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*I was trying to create a lion king scene , and i did a good job , yeah? :p*

its been such a long time since i did something....i feel so refreshed , i can't believe i made it in the middle of my official exams XP

about the wall : well...its alot of layers (suffering from headache , can't count :P) , took almost two days to finish , its not my greatest , but i worked hard on it ^_^

This wallie is also dedicated to : bjOrN , this dude helped me so much in my wallie , he's really a great guy ^_^ , made him go to sleep directly after his help :p


about the scan : awesomly drawn by the awesome artist : Wen-M

that's enough talking , gotta get get some rest , hope.....u..guys........like......it....Zzz(...)







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  1. Fran Retired Moderator May 28, 2006

    1st to post!
    Great wallie!
    I think the angel is too tiny xD
    Overall I love the yellow tones in this wallie
    Keep up the great job

  2. Devildude May 28, 2006

    hmmm....it is sort of nice, is the background from Lion King tho?
    that rock looks kinda familiar.
    did well with the overall presentation, I would even say it is good. However, I prefer it if the text is under the wallpaper on the right bottom rather than up there. Kills the wallpaper IMO.

  3. eclair-chan May 28, 2006

    hahahaha I agree wif Devildude it does look the lion king bg...XD
    anywhoooo on to the point weeeeeeee, ok, I think this wall is great, the whole scene is beautifull I wouldn't mind sitting there watching the stars at night wif meh doggie late at night, the colors of the sky are amazing, overall this wallie is great cept' that the angel ish too little, but other than that's I think it's great!

  4. Sabbathiel May 28, 2006

    this picture looks great... those yellow clouds... those colors... looks great? are they really made by you? If yes -> well done!

  5. Alfonse May 28, 2006

    Wow, I've been anxious for seein a new wall from ya man.
    I must say the whole look to the wall is incredible. As DD and others said, is that the LK bg? Looks too much like it. xD
    And the angel does look a tad small, but it's all good.
    Anyway, the golden look to this wall is just incredible. I dunno, but you've definitely caught my attention. Great work and keep it up bro. ;)

  6. zuuti Banned Member May 28, 2006

    man i like the wallpaper is that the background from that hmm cant think of it right now hmm ibot i now wher its from over all very nice wall man keep up the good work like all way's

  7. Kiako May 28, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the sun on the rocks is very good, i like the effects and the way the sky looks.
    the scene is very nice too.

  8. Rhonda21 May 28, 2006

    yeah first thing I thought of was the lion king. The sky is pretty. I wish the angel wasn't so small though. But anyways nice work!

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator May 29, 2006

    Nicely done!
    The colors are cool but the scan seems too... spotty. Other than that, nice job!

  10. zebu May 29, 2006

    WOW...this wallpaper is Beautiful! ;) ;)
    Good job and nice wallpaper! :) :) :) XD XD
    Thanks and byebye! -_-

  11. Farewell May 29, 2006

    no joke, you did a really awesome job. Nice the lion king scene *haha* looks pretty good. Nice job.

  12. LeeAnn May 29, 2006

    lion king! hahah! that was my fav movie when i was still young!
    and to tell you the truth, it is still my fav >,<
    the wall have a warm feeling on it.. just right.

  13. bj0rn May 29, 2006


    LoL! Like I said on MSN, it's a good job well done. AND yes.. reminds me of the Lion King.

    AH! WENG YA! LoL!

  14. Sayonara May 29, 2006

    omg, is really lion king? gosh, you did a really cool job, cause it really looks like the lion king background >.< how cool! ^_^ nice job, and i love the summer colors. Good wall ^_^

  15. DragonboyVNY May 29, 2006

    I agree. Angel seems a lil small. But very powerful image indeed. coolies.

  16. davew30 May 29, 2006

    is good..

  17. Milkiyo May 29, 2006

    I love the powerful display of power, the light I mean :X
    yeah, looks like the lion king scene except it's an angel instead of a lion :P
    seems a bit too yellowy but great improvement! :D

  18. inuyashalove04 May 30, 2006

    The bg work does remind one of the Lion King. You did a very good job recreating this scene. To me, it seems to be a little to...yellow in color on the left side. Perhaps if a light, very light, layer of orange was added...just to tone down the yellow. But...if you like it, who cares what I think. X-P
    Nice work all around, I can see that you put alot of work in it.

  19. Midori-chan May 31, 2006

    wow! the wallie do look a lot like the scene in the lion king XD
    the cloud is great! the sky looked a little too yellowish for me, adding a litle orange will do ^^
    and the angel is quite small, other than that, it's a great wallie^^

  20. kiukirilya May 31, 2006

    Wow, I love it! It does look like the lion king! *I love the lion king XD*
    I love the colors! And it's true that the angel seems a little small, but I guess if you make it bigger it would be strange, ne?
    A great wallie again and a fav'! ^^

  21. Liz May 31, 2006

    hey, i love the lion king rock you did a great job Bravo! oh and i love the clouds and the character its really cool great work!

  22. enchantressinthedark Jun 01, 2006

    Hmm ish is Pride Lands from Lion King? XD It resembles sho much of it XD The wall is kinda blinding and yellowish ^_^' But still looks good, keep it up!

  23. Rikkablurhound Jun 01, 2006

    The chara is so teeny... *squints* XD
    It does look like Lion King... XD
    did U drw it? O_O
    I agree with En-san, some of the angles on the rock are really blinding.
    I really have to praise U on the very nicely done clouds, They are really good...
    Did U lay some sort of texture over it? Its really nice & I like the colours....
    Very, very nice XD
    I like your clouds^^
    +fav & fea
    U still cant see anything in MT? O_O

  24. ROSEANA Jun 01, 2006

    ...beatiful!....it's very nice color on this wall....i like this color..
    thank you^o^

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