Carnelian Wallpaper: About the sun, flowers and happiness.

Carnelian Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

A.k.a: Generical sunflower field wallpaper/ Failed attempt to make a drawn-bg crappy wallie.

Ok, so here it is! ^_^
It's been a long while since I didn't make a wallie... blame school work and my lazyness, since if I had to choose between resting and walling, I didn't think twice. XD
Please notice that the field and the flowers were totally hand-drawed (ok, mouse-drawed XD ) by me. -_-
I found a cool pic of a sunflower field and enlarged it, but it got way too pixelated to use as the wallie bg. So I ''vectored'' it. ( I'm not sure of how it's correct to call it...)
I simply followed the stock lines and drawed again, giving my personal details to it. ;) (read that as ''crappy lined and strange details. -_- )
What can I do? I'm just not good with little things, especially on drawings. >.<
It was a pain to make all those flowers. Oh, Lord. -_-

Ok, so there's a frog somewhere in the wallie... find it and I'll give you a prize! XD
The title came when I thought that the girl looks very happy just because of the field, the beauty of what nature made... We don't need a lot to get hapy, just a flower should be enough for us to smile. So, be happy with the wallie, people! XD

*The sky and moutains were made wuth terragen + some photoshop edits.(color balance and brightness... I also erased some clouds. O.o)
*The scan was gotten in FerriCorp , but it's also at Minitokyo:Here
*I took about 3 weeks to finish it.. of course, non-current. ;)

That's all. Hope you'll like my wallie. ^_~

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  1. midnightLOVERS May 28, 2006

    its so lovely though. i love the yellow field of sunflowers. they are so wonderiful looking. its an endless sea of beautiful yellow-ness. i love the image of the girl too. its a great wallie. great job =]


  2. chichiri1907 May 28, 2006

    What a lovely wall, although i would prefer a different scan than the one you have chosen, o well lol,
    I love the sky, i think the mountains look a bit weird bt man o man u mush have had a blast with those sunflowers ;)

  3. lunagata May 28, 2006

    WOW cute!

    The girl looks very cute around the flowers!
    Nicely done!



  4. CosmoStar May 28, 2006

    It's very beautiful! Congrats! It's a good wallie to use when we are happy on a sunny day! I liked the girl's tan! It makes the wall has a warm feeling!
    Good job and keep it up!

  5. zeroab May 29, 2006

    I love how the sunflowers convine with the scan.
    The sky looks really clean too *O*
    awesome wall +FAV!

  6. zebu May 29, 2006

    WOW...this wallpaper is beautiful! :O
    good work...really amazing! ;)
    Thanks and byebye! -_-

  7. Devildude May 29, 2006

    quite nice, kinda generic however, since you attempted to merge with the sunflower around her, it would have been nice if you try something lesser generic, like matching all sorts of different flowers etc. Again, that is me, nice job overall.

  8. rapidmontamer May 29, 2006

    fav and save. Great wall!

  9. pitbull May 29, 2006

    Beautiful wallpaper!nice job!(^_^)

  10. quantixar May 29, 2006

    It's so sweet I'm about to melt. Veru nice summer wallie! :D

  11. nejika May 29, 2006

    Hey, it's so sweet and pretty wallie u have done Izumi-chan XD . I like the sunflowers...yeehee...u did that too :D .
    Nice background and it's really matches with the pic :D

    merged: 05-29-2006 ~ 11:32am
    gonna +fav :D

  12. Lum-sann May 29, 2006

    WOW O_O
    Is so so beautiful so bright and the flowers are so nice!
    I love flowers and the character fits perfectlly the bg!
    Nice work!

  13. Pladao38 May 29, 2006

    O_O You draw those sunflowers ?! It sure is a hard work >_<.
    Very lovely walle. Really like it >_<, sunflowers are lovely.
    What !? a frog? O_O I will looking for it hehehe.
    Thx for sharing. Fav XD.

    Edit : I found the frog already >_>.
    Not so hard to find thought, wonder what the prize is. Hehehe :pacman:

  14. sakuya-sama May 29, 2006

    I really loved your newest wallie, the fowers and the scan that you choose, yet the sky and the mountains are very gorgeous. XD
    Love your works, they are always pretty and good made ~.~
    Sure that you will receive a fave from me *****
    Keep the great work up ^____^
    I found the frog, it is close to her dress, in the left ~___~

  15. borack May 29, 2006

    Really bright and cheery! Good job on the sunflowers! The girl is really sharp! I don't know what kind of compliment that is, but it looks really nice. Awesome work.

  16. Haranban May 30, 2006

    O_O Outstanding, my compliments! Fantastic wall ;)

  17. moonelf313 May 30, 2006

    Love the background...I think you did a great job with the sunflowers...I found the froggie too... Its by her dress and hair kinda makes a triangle around it! +Favs

  18. kiokorenay703 May 30, 2006

    no way the scan looks great Chichiri1907. i mean there wood be no reson fro Izumichan to do all those sunflowers in the bg if the scan wood be with no flowers like sunflowers at all! well i can only say, ITS very beautifulllll looking! Very nice Izumichan i love the wallie so much! Arigato for sharing it with us here!

  19. phamthuha May 31, 2006

    Not bad, sweetie ^_^ I do do love the garden you made >__< But well... I just think the moutain and sky here are too realistic that is shown out like a stock +__+ but sure you still blend very nice everything here ^_^

    XD, this Kiokorenay did call you Chi-chan, a stupid mistook >__< as your style is totally different from magical Chi-chan ^_^

    Okay keep up sweetie ^_^ I will look forward your wallie ;) And sure this wallie got a place in the group gallery now ^_^ Good work ;)

  20. Angi Retired Moderator May 31, 2006

    pretty nnice summerish wallie
    I like the sunflowers you draw and the lil frog its pretty funny
    Its a very sunny wallpaper just fits with the weather now(well now in my coutry its very hot and too much sun)
    Anyway youre a great artist
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful works ^_^

  21. Rikkablurhound Jun 01, 2006

    Lovely Extraction! Very nicely done.
    Nice scan chosen too XD Im sick of scan with pretty, fair girls... >_<
    I think U did a lovely job on the flowers, they are lovely... XD nicely drawn!
    I move the mouse like an idiot... XP
    its pretty good, but some of the leaves look weird... Like they have outer glow+difference effect... >_<
    Other than that, they are lovely XD
    I don really like the mountains though... >_<
    They look kinda liquidfy... >_<
    The clouds are pretty nice, wispy XD
    But I prefer it without the lines... >_<
    Anyway, great job XD
    The frog is so cute btw, Its behind her dress XD
    Do I get a prize? XD

  22. Frosty Jun 03, 2006

    more sunflower lovin walls.. *this is like the forth wall I saw that had sunflowers with it this week* ah... must be summer.. XD
    looks great.. and its kind of cute.. :D
    you did a good job on this one.. keep it up.. :)

  23. KouyamaArashi Jun 05, 2006

    Hii Izumi-san.../o/
    Waaah...wonderful wall...*-* Very, very beatiful...^^
    Congrats for awesome work...^^9
    + fav...

  24. walkure245 Jun 10, 2006

    I see~ Don't worry bout the bg. That's one of my techniques that I use to make bgs when I'm lacking inspiration. XP But you did a really neat job on the vectoring on the sunflowers. They have a cartoonish appearance which goes well with the girl's outlines and gives it an interesting characteristic. The girl was extracted well and I like the mountain range in the bg. A very nice job. ^_^

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