Shoujo Kakumei Utena Wallpaper: *Lets not fight...my dear*

Chiho Saito, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Touga Kiryuu, Utena Tenjou Wallpaper
Chiho Saito Mangaka Shoujo Kakumei Utena Series Touga Kiryuu Character Utena Tenjou Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

umm well this is a new wall from me..i have recently watched Revolutionary Girl Utena
despite the old stile..the story is quite good.. (interesting concept with the `ogi-sama`(prince)
i have used this scan because the 2 characters look so lovely...the scan was pixeld >.<
but it tryd my best..so try to not be to hard with me
and because i did not fiend a nice wall here with this scan
for the bg i was inspired by Devildude`s style
lets see about 4 hours
my bro got mad at me because i stayd to much at the computer.. ^_^' ..
anyway enjoy it..all
comments and favs are always welcome :D
( . .)
Wallpaper dedicated to Sabbathiel and her Morgoth (thumbnail looks bad >.< is better a full view)

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  1. enchantressinthedark Jun 01, 2006

    Wow, di-chan, this wall is truly unique and quite different from your usual style :) Well, got inspired by DD's style, eh? LOL Well anyways, its kinda simple, but the circles behind really do spice things up ^_^ Hmm, the scan does look kinda pixeled, but you added the texture to cover it?

    Wonderful work, do keep it up! ^_^

  2. chichiri1907 Jun 01, 2006

    I love revolutionary girl Utena....sch a beautiful manga (havent watched the anime), Anyways, wow the circle shapes or w/e is back, i thought i would never see that style again, but i love ur style with it, it looks nice.
    Although I wold have dreamed that you would have made a beatiful rosey scenery and make it soo dreamy, because I know you could, but i still love this version ^^

  3. Sakura-K Jun 01, 2006

    wow...the effect is like...so kool~
    I love it ^^ *smiles*, um....but the vector art thingy at the back *points to circles* they sort of. sort of look slapped on. but yeah...my opinion ^^ *smiles*
    I like it a lot though ^^ *nodz* --> going to my faves


  4. phamthuha Jun 01, 2006

    A new style? I love it sweetie ^_^ Look abit of rocking *dance* And I love Saito Chiho, sweetie ^_^ Esp Madonna ;)

    Okie, a very nice done wallie with cool texture ^_^ Keep it up sweetie ;) I look forward your next wall. And I guess... how about some fresh and 3D tone for this style?

  5. Sabbathiel Jun 01, 2006

    dianas this wallpaper is great! I spend yesterday about 1h with Devilsdude Gallery, I liked very much his stile. What can I say about "his" stile in your hands? I like it too! I haven't seen this anime, but now, I will search for it. I'm curiious about it.
    I and my Morgoth wanna thank you for this sweet and very kind dedication
    I'm touched with this "simple gest"... truly...
    Dianas thank you my dear!
    P.S. I and Morgoth have both longer hair.. ;-) hihi... but I colorised mines.. Morgoth not ;-) hehe...

  6. Ayasal Jun 01, 2006

    gosh, I just love Chiho Saito's artwork and your wall here is just wonderful :D I really like the texure you put on it. everything is well blended! good job sweetie and keep up the good work! fav for u *gives dianas a rose*

  7. Kairi-Hearts Jun 01, 2006

    Even though I know Utena I've never watched the anime nor read the manga.
    I think your wall is pretty and unique. The scan you used is wonderful and everything is well blended^^
    good job and keep up this good work ;)
    hope to see more soon =)

  8. Odeena Jun 01, 2006

    Suteki desuyou Di-chan! (<-- lookin' absolutely great!). Although I don't know this series, I truly love your wallpaper... Your background concept is awesome, and I <3 the way everything blends together ;)

  9. LeeAnn Jun 01, 2006

    wow! this two are hot even just by themselves!
    good choice on the bg too!

  10. Danielly Jun 01, 2006

    perfect ^_^ that's amazing
    loved ^_^
    fav for sure ^_^

  11. Rikkablurhound Jun 01, 2006

    Nice! They look like theyre dancing XD
    Are they pixelated? O_- I don see so... ^_^' hehehe...
    I think its nice to laid the texture... Its pretty ^^
    Nice colours too XD
    I cant make a good abstract wall! *screams & pulls out hair*
    Good job^^ I think its pretty good XD

  12. mystvearn Jun 01, 2006

    Nice concept. I like it alot. Not sure what the circles are for, maybe can change it with the iconic rose in Utena itself

  13. aishiteraburu Jun 01, 2006

    ooh new style di-chan
    i like it specially the texture and the nice circles you made in the background
    fave from me

  14. sandumirabela Jun 01, 2006

    Hoho what a pleasant view^_^!So redish...yeah I was right you made a new wall^_^...I mean I left you a message(gomene it is a very long one) and I saw that the number of walls grew^_^!Uhh it is such a cute wall and the idea of the scan u used makes me love it even more!Huglles!

  15. Devildude Jun 01, 2006

    surely you jest! I can inspire people!?
    wow... amazing, I can say this is definitely far better than what I do, this is wonderful, I mean, nice color, I love that color, the circles are well done with the whole wallpaper along with many different ones that constantly kept the eyes busy throughout.
    a small bit of grainy texture adds depth the whole wallpaper while making it some real eyecandy. Explosive!
    You make far better looking circles than I do.
    A fav from me. Excellent work.

  16. AlexXan Jun 01, 2006

    hi hi greetings to your oni-chan :D (it was the same
    with my lil sis until we buy second pc ^_^' )
    I do like emotions that goes from this wallie and this
    vectors look good too ^.^

  17. Ardenta Jun 01, 2006

    I saw the anime and I didn't like its end. I expected something else. But the characters are beautiful and this wallpaper succeeded to be a great one. Both the scan and the colours. ;)

  18. Rhonda21 Jun 01, 2006

    Woah cool style dianas-chan! I think it looks great! Neat circles and cute scan! Great Job! ( hehe, my sister gets mad at me too when I stay on the computer long making a wall :D )

  19. Abzuseilue Jun 02, 2006

    I dont know what Anime is that , didnt see it before .But when i saw it already attract on it for your good and niceful wallpaper . Too nice~ ^_~

  20. soujiokita Jun 02, 2006

    The texutre does not fit this type of wall, so it shouldn't be there. Also, there's some jagged lines around some parts of the scan; the extraction wasn't done so well. Good job anyway! :)

  21. uchiha-vegeta Jun 02, 2006


  22. Milkiyo Jun 02, 2006

    erm...one thing I never like about dd's style is the circles @.@
    but this is a good wall with stylistic measures and fits the funky pose of the scan too :X

  23. BlkLotus Jun 03, 2006

    you did so good dianas... i love your work :) keep it up

  24. Frosty Jun 03, 2006

    like the little circle thingy on the bg..
    looks great... and its nicely done...
    good work... :)

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