Sanctuary Knocker Wallpaper: An Ice Princesses Ancient Grudge

Carnelian, Sanctuary Knocker, Phi (Sanctuary Knocker) Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

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So after a week not submitting any wallpapers, I decided to make a wall...besides it was like my relaxtion for all the stupid tests that my teachers gave me after spring break...sheesh...who does that?

Anyway, back to the wall >.<
I wanted a grudgy yet fantasy theme to the wall, I got this when I first saw the scan, it was very beauitful bt it had these grudge lines, and I was very surprised, after all it was a Carnelian scan.

I wanted to exaggerate a lot of things in this wall, like the many planets, the flowers, and the crystals/grudge.

I would leave you guys an extremely long comment like my other comments but then that wold make it boring...

Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Kiako Apr 29, 2006

    the wallpaper is very pretty,
    all the effects are well done, the background scene is great and fits well to the chara.
    keep it up

  2. phamthuha Apr 29, 2006

    This wallie is really beautiful :) But i guess... well it is not really special since it is your style ^_^ I hope to see new style one and in that you can make more unique effects ^_^
    But that not mean this wallie is not great ;) The color and the scan is SO lovely that i absolutely fall in love with it ^_^ Of course fav+ and add to CW gallery ^_^

  3. animanga Apr 29, 2006

    Wow It's gorgeous!
    The blending & effects are great.
    Great job, keep it up!

  4. enchantressinthedark Apr 29, 2006

    Great new wall chi-chan! I like the purplish blue colours, its my fave colour of all! ^_^ AND OMG, the effects are just superb! Heavenly! Gorgeous! Must have took you some time to do that, its really beautiful! ^_^


  5. schwindelmagier Apr 29, 2006

    yuhuu ^.^,an amazing wallie from chichiri-chan again....
    the colour of the wallie is very beautiful,the mooons and the ancient building go perfectly with the clear and pretty scan....
    the expression on the girls face is also good for the expression of the whole wallpaper,putting rain into the wallie was a very nice idea and the ice at the bottom of the wallie makes it more interesting....
    result:an amazing and very,very,very good wallie ^.~
    add it to favs :3

  6. krisaiee Apr 29, 2006

    great work^^

  7. Rikkablurhound Apr 29, 2006

    I like the way U did it & the grunge brushes just scream : Im coming!
    Anyway, theres a lil extraction problem on her arm... >_<
    Then, I like the palace behind! Its really cool & the lake is great too, like the colours & the bruches below...
    Great job^^
    +fav & feature
    Thanks on the banner

  8. Sumomo- Apr 29, 2006

    Beautiful wallpaper. Usually I dont go for monotone wallpapers, but this one is very nice. Good job with enhancing the eyes, they stand out :)
    Fave from me.

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 29, 2006

    You've done it again, Chi-chan ;)
    Love the colors and the scan fits well with it.
    The ice is awesome and I love the sky!
    Great job!

  10. DepressedYoukai Apr 29, 2006

    OMG, very nice colors and the scan blended in with the background well. You can tell you really worked on it! Great job and thanks for sharing

  11. bj0rn Apr 29, 2006

    love it! chi chan with a new style but still sticking to the fantasy feel! i love the colours! keep up!

  12. AngelKate Apr 29, 2006

    Wow...grunge fantasy. Very nice! ^_^ I like the castle. The image of the girl is pretty but she looks sad. :( The background fits the mood of the wall well. Great job. :)

  13. Rella Apr 29, 2006

    It really is amazing! I love the effects and the background scenery. Great choice of color too! Very nicely done!

  14. kiokorenay703 Apr 29, 2006

    i love it its very pretty, adn teh bg is like WOW the scan is like COOL, and the effects are like SWEET! ! ! ! i lveot he clean quality that this wallie has its very nice and neat! i also like the bg temple its very so to say FIT'S RIGHT IN. XD LOL yeah well i lvoe it all i wil give u a A + + +
    and also a fav!

  15. PikaMoon Apr 29, 2006

    This is truly beautiful. Don't know what else to say since I luved every lilttle bit of the wall. Luv the grunge look and all the little moons, sparkles, and crystal thingies. Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. Definitely one of my faves. +fave+

  16. IzumiChan Apr 29, 2006

    Woah, much moons! *_*
    Cool magical atmosphere, I loved the palace. ^_^
    The scan is a little wierd... the girl looks so emotion-less.. O.o
    But you did a great job, loved it! ^.^

  17. Tasana Apr 29, 2006

    ooooohhhhh the colors, the bg, the scan....they're all so beautiful.... great job, i'm impressed! *favs and DL's* :)

  18. Rhonda21 Apr 29, 2006

    I swear you amaze me with each wall you make. :) Beautiful. The wonderful background just stands out and I love it. Well awesome work yet again!

  19. Milkiyo Apr 29, 2006

    that's a whole heck lot of planets but since you're exaggerating.. :X
    did u create the crystal dome thing? looks well crafted :)
    she should be looking like this :C since the grudge's been stuck with her for so long XD
    *feature in fw...oh..dang, rikkachan already did it* :P

  20. rene3088 Apr 30, 2006

    This wallie is really beautiful lovely colour... my fav now...

  21. aznprianime Apr 30, 2006

    verrrrrryyyy BEAUTIFUL! i love the backgroung the most. wonderful job and keep it up XD

  22. Zefie Apr 30, 2006

    such a gorgeous background ^_^ castle is so wonderful, really like round roof and details of it. planets around the castle are nice but i think there could be little less them. also like the water effect on the right side of the bg. it's very pretty and adding peaceful touch :) water-lilies give sensitive atmosphere. moon above the water makes water and water-lilies shine nicely. also like the downwards coming straight effects, they are like icicles as the effects in bottom-edge. effects really gives the feeling of ice and blue colouring adds depth and coldness but with little purple is gives warming and calmness :D
    scan is like dividing bg into two parts, which turns out nicely. and scan is very pretty, her outfit makes her look like princess with all those details and ribbons. overall wonderful wallie and your idea of ice princess comes out well. great job and thank you for sharing !

  23. Balljacker Apr 30, 2006

    Nice wall.I like the cool background.the colors are good n also the effects.add to favs

  24. royaldarkness Apr 30, 2006

    very pretty wall ^.^ love the blueish colors, makes me feel so icy ^_^' the effects and the background - simply superb!

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