xxxHOLiC Wallpaper: xxxHolic: Madam Butterfly

CLAMP, Production I.G, xxxHOLiC, Yuuko Ichihara, Vector Art Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Production I.G Studio xxxHOLiC Series,OVA Yuuko Ichihara Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yet another wallpaper with a totally inappropriate literary allusion in the title! This time it's Yuko of xxxHolic. Because black and white is sexy. Or at least near-flat monochromatic color usage. A quick trace of the scan, and another trace of some stained-glass style butterflies I found with a Google Image search, and you have this wallpaper. I wanted Yuko to kind of blend in with the background, adding some background butterflies just enough to separate her, but not fully. At first I was thinking of using a butterfly pattern over Yuko too, but it got too busy and distracted from the whole 'black and white is sexy' idea.
Additional resolutions available at DA! Desktop Anime. I LIKE WIDESCREEN OKAY?

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  1. Machika Apr 10, 2006

    OMG! This vector is fabulous >_< I love it so much. Yuuko-san looks so beautiful. Very nice vector (love the color)
    My fav!

  2. crapmonster Apr 10, 2006

    this is damn sexy....

  3. euna Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2006

    Another flawless vector wall with all the right ingredients. ;)
    @_@ And those butterflies are insane.. I would take days and days to do those.
    This is so sexy and cool. <3
    The dark black/blue and white go really well. It makes it look even sexier.
    I can only say that you are amazing tama! *fav fav fav*

  4. Croix Apr 10, 2006

    wow this wall is perfect! +fav

  5. Zoamel Apr 10, 2006

    Wow. I love the combination of purple, black and white and the extraction is simply fantastic :D
    Everything is so clean.

  6. PAPTIMUS Apr 10, 2006

    I like the dark background and the butterflies ,the colors are simple but they combine well in showing the beauty of the wall.Not to forget the beautiful vector.
    so=good work.

  7. zaira Apr 10, 2006

    *save* *go to her site* *downloads* *save again* ^_^'
    black is one of my fav. color! and yet another awesome vector from the XXXholic! yuuko + sexy = DAMN WIN! +fav! wakekeke

  8. Amru-chan Apr 10, 2006

    Wow, cool XD. Fav from me XD

  9. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2006

    haha it's so damn smooth >.< Love the limited colours and it looks great no matter how you look at it XD

  10. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2006

    Wow, very cool!
    Everything is so neat. I'm killing myself trying to finish an xxxHolic vector I started x_x
    Love those colors that seems to come out of nowhere. Great job!

  11. LeeAnn Apr 10, 2006

    indeed sexy!
    the whole wallie looks neat and vdery very dark! waahhh! except for her skin that is..

  12. candy-chan Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2006

    haha, agreed this is sexy. Allthough I think the biggest butterfly next to Madam is bothering me a tad. Other than that I really like the pattern behind the scattered hair :3

  13. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2006

    I'll start off by saying that I love your work and I completely agree, black and white is sexy. This is such a large improvement over the original scan, but the only complaint I have to say is that you can't really see her beautiful dress, but it doesn't matter that much =).

    The scan is a HUGE improvement over what it originally was, considering the quality and everything else, you did a fantastic job fixing up this scan and it looks just simply gorgeous *_______*. Bits and pieces of her dress can be made out, but nothing greatly solid, which is too bad cause I think the dress she has on is just beautiful, but you can make out enough of it, looking at the original scan.

    The background is what really captured my eye, beautiful butterflies in the bg, so very nicely done and the style to it as well is just supurb. I'm not too sure if it's just myself, but I get a butterfly-ish style design out of the background and I just love that *_____* Tama, you really are something else with your unique style. Fantastic work there, simple yet beautfiul.

    Overall, I really love this background, probably my favorite xxxholic bg. It's also a favorite for me. Great work, Tama and I look very foward to your next submission.

  14. Saikusa Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2006

    I saw the thumbnail & was intrigued to see the vectoring, but didn't think much of the black & white... bloody hell, I was surprised to see all that beautiful detail and that's before I even saw the luschious background! Fantastic work! Amazing details, and just absolutely stunning work in just three colours!

  15. bluSake Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2006

    Ravishing. The butterfly bg is almost hypnotizing.

  16. Dream24 Apr 10, 2006

    Excellent vectoring and details. I love the butterflies on her and the butterfly B. Also love the chocie of colour you decoded to use, it makes Yuko seem more mysterious and sexy. This is a stunning wallpaper. Great job!

  17. markjo Apr 10, 2006

    That is probably the best xxxHolic wallpapers I've seen here. The backround is amazing, dark and detailed - sort of has the monochromatic-stained-glass-window effect. The sexy slit in Yuko's dress makes the wallpaper pretty damn hot, but the butterflies simply rock...

  18. merelie Apr 10, 2006

    wow, this wallpaper totally rocks. :) I really like how you're blending yuuko into the dark background, but we can still see her all the same. and the butterflies are so neat! thanks for sharing

  19. wmadhatter Apr 10, 2006

    wow! one of my favorites! good job!

  20. phaner Apr 11, 2006

    curvy and sexy and really neat as well I love the butterfly wings BG , makes me feel that she is lying on the huge butterfly ^^

  21. phamthuha Apr 11, 2006

    Beautiful OoO You really make me surprised with this one, sweetie ^_^ I love it of course so sure you got my fav ;)
    But why not change the style? You just keep on this vectoring but i really wish to see your cool scene skill ^_^

  22. icyrain Apr 11, 2006

    This wallpaper is very Yuko-san. It's dark and sexy and somber. I love it! The butterflies are very well done. I love the butterfly theme in xxxHOLiC, as the butterflies are really symbolic.

  23. ayaki Apr 11, 2006

    i'm overwhelmed by the sexiness of this wall. >_<

  24. tareren Apr 11, 2006

    totally agree that black n white is sexy ^^
    and I think u did a gr8 job on this wall, whether it is the improving of the quality of the scan or the overall composition in the end :) nice, crisp and clean, and the fact that it is black/white & widescreen is all the more a supporting factor for me to fave this

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