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I edited the wall, so now theirs smoke in the city and theirs less faethers, thanks everyone for the comments

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This is actually Ugetsu Hakua (or however u spell it) but I coldnt find it in the category list

This wall took so long to make, at first the scan was cut off so i had to fix the wing and then when i finished the wall, i had to make a dress for her because the scan went against MT policy.
Heres the pic of the original scan:
Man what I did to the scan, i was like smdging crazy brshing some stuff on it and so many other things just to make it look like how it is right now.
I made that hill that the girl is standing on, but it was realy pointless because the fire practically covers it >_>
Anyways I based the hill I made with the hill on the back, it was hard trying to recreate it, but i think i did a nice job ^^

I would go into more detail on how this wall was a pain in the neck and how I had to make some stuff but I think u get the picture and i hope you enjoy this wall.

I dont know, i dont want to count
Time: I started this wall before i made A different cinderellas story so about like a .....week or 2
Mood: -_- (its the homework that killed me)
Things I made: +Fire +Hill +half the water +the little lillies or w/e it is +wing +dress +1/4 of the clouds +fire specks

Thanks everyone for all the support and as always this wall is dedicated to all the lovely members of Minitokyo!

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 03, 2006

    Very cool!
    The dress looks awesome and the bg is very cool. Excellent job!

  2. dianas Jun 03, 2006

    i just have to put a fav to this wall >.< yah like Chloe-chan sed nice dress
    i adore the bg that u have made for her..i always liked nature in a wallpaper

  3. Sandra Jun 03, 2006

    This one is extremely awesome ! The bg is so good ! Great , everything is very well done,Definitly my fav ! And you made a dress ! So great :D EXCELLENT JOB ! This should be highlited in my opinion ! GREAT GREAT GREAT !

  4. animanga Jun 03, 2006

    I love the wings & nice job with the dress.
    Well done! ^^
    + fave!

  5. kiokorenay703 Jun 03, 2006

    OH MY GOD...................."deep Sielence"
    WOW i TOTALY lov ehow u made it look, and Oh my gosh the snca YAYYAAYYAAYA i am so happy u did htat to it, i mean how u drew the skirt its AMAZING! i really mean it! i have this scan and i really wanted to draw it for VERY long time, but the fact that she like naked, i coodnt cause i dont usually draw very nudy stuff, but now THANK U SO MUCH for doing that, cause now i can finally draw it! yep yep paray! to u for a another GREA wallie, and such beautiful bg too! the wings look so great, and the way u took of the what ever pipe from the bottom of the scan just looks so GOrgeous!
    i love it, and its going into my favs for SURE!
    p.s. in think u have one of the most awsumnest walls ever! LOL

  6. Devildude Jun 03, 2006

    very nice, you done well covering her up, she looks more elegant this way.

  7. SkyKing8 Jun 03, 2006

    Very well made! Makes her stand out really well and adds a nice scenery to it.

  8. schwindelmagier Jun 03, 2006

    wow,wow,wow,wow, o.o
    what an amazing wallie,chichiri-san ^.^
    this is really a wonderful work of harmonic,dramatical elements,creativity and the full power of your wallpaper-making skills
    I LOVE IT *_________*
    you are such talented....
    everything,the birds,the buildings,the hills,the water,the clouds,the feather and last but not least the scan........fits perfectly to each other....
    I do not know this was a scan of burst angel....
    how can you draw the wings so perfectly....it looks great and so do the clothes she wears.....beautiful
    you are so skilled......you have to tell me how to make such wonderful and beautiful bgs
    I am so unskilled when it is time to make these things T.T
    aaaaaaaaaahh....it is wonderful,your wallie
    certainly fav from me :3

  9. Kougaxgirl Jun 03, 2006

    GRRRRR! i didn't ger first comment! but anyway! best wall you've ever done norie......and hey! the dress turned out really well i think....its so pretty though norie...*Sigh* just wish i could do it....ubt one of my fav parts of the wall is the sky.....so pretty! AWESOME JOB! do keep it up buddy! XD i love love love it!

    merged: 06-04-2006 ~ 04:49am
    GRRRRR! i didn't ger first comment! but anyway! best wall you've ever done norie......and hey! the dress turned out really well i think....its so pretty though norie...*Sigh* just wish i could do it....ubt one of my fav parts of the wall is the sky.....so pretty! AWESOME JOB! do keep it up buddy! XD i love love love it!

  10. joemighty16 Jun 03, 2006

    That is so freakin' amazing I can't stand it! The way you rebuild that wing and have it merge with the fire on the ground is beautiful! The dress looks very convincing, although I think you could have left it off....but I'm not certain.

    Point is that wall is so well done!

    Forgive me for asking though, but is that really from Bakuretsu Tenshi? I don't reconize the girl and she doesn't look like any of the characters in that series.

    Still a brilliant wall--definate fav!

  11. Phill Jun 03, 2006

    AWSOME XD , her dress looks awsome and fit with her perfectly the BG is awsome , XD this must be the best wall from you , chiri-chan

  12. flyindreams Jun 03, 2006

    The only thing I'd suggest is fewer birds and feathers, but the background really looks stunning, and fits so well with the scan XD I love the fire. Great job! :D

  13. lunaregina Jun 04, 2006

    As everyone else has said, excellent job with the background and composition. The dress is stunning and I love the haze from the sun. Fewer feathers will make the wall less crowded but it's nice as is. Only one thing is bothersome: No one really stands on flat ground at that angle. If the whole background was rotated to the same angle as the girl it'd feel more realistic. Nonetheless, a fav for all your hard work ;)

  14. bj0rn Jun 04, 2006

    chi chi chi! gagagaga! Love this wall! Especially the way you covered up her body with the dress. It made her more elegant. The bg is great too like how you'll always do it. Perhaps could see some glitter around the fire to make it more mystical.

  15. Fran Retired Moderator Jun 04, 2006

    Another amazing wallie from Chichiri-san!
    Oh my....the background it's stunning! I'm speechless
    Her dress is lovely, I adore it
    Yep less feathers would make the wallie a less crowded
    Definitely a fav

  16. melymay Jun 04, 2006

    wow! great wall :D you did a great job of covering her body, and i think the outfit really suits her. the hill looks great, but to me the scan you used looks like she's in midair. so the hill wasn't really needed ^_^' but you did a really good job on creating it, i'll give yout that ;) sorry, i know, too many critics, my bad. but this the last one, promise ^_^ you did a great job on the creating the ends of the wings :) i think they look beautiful. but something is wrong with the left (my/your left) wing. it seems a little out of place or too long.

    okay, now time for the positive things. like i've mentioned before, the hill looks great :D you did a great job in re-creating the ends of the wings. the sky looks beautiful. i love the scene and the scan you used, AND how you covered up her body ^_^ great job! :) and since i get the feeling that you put a whole lot of effort on this wall, you got my fave ;)

    i'm lovely 8) <-- that's a face by the way XD

    keep it up!

  17. somebodyelse Retired Moderator Jun 04, 2006

    I shoulda seen this one coming (lol). If any Paris fashion designers see this wall, you might start a trend ;)

    The good:
    Ditto the above comments about composition, placing- quite well done.
    Good job finishing the wing- I couldn't even tell it was halfway cut off until I read the rest of the comment.

    That wing's about to catch on fire- was that intentionally done?
    The sleeves on the dress are overlaid over the wings- the wings should be overlaid on top, and maybe the sleeves drawn tighter to her arms (something's got to be holding the dress on someplace!)
    It's hard to tell, but isn't the town in the background on fire? If so, some thick black columns of smoke would be called for (and certainly complement the title).

    A good work overall, but I'd call it awesome if those changes were made.

  18. DanTheGreat Banned Member Jun 04, 2006

    i like it!

  19. starrliteangel Jun 04, 2006

    nice! love the red hues and you did an awesome job on covering her up! i think it might have looked a little better if you had texture on the wings tho, becuase the background is so simple (not simple simple, but it doesnt have too much texture)

  20. flamealchimist Jun 04, 2006

    awsome i like how you put the skirt/dress thing on her i love the background and the flames are really cool.
    awsome wallpaper.

  21. phamthuha Jun 04, 2006

    Seem like it is truly a hard work after ages, Chi-chan ^_^ I haven't seen such an excellent masterpiece from you in such along time and now it is what I call "wonderful" ^_^ I really love the smooth and calming in the wallie... Seem like everything is merge together and I can't find anything to complain about ^_^ Oh yep, you really clever to create clothes for this angel, so this master piece won't get del ^_^

    Yeah for the excellent fire and sky, this wallie of course deserve the TOP place in CW ^_^ So sure 5 points for ya sweetie ;) And keep it up to make out more wonderful wallies, my sweet idol :nya:

  22. Milkiyo Jun 04, 2006

    LOL...at first I thought someone added pampers but when I full view it turned out to be an elegant dress D: *sniffs...that could've been a funny wall* X-P XD LOve the effects :D

  23. Ish377 Jun 04, 2006

    veri nice n strikin, lyk the fire around the borders
    thx for doin n sharing another nice walli

  24. royaldarkness Jun 04, 2006

    wow, awesome wall! love the colors of the background, and the scan is great too >.< another fave for me!

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