Anime Wallpaper: Fogotten Way

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I did this wallie a long time ago... but how Im a little upset this days , just now I submited it.

I found this pretty angel scan on 4chan moebord but I dont remember the artist name... danmit!

For background I used a stamp tools with a terragen file *for the sky*, the other effects were done with ps7.0, as usual.

I know it is a little crap, but it is all I could made with my short free time -_-

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  1. Sabbathiel Jun 11, 2006

    [h]Ello again
    beautifull! I love this background! cute scan!

  2. illidankan Jun 11, 2006

    Shit ! that's so beautifuuul ! I love !
    I don't give a lot of Favorites, but He deserve it !

  3. CosmoStar Jun 11, 2006

    It looks very beautifuk and sad, Idril... I liked the scan you used and the atmosphere you created for it...
    Congrats! Keep up your wonderful job!

  4. Rhonda21 Jun 11, 2006

    oh well Idril I think this is very pretty! The scan is so cute and the background looks great! Well awesome job.

  5. lthnadml Jun 11, 2006

    ohhh That angel is very cute . . . i like her wings esppecially . . . the background is so beautiful, the sky is very well done . . . averall, i think it is a beautiful work . . . thank you so much for the sharing! XD XD XD

  6. ganstamonica Jun 11, 2006

    Hey Idril!
    Crap?! I think this wallie is really good. ^.^
    The girl looks pretty with the background. Keep it up! ;]

  7. xceliex2000 Jun 11, 2006

    very pretty wallpaper, but maybe you could clean up the scan a little? that would make it look even better. and the grass (?) on the rocks looks a little odd. but that's just in my opinion. other than that, i love the wallpaper!

  8. Skyneth Jun 11, 2006

    Really nice wallie. I like the background and the scan, the girl is very pretty. Goog job. ^^

  9. rafaellaGP Jun 11, 2006

    aahh! this soo beautiful! *.*
    *love angels*
    this background is beautiful!
    i really like this sky!
    lindo como sempre ne Bel!
    *super feliz*
    ainda bem q vc voltou a postar walls!
    agora sim me animo p/ fazer walls!
    *abrindo o photoshop* XD
    adoro te Bel-chan! ^^

  10. KittyCyn Jun 11, 2006

    Wow! Awesome girl! I like the peacefull view this wallie has, also its magical feeling and of course the colours! Which are my Fav ones! :D
    The scan is very pretty and the composition is very original!
    +Fav ;) keep it up!

  11. yoshball Jun 11, 2006

    My god, the cranium on that girl is huge. I love everything about this wall: the blending, the colors, the placement of objects. Everything except the character. Her head.....it's so BIG! I just can't stand it.

  12. Sakurahino Jun 11, 2006

    I love your new (or old) wall, Idril XD, the angel look cute, and I absolutely love the background.
    Also that angle that U choose to present the angel, that makes the view more special
    Another fav from me :D

    Look forward to your not 'little crap' when u have more free time(those I don't see any crap in this wall :P)

  13. soujiokita Jun 11, 2006

    The scan is a low quality, the background does look very nice. Great job anyway! :)

  14. Inuyasha-FAN Jun 11, 2006

    wow That's awesome goodjob! :) Favorites!

  15. alterlier Jun 11, 2006

    is a wonderful wallpaper ....a great bg and a lovely atmosphere...the only thing is that maybe the quality of the scan is not the best ....but overall is a awesome work.

  16. inREVERIEforever Jun 12, 2006

    Wow! I really love this wallie. ^^ It's so beautiful and sparkly. I think the scenery of this wallie is very enchanting, and the scan is so beautiful. You did a very wonderful job on this work Idril-san!

  17. quantixar Jun 12, 2006

    Cute wallpaper. The perperctive and colors are fitting and the atmosphere is kinda dreamy. Very good.

  18. nolove Jun 12, 2006

    very very beautiful wall Idril-chan XD, all the scene looks so so magical, amazingly beautiful >.<. im speechless, the sparkles, beautiful stone, everything blended so so well. the sky is so clear and nice atmosphere ^^
    great job

  19. phamthuha Jun 12, 2006

    Nice as always, Idril-chan ;) I love this one ^_^ so digital and fantastic >__< Yep I just think about the blue stuff in the layer near the sky... it ends so strange and featherly blur ^_^ But still it is stunning >__<

    Yep wonderful work so keep it up my sweetie ;)

  20. ShiXon Jun 12, 2006

    ahhh idril! it's amazing! really i mean it :0
    i love the amazing perspective althought the sky and the city doesn't seem to blend very well ~ *o* but overall i really like this wall <33 good job ! >__<

  21. kyokujitsu Jun 12, 2006

    Wow, stunningly awe-inspiring. It's so wierd how it looks both 2D and 3D at once, anime-ish and digital-ish at the same time. The background is awesome, and the simply sky makes the wall even sweeter. My only qualm is that the angel's head looks too far out of proportion for me to like. But overall, a beautiful wallpaper. Thanks for sharing ^_^

  22. Sakyui Jun 12, 2006

    It's beautiful

  23. thecatmistress Jun 12, 2006

    captivating for sure! ( i swear sometimes i sound like i'm a movie critic >.<) but i do love it. Idril-sama please be happier, i like seeing people happy. +fav

  24. KouyamaArashi Jun 12, 2006

    Bel-chaan! \o/
    Nha...desculpa comentar em português, mas...waaaa! Muito, muito lindo o wall... *-*
    Que bom que voltou a faze-los... ^^
    Amei mesmo... *-*~ Sabia que ia ficar lindo...assim como os outros walls seus... ;)
    +Fav /o/

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