notice I say sometimes) it messes the pic up, plus this pic was made to be colorless, the whole concept is meant to be dark. well, Chingers.... I bow to your skill *bows*
    this is definately a personal favorite fav *adds to favs*
    keep up the great work!

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