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I'm sorry to all my friends. -_- I haven't been able to do anything for a long time and now that summer is here, I have even become more lazier. Not a productive season for me. I finally pushed myself to do this one.
This features Kairi from KH2. (I haven't played the game yet. ;_;) So I thought, wouldn't it be cool if Kairi had her own keyblade and was able to fight. I had this idea for about 2 months and was never able to do anything until now.
Everything here was drawn by me using the mouse in photoshop CS. It took me three days to do everything. Each part took a day to do. I wanted to recreate the scene where Sora first decided what powers he wanted. Please don't laugh at me keyblade. XD I'm not great at designing weapons.

Part 1: Kairi started as a sketch and I cged her in PS.
Part 2: The circle at the bottom of Ariel. There was one for Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Belle and Snow White. I didn't want to vector from a scan, so I created a new one (but crappy) circle featuring Ariel.
Part 3: The glass windows in the bg, the heartless, and combining everything.

Thanks so much for being supportive. *huggles*
Ja ne~



Chosen by euna and bromithia

Here we see an awesome doujinshi from Kingdom Hearts by one of the most talented artists on Minitokyo, walkure245. Everything looks pretty much perfect, the colors, the setting, it all matches KH to the fullest. I love how she drew Kairi, too, because we're all tired of seeing Sora in the spotlight. :D Nice work!

Proposed by euna and highlighted by bromithia.

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  1. Kenichi Jun 16, 2006

    lol walkurey-chan, its been long time. ^(^^)
    this is a nice work of kairi.. i won't spoil ur game if she can fight or not.
    i like the details and kept the pieces together.
    nice colors and such.

    ken ken fav. it (^^)

  2. euna Retired Moderator Jun 16, 2006

    This is a very high quality doujinshi. It's been well-designed and cg-ed. It looks great. You're really good at drawing! Really nice job designing this. Btw, did you design the window panes as well? It looks brilliant! I can only say wow to this vibrant high quality artwork.

    PS - lucky... you just passed the minimum resolution requirement. If it was a tad smaller, I would have had to force myself delete it. *phew* :)

  3. frozenwilderness Jun 17, 2006

    wow. I didn't know there was a minimum res requirement for doujin here. that's pretty gay.

    and to walkure - I seriously can't believe you drew ALLL that in the background.. that's AMAZING. I absolutely love the windows in the back.. and it would really be awesome if Kairi could fight. Too bad she can't :| Love her pose and the colors, great job on this (:

  4. DanTheGreat Banned Member Jun 17, 2006

    she's so smexy! good drawing

  5. joshanime Jun 17, 2006

    Hi walkture ^_^,its been a long time n Im glad your back,great pict btw I`m adding to favs XD love kingdom hearts..Go Kairi!

  6. hsh31 Jun 17, 2006

    Long time not seen your work Walkure245, but this one is really good. I like the CG and the background work, even I don't really like KH2, but this work is amazing. I like it. ^_^

  7. anjo Jun 17, 2006

    GO KAIRI! ^^ long time no talk huh?! ahaha XD great work like always! ^^ so pretty! good work! keep it up! XD

  8. Bluearth Jun 17, 2006

    Great job on this Walkure! Considering you drew it, it looks really proportional! Awesome High quality work ^.^ Great job on the window panes, the design on it they look amazing :) They keyblade looks alright, :D But one question though...does the heartless face look like that o.o It looks a little blurry?

  9. Tiferet Jun 17, 2006

    The keyblade's great, and so is Ariel; looks amazing :) . There's no way this is crappy in any way, shape, or form.

    *fav* :pacman:

  10. darkangel013 Jun 17, 2006

    Great job,Walkure-sama.I love the doujinshi of Kairi.It is soooo pretty.*add favs*
    Keep it up and hope to see more of your great work.

  11. nejika Jun 17, 2006

    Hey, this is a really cool doujinshi.
    It's really detailed esp the bg...and yeah, abt the character pose, i really like it :D . And... about the creatures around her...hehe...let's FIGHT~! XD
    Ganbate kudasai Walkure-san! XD

  12. rene3088 Jun 17, 2006

    [OMG]such a cool doujin^^** fav and steal this**

  13. royaldarkness Jun 17, 2006

    wow, great job here ^.^
    *adds to fave*

  14. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jun 17, 2006

    Great job walkure! I've never played Kingdom Hearts, but this doujin is wonderful! Such detail in the windows! *is in awe of your talent* Definitely deserving of a fav from me! :D

  15. harakiri Jun 17, 2006

    Woah, that's great!
    The church windows give somehow a 'holy' atmosphere to it and the colours of the floor and the character somehow [ERROR missing proper english expression for this xD] harmony. I love the way you paid attention to the details like those thingies coming out of the floor and the character's clothing.

  16. rythem Jun 17, 2006

    its amazing <3 my , u've improved so much ><

    I'm in love with the outlines ~ its so neat and professional looking D:

    the details r yes , amazing too XD I'm out of words of what to type , my brain isnt functioning well @@;; +favv

  17. Sandra Jun 17, 2006

    Absolutly fantastic doujin *___* I LOVE IT !

  18. KorganoS Jun 17, 2006

    I think I just drooled all over my keyboard.
    This is one of, *gulp*, your best cg work so far, Mari. And damn, Kairi looks 200% cuter than the one in the game artwork (kamo...~)
    The Ariel drawing on the floor looks a bit awkward (if not forced into the scene)... but the colors are pure eye-candy XD So, yeah, I let that one pass..
    Grrrrrreat great great, and great job! I really love this one :D

  19. bigeejit Jun 17, 2006

    i agree this is ur best cg! its amazing! i cant keep my eyes off it! bravo!

  20. NeverEnd Jun 17, 2006

    woah that is great,i will fav this for sure

  21. Criox Jun 17, 2006

    Ah....awsome doujin! XD Very very good. An interesting imagination. Kairi with a keyblade....maybe it might happen in kh3 probably? lol! Her keyblade is kinda cute and awsome. One of the great doujins I seen these days. Well done. =)

  22. Kiako Jun 17, 2006

    wow the drawing is very good, the chara looks cute and the windows are very good with nice effects.
    keep it up

  23. eternally-asuka Jun 17, 2006

    so beautiful! I love her staff, its so cool and elegant x3 but the dark things are scary x_x

  24. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jun 17, 2006

    wow, this is very neat! I love the cleaness of your lineart and the softness of your CG. lovely shading, esp on the shirt and her skirt.

    the background is done really well too, esp the stained-glass windows.

    if I had one complaint, it'd probably be that you could make those purple dudes at the back a bit less opaque (or blur a bit) to give a greater sense of depth. also that dude on the right bottom corner could be darkened a bit (like a silhouette) because of where the light is. but it's not major. :)

    nice work! well thought-out :)

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