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The Perfect Murder

.:: The Story ::.

Its a sad story about desperate girl.

She had a beautiful life.Awesome family,great job and amazing boyfriend.She loved him very much.She thought that theyre gonna live together forever.But one day...

The weather was cloudy."The city looks so dark today...." she thought. She was walking and looking at this mysterious sky and then.....she saw her boyfriend kissing beautiful girl...her best friend Ayumi....She didnt know what to do...She run away...She sat on the beanch and started to cry.."How could he do that to me ?! I loved him so much !".
Next day he come as always to her house.He wanted to take her for a walk.."Sure Baby, just give me a moment.." She tooke a rope and katana (gift from her boyfriend) , she hide it in her knapsack (katana was folding and so she hide it very easy) and she walked wit him.They went to their secret place, near a beautiful big tree.They sit o the beanch.He huged her and tell her how much deep is his love.She was angry and very sad inside.She walked near the tree..He come after her...She tied a rope aroundl his neck.He thought its a joke or something because she was laughing all the time.But when she throw the other part of the rope on the branch, took other rope and tied his hands and legs he realize its not a joke."WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!?"- he shouted ."Calm down, it"s only a game...dont be afraid".He stopped shouting.Then she took katana and rip his neck a little.The blood started to drip...she started to strangle him.She said " Thats because you were such a lier.Belive me , i hate lies".And he died.She ran to the hill.She watched when police arrived and found the body of her boyfriend hanging on the tree.She threw katana to the river which suddenly become bloody red.She came back home.Next day police knock to her door."Your boyfriend is dead, it was a suicide.Were very sorry".She pretended despaired girl."It was a perfect murder"- she thought...


Original Art : http://fs7.deviantart.com/i/2005/203/3/5/Revenge_by_Liester.jpg

by LIESTER <thanks 4 premission!>

Making Wallpaper :

I just love the art i used. I was checking out my favs on deviantart and i found this girl.And then decided to wall it.First i asked about premission and i got it ! Then started makin a wall.Add a girl, then remove the border and made a bloody red bg.Next thing i made...the city,I just made some rectangles.And add them windows.This strange idea with straight lines comes suddenly...I think its something really original , even it looks simple it took me a lot of time (days!).I hope some peaople will enjoy it.Even if it;s so weird.

Dedication :
4 my boyfriend who totally loves this wall :* And frriends from MT , all of them! Thanks you guys :) 4 being so nice to me

THANKS 4 DREAM for help , i've changed this inscription :D

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: bluSake
Wall: Destination Unknown
Reason: Simply Amazing ^__~ Deserve a fav !


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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 09, 2006

    This is so awesome!
    The colors are so cool and I love how you made the bg all scratchy-like to suit the scan you used. Excellent job!

  2. DREAM Apr 09, 2006

    I LOVE this wallpaper Lady Sandra! you really captured the essence and expanded upon Liester's artwork. love the composition.

    Very Minor crit: I would suggest changing the text "Welcome In Hell" to "Welcome To Hell".

    Also is it possible to make a 1280x1024 version of this wall? I would love to use it as my desktop.

    + favs

  3. Devildude Apr 09, 2006

    interesting wallpaper here, I would not have said it better than anyone here who said it, this wallpaper does deserve some appreciation for originality.
    Oh by the way, you know what is best?
    Just the entire setting itself is great.
    I mean, you captured the sense of suspense, and then with that murderous outlook, along with a cool story to boot, it is indeed a great wallpaper I say.
    Oh by the way, I recall you asking for help on the translation for words....I am sorry I never got back to you, only when I received the notification on this wall did I realize.
    Anyhow, apologies, and favs for the great work in this piece.
    Like Tevi/Dream has said, welcome to hell would be the more apprpriate english.

  4. shiningdays Apr 09, 2006

    it's unique and i like it for that =o.

    hmm.. for some reason i can't formulate anything to SAY about it though.. but as everyone else said, ultra props for originality. it's eyecatching and stylish.

    fav'ed :o

  5. AngelKate Apr 09, 2006

    Wow...what a unique wall! I like the story of inspiration behind it. Very cool. Awesome job Sandra!

  6. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Apr 10, 2006

    Like it, love it, im happy that you understand the concept behind the original idea of the contest. Is a crappy comment near to the spam, but all the people before me say all the things that i have in mind, very stylish.

  7. Milkiyo Apr 10, 2006

    very touching story..sounds like she is almost on the brink of becoming a physcopath after what her bf did to her..
    as for the wall...looks really original :) love the whites and style of this...

  8. Saikusa Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2006

    The girl reminds me of David Mack's Kabuki. Nice idea trying to continue that scratched technique throughout the reast of the image, but she still looks 3D in a 2D world.

  9. Semuta Apr 11, 2006

    So sad story... And wallapaper fit with it very good. I love the depressed athmosphere and scratched style. Definetly fav.

  10. fukushuusha Apr 11, 2006

    This is really....interesting...and original O_O
    not the best resolution but the sketchy type is just awesome

  11. kawai Apr 12, 2006

    wouha Sandra, You find a great concept and good realisation!
    a good work, i like and so, a fav for sur :p
    ++ for your next wall :p

  12. Yina Apr 13, 2006

    uiui.. the story is soo saad. and kinda scary.. x__x
    wahh the wallie is sure small.. but nevertheless great work.. >__<
    i love its sketchy look and dark atmosphere *__*

  13. Phill Apr 14, 2006

    ^^ really nice Sandra , the sketchy type reminds me of a scary movie i saw 2 years ago (from the real murder case in Texas , unfortunatly , i forgot its nameXD)
    scary story you have here .^^ really creative , Sandra
    keep it up

  14. Regenbogen Apr 14, 2006

    Hi I just saw this... it is looking scary anf rightening... and u captured that atmosphere really well. The blood of the original art is disappearing a little in your wallpaper... But yes, that's cause u chose a dark red background... and no more white. However this submission of yours is something really unusual for Minitokyo!

  15. Rikkablurhound Apr 15, 2006

    Woah.... Well... It looks bloody... XD
    lol... I think its really original & the story is pretty interesting too^^
    Nice job with the straight lines
    They match well...
    Really nice...

  16. kai81220 Apr 15, 2006

    hmm i like the sktechy look.

    but i think the red is a bit strong for me. even though i think, it matches the idea behind the wall.

    nice stuff.

  17. flyindreams Apr 15, 2006

    Nice! The scratched look of the background definitely matches liester's awesome drawing... and it definitely creates a very hellish atmosphere. Awesome job Sandra! ^_^

  18. keevang Apr 17, 2006

    wow i think it's really great ya know. very different and gives me this art-y feeling XD

  19. eqaneko Apr 23, 2006

    tht's hots... really.. i lurve the story and her boyfriend deserve tht..
    the painting.. it sooo gorgeous...
    A+ for tht :D

  20. orlando-biano Oct 10, 2007

    amazing... the story is great and I really liked the wallpaper.

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