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Ai Yazawa Mangaka Madhouse Studio NANA Series Nana Komatsu Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

XD okay well the inspiration for this wall was from those clothing ads in magazines XP

ie(she wears: blah blah with blah blah,from:shop name, price: $10000000)

it was all grungy and the colours were slightly burned so i wanted to make a wall like that.

lol it features a Nana scan, and im not entirely sure who this is though.

i researched these clothing articles and names just to get it right >_> some stores are real, some are not.
i also made up the prices as well XD (quite pricey)

the victorian texture in the bands is to contrast the main grunge theme.

lol a funny info:
the stock with the girl in the back is a picture from berlin of a wall advertisment that actually said
"suggested Posing spot" XD! lol i didnt even know there was such thing

check it out: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/214418

anyway more resos coming soon at:


visit mon group ^^

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  1. Zefie Jun 17, 2006

    design of this wallpaper is interesting, composition is very cool ! the idea of present girl's clothes, put the prices and shops where you can buy one is really original. colours you choosed are quite funny (fascinating) and they fit nicely together. pinkish colours goes well with the background colouring and dark blue colour of the shirt gives brightening but also contrast. patterns of the background makes the concept look stylish and like it would be advertise from magazine. scan you used is nice and though you cut the girl's face out of the wall, it doesn't disturb. actually it's quite effective detail and emphasize the theme of advertise. patterns on the background gives quite simple look to the wall but i think simplicity fits for it well :) overall neat work and thank you for sharing !

  2. Sandra Jun 17, 2006

    A guy knows so much about fashion ;> :D

    Great idea as always :P You know that i love your works :)
    They're great ! That's why i don't want to submit anything because my invention sucks :P
    Nevermind , great idea , great job :) Big fav :))

  3. fukushuusha Jun 17, 2006

    I love it; totally O_O

    and one more thing...where is our revolution badge at the end of your description? *waks*

  4. flyindreams Jun 17, 2006

    Oooh. Funky >___< Love the play of textures and text, I can totally see this in a fashion magazine :D

  5. shiningdays Jun 17, 2006

    very cool :D

  6. euna Retired Moderator Jun 17, 2006

    Very nice wallpaper! It's very stylish and unique. I'm almost surprised that high contrast works well here. It usually doesn't for most walls. Nice use of textures and patterns. Also, you did well using noise in certain areas. Great wallpaper. Keep it up!

  7. zephiris26 Jun 18, 2006

    Very cool. I really love the grungy look and the color combination. The graininess of some of the textures sort of reminds me of old pulp magazines. Some parts of the scan are choppy, and it adds to the overall mood of the wallpaper. The definitions and prices are a really original idea as well.
    Great job, a definite favorite.

  8. ayaki Jun 18, 2006

    scarf for $213?!?!? *faints*
    loving the design >___< the patterns u added in the wall are great. not overwhelming, & just the right amount.
    really liking this wall. great work!~

  9. Yina Jun 18, 2006

    Mhmm you chose a naisu scan for a clothing wallpaper xDD since ai yazawa is pretty popular in designing clothes and stuff >__<
    I first looked at the font.. and okay.. you used that **** font again! xDD;; never mind.. .__.
    I really like the style and the colours! The excecution is tres tres bon! x3
    overall great work =D

  10. Kyo26 Jun 19, 2006

    this is so coollll1!.....ahahahahahahaaha, its definately unique, ahahaha, nice style . the clothes design aint tht bad either...ahahahahaha, yon my idol man!

  11. rythem Jun 19, 2006

    woot! nana <3 XD

    very stylish wall from u kai ~ I like the contrast colours of her clothes and everything blends nicely ~
    simple fonts r good , yes . xD

    great work as always ~~ goes to my favs <3

  12. tareren Jun 19, 2006

    great idea.. and i love the patterns as well as the overall design ^^ the colors are bright but it suited the wall nicely :) good job here

    the one in the scan is Komatsu Nana (aka Hachi) by the way :p

  13. akari-chan Jun 21, 2006

    Love the idea of this wall! Those are some pricey clothes! Great job and +fav!

  14. fawna-chan Jun 21, 2006

    Aaaahhh! >_< This wallpaper is the best! I love the idea and the style and it's just really really good!

  15. anji Jun 23, 2006

    Yeah nice idea and concept I agree ^^
    I really like the background composition with the title, images and lines.
    I'd like to see the text descriptions with an other font a bit more fancy, don't know if it would be too much but just for a try.
    And the contrast on the scan/vector are maybe a bit too high for my taste, but I like the colors you used for the background.
    A very nice concept overall, keep it up with your great ideas. :)

  16. bluSake Retired Moderator Jun 27, 2006

    Beautifully done: texturing and composition; great concept. My but her outfit is exorbitantly priced.

  17. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 02, 2006

    Freaky design cover of coolness. I liek the pinks and whites and plus the text labels are crazy as hell... glad im no girl who would fallfor that! XD
    Nice job on the wall mate! :)

  18. slivermoon Jul 02, 2006

    more ads? its a very interesting wall though, not what u would usually see w/ the regular anime walls out there. it was a good idea to have the grunge be contrasted w/ the victorian print, it gives a compairson of the contrast in the girl's clothes
    though don't u think the prices in the girl's clothes may hve been a bit too much?

  19. asianspirit Jul 18, 2006

    ahhh! clever, clever. i was wondering when someone would come up with such a wall. i love how the background has random patters and a model. and the descriptions are amusing indeed.

    it's a funky outfit nonetheless. although i might not wear something as such, i'm faving it for it's style. :D

  20. hydetenshi Aug 28, 2006

    my favorite thing about all of Ai Yazawa's works are her sense of style / fashion... Nana is one of my favorite series ever, so I heart this wall! -^_^- Nice job!

  21. eqaneko Dec 25, 2006

    very fashionable~

  22. heavens-Dragon May 05, 2007

    Oh awesome, the texture and the abstract look mixes well together. Very funky colours and the textures definitely adds well to it. Great work and like flyindreams said, I can also see it in a fashion magazine!

  23. kanghaskhan Jul 02, 2007

    wow. this is really cool. i like how you turned it from a solely nana wallpaper into something unique.

  24. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Mar 20, 2008

    I love the style you made this wall in! It accents Yazawa-sama's art style. They reflect each other nicely and bring out a yin/yang contrast. Great work! :) Please make more! ;)

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