Rozen Maiden Wallpaper: Rozen Maiden: ~le Jour de l'An~

Peach-Pit, Studio Nomad, Rozen Maiden, Shinku, Suigintou Wallpaper
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before you say anything... ***** Please take a look at the full size view***** because I worked really hard on this one and I want some honest options please... ;)

Hello everyone. *bows* :)

At last, after spending over five long months of *I don't want to do it but slowly what the heck I'll finish it up* work. XD XD XD
I have FINALLY finish vectoring this one particular *PAINFULLY HARD* Rozen Maiden Image and the third Rozen Maiden Wallpaper that I wanted to do. *I will make one or two more Rozen Maiden Wall to finish the set* :)

I originally worked on this wallpaper since well.. last year in Nov. but I didn't have the time nor the skill to finish the vectoring job of the image..., so I did this very very VERY slowly to make sure I am doing a good job on it instead of rushing it so I hope you guys can give me any words of encouragements and or support on making this one. ;)

Here is the other Rozen Maiden Wallpaper that I made previous to this one...



Title: ~le Jour de l'An~ meaning in French: New Year Day *at least that is what I been told* I hope lol.... and YES I know I'm only about almost 5 months late. XD
Work time: almost 6 months *on and off of course* XP
Background Layers: 60+ layers *includes brushes and effects* I would make it look better then this but hmm.. I guess I just want to finish this up... XD
Image: Vector Art *where most of the 5 months on and off work time gone into it* XP
Original Scan: Image can be found here on the rozen maiden gallery.
Inspired from:
Got Manjuu? by shinta with its 3 colored background idea.. I will be using this idea more in the future for I think that is a very nice background walling style.

As I said from before... any words of encouragements faves and or support on making this *PLAINFULLY HARD TO DO WALLPAPER* XP XP XP would be most appreciated .. :D ;)

Update: 4/25/06: by following some of the other people's advice, I del, the top clouds, and added a sun bg, eh, it does looks a bit better. :)

Update: 4/25/06: okay.. keeping up my sense of everytime I submit somethin I give like a million update before I'm satisfy... XD *one of the many reason I dont usually post a lot* I putted a flower pattern with little small flower-ish thing hanging down from it.. *have the style very much like the wall shinta-san made* for that one part.. I fought the center just look a little too empty conpare to the two sides... hope this works better.. :D


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Browse Rozen Maiden Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. chubbykitty Apr 25, 2006

    Great work! I love it! All the colors and textures in the back make it stand out wonderfully! And wow, te characters look awesome! Great job! :D

  2. chisaikame Apr 25, 2006

    the choice of bg compliments the girls' oriental outfit very well... if you have vectored the girls then that is really painful hard work.. kudos! i'm not very sure with the ellipses above them though.. -_- demo - i full-viewed and i liked it! :D

  3. nolove Apr 25, 2006

    you..really did vector that all? such a kool thing can do....an awesome, oh my i can see how detailed the gurls is...totally agree that this wall is so so beautiful
    i do love it so so so much, how great it looks

  4. Susan-chan Apr 25, 2006

    soo wonderful wallpaper! the vector looks perfect for me and the bg is so attractive! thx for sharing!

  5. Eimin Apr 25, 2006

    You did a great job vectoring, I can say all the hard work was worth it for the wallpaper turned out very nice :) *fave*

  6. Nucleous Apr 25, 2006

    This is one super nice wallpaper that vector looks amazing! I wish I coul vector like that! *give high 5* :lol:

    Anyway I like colors and the characters look sharp and clean!

  7. quantixar Apr 25, 2006

    Wow. Very nice wallie. Great work!

  8. dianas Apr 25, 2006

    oOo >.< this is so cute i love this wall a lot
    the colors are nice and the characters too + fav from me for yourwork :D

  9. sylvacoer Apr 25, 2006

    It's simple when you first look at it, but.... damn. (O_O) deh pretties, deh pretties! i'd say the girls in front almost distract from the bg, which makes me drool. *decides to fave and ignore the cute girls 'cuz she's feeling snarky* (*^.^*)

  10. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 25, 2006

    Very awesome!
    Love the colors and the vector, though I can see some shaky lines, is really very cool.
    Excellent job!

  11. Sugasuga Apr 25, 2006

    holy! did nutty vectored the whole kimono patterns? crazyy, lol. if you did, its really good. the vector so far is better than ur other ones, but like chloe-chan says, there are some shaky lines. as for the bg, i dun think the cloud thingy is necessary, looks odd. anyways, great job on vectoring that complicated scan ^^

  12. blue-chan Apr 25, 2006

    awww, kawaii XD <3<3<3 I just Luv your rozen maiden walls *bows* so pretty. You are the best. *winks* ;) I hope you will make more of them. chuuu~~~ ^______^

  13. evasion Apr 25, 2006

    Hey, kawaii wall - I love the color combo - very fitting for the scan. Nice work! :-)

  14. Vakita Apr 26, 2006

    Hey indeed is a great job, Shinku and Suigintou what a couple.
    whao let me tell you the dress of Shinku and Suigintou are really beatiful how you do that
    they have great colors pecially the one belonging to Suigintou i love it
    and background very cOoL.
    this is indeed a great wallie ,TkY(Thank you)

  15. Zoamel Apr 26, 2006

    Great work with vectoring. I like clean and detailed vectors a lot :D
    The colours of the background are beautiful, too.
    I'm wondering if the cloud could be a bit smaller but overall the wall looks very good.

  16. Yina Apr 26, 2006

    naisu work on the vector.. >__<
    wahh it had to be pretty hard to vector all the details.. x__x
    i like the bg.. overall naisu work =D

  17. Criox Apr 26, 2006

    Oh...hiya frosty! Nice vectoring! The concept is quite unique to me cuz I seldom see wallie like for long time. Its make up of three different pattern BG. Know what I mean? The two chibi-girls in there were cute. Sad thing is I never read the manga rozen maiden. >.< It sure looks nice indeed. Anyway keep up the good work! You earn my fav. ^^v

  18. shioriyukino Apr 26, 2006

    nice vector and nice concept
    love how you design the colorfull bg
    nice work!
    keep it up ^-^**

  19. LunarRockStar Apr 26, 2006

    that bg looks really cool ! nice one ! ^^ keep up the very good job. ;)

  20. Inuyasha2007 Apr 26, 2006

    I-I'm speechless...It's just that great.(favs) Definitely worth the elite gallery.

  21. Angel-on-Dragon Apr 26, 2006

    Really great work ^^ I love this vector of Suigintou and Shinku.... So cute ^^
    And the bg looks really grat too.
    Thanks for sharing ^^ *adds to fav*

  22. Magicalmoonangel Apr 26, 2006

    Nice job!

  23. animefairy Apr 27, 2006

    Oooo....I'm quite amazed at how well this wall turned out! XD The designs you used for this was real similar to the other Rozen Maiden wall you mde, but this also has a different sense of tyle! :nya: I just love the colors and designs you ued in the bgf. It looks cool! >_< The two girls has a bit of a nasty pose (I always try to find a way that might disapoint you. Hee hee hee. ^^ No, I'm just kidding on that! Haha.) Keep it up, Grandpa Frosty! ^_^

  24. xAva Apr 27, 2006

    Love it keep it up! ^^<3

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