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Ok... let see how to start ... *haven't post anything in ages* lol.. x_x x_x X-P

Ello everyone. ^_^'

This is a gift to some of my MT friends that I have kept in contact with and also have very talented drawing skills of their own. :) :D XD

I didn't get to spend as much time on it as I wanted. I kind of just cought some extra time in between my work to get this pic done.

I wanted to CG vector it, but my work place don't have photoshop nor a computer that I can allow me to work on it. *its a hospital for crying out loud* X-P after this month, I should have a lot more time to do some real artworks make some walls since I'm quiting two of my other side jobs, ok gotta stop my complaining about life and lets on with the drawing. XD

This drawing is dedicated to my friends Blue-chan, Chisana, Flowerdog, Walkure245, & Pegassuss. Which all happens to be on the DSG so with thhat said, here I pesent to you The DSG Music Band! :) :D XD

Going from Left to right *also I put this according to age, I think... LOLx... *

Name: Blue-chan
Title of Character: Ms. Colors of Blue
Plays: the Drums
From: Blue Mirror World XD
Occupation: Rogue
Power (Unit): High Moralle Positive Power (last up to 8 hrs before need of recharge)
Skills: Copy Cat
Finishing Blow: Mirrormove Firing (Hits everytime!)
Weak Points: problems with computer X-P
pay her a visit @

Name: Chisana
Title of Character: Aori-chan
Plays: Electric Guitar
From: Valley of Angelic Symphony :nya:
Occupation: Fairy / Minstrel
Power (Unit): Cutie Face beauty power (zaps a person up to 10,000 watts) XD
Skills: I believe I can Fly *daydreaming* Power (can only use twice a day) XD XD XD
Finishing Blow: Hymn, Song of Revival
Weak Points: School Studies + Mommy X-P
pay her a visit @

Name: FlowerDog aka Flower-Chan
Title of Character: Roxzy
Plays: Singer
From: Kins of the Holy Order
Occupation: Quincy
Power (Unit): Friendly Ghost summoning power (summons 100 ghost a min.)
Skills: Healing words of praise
Finishing Blow: Evil Be gone: Thousand Ghost *tickle* Attack!
Weak Points: maintaining dorkiness to a safe level
pay her a visit @

Name: Walkure aka Mari
Title of Character: Ms. Piggy Padison
Plays: Singer
From: Temple of Alchemist in Curly Town
Occupation: Alchemist
Power (Unit): Analyticity (cpu 100ghz)
Skills: Super Muliti-tasking
Finishing Blow: Chemical Acid Melt Attack!
Weak Points: A very mean teacher that she will use her finishing blow on when she finishes her alchemy school! XD XD
pay her a visit @

Name: pegassuss
Title of Character: Pegy-chan the Lone Rider
Plays: Banjo
From: Mystic Island Nations
Occupation: Animal Chamer
Power (Unit): Negotiation Mind control Power (Skilled at Max Level / mind control varies from time to time) XD
Skills: speak to animals *including disturb juvenile ones* XD
Finishing Blow: Call of Wild, Animal Stampede! XD XD XD
Weak Points: enslave to work! Help! LOLx...
pay her a visit @

To peg-chan: plz, don't ask me why the speaker looks the way it does, it kind of turn out werid after I finished it.. X-P

Now I gotta say, I enjoy typing this up more then drawing the picture just because I get to hmm.. make fu... grr... I mean describe my MT friends on a very special way. XD XD XD

Hope you guys like it. ^_^'

And as Always, any comments are welcome. :)

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  1. Kukuru Apr 05, 2006

    Fantastic! I love what you have done here :) Even though you didn't get to color it in photoshop etc. I still really like what you have done with the color - it adds a very pleasing touch!

    I'm sure the people you have dedicated this too will find it brilliant too :D

  2. blue-chan Apr 05, 2006

    Mirror world? where is that? hahaha, very funny frosty-kun. *Glomps* but too bad you didn't CG it on photoshop. I think it would look really nice if you did. maybe you can cg it later. ^___^ big hugs to frosty for the wonderful dedication drawing. Everyone looks uberly cute. ^_____^ adds to favs <3

  3. chisana Apr 05, 2006

    Awwwwww..... <33333
    Senseiii.. this was a surprise! :D :D I never thought I would ever get something like this! =D
    It is sooo adorable, every one of us :D Love the description too! lol
    Haha, that would be nice to visit the Valley of Angelic Symphony xD lol.. where do you get these awesome ideas? :D :D and.. cutie face beauty power... aw, these are so funny, you really just made my day sensei *big bear frosty hug* <33
    I luv the poses too, and the idea that you made them into a band ^_^ It's so cool =D
    I'm sure that everyone will like it!
    Thank you soooo much! http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a328/Chii_Sana/waku.gif

  4. Terra-chan Apr 05, 2006

    This is cute... you have nice pencil crayon skills... I almos want to Vector it... Maybe even attempt to make it into a wallpaper... though my wallpapers suck... Vectoring is my only forte...

    Could I vector it if I wanted to?

  5. pegassuss Apr 05, 2006

    yeepeeeeeee XD XD looool this is soooo cute Frosty! You have such wonderful ideas! *.*
    I just love ... well... ME! XD hahahaha and of course I love all of my group mates too, we are a lovely band, aren't we? XD and we all look wonderful =^^= Thanks so much for this present Frosty! *hugs hugs* ^-^
    You did a great job, I like the way you colored the hair and I love the small details like the flower on Flowerdog's cheek and blue-chan's expression is so funny <3 Chisana-chan looks so lovely and walkure-san and I look so elegant and sophisticated XD I love my dress and my banjo! so cute! and the speaker looks crazy XD I really love and it did made me laugh a lot =) so thanks a bunch Frosty-san! And I get Mind control Power! How cool is that? XD *lol*
    You also wrote a full detailed description, so funny! XD You did a great work Frosty-san, specially considering the lack of time you had ^_~ Keep up the lovely work!
    PS. So you are quiting the two other jobs? well, I think that's good =) you'll have more time to rest a bit and have more time for yourself ^.~

  6. Anjhurin Apr 05, 2006

    Ahah peg chan ^_^ *mystic island* ROFL

    Anyway, very nice drawing, though as you say, the speaker has some kind of perverted grin (reminds me of that face of the guy in dragon ball... the old man... when he gets a look at bulma's panties or something ^_^').
    An all girl band, quite original, especially the banjo part, though maybe peg chan looks a bit apart (especially her clothing style and outfit). But i really like the 'power' of the girls. Nice details everywhere, coloring is alright as well !

    Thumbs up ;)

    merged: 04-06-2006 ~ 01:45am
    takes a ticket for next concert right away XD

    merged: 04-06-2006 ~ 01:49am
    PS again : i see you're working in a hospital.... eheh i'm a 2nd year med student meself *bows to senpai*

  7. FlowerDog Apr 05, 2006

    Sir Frosty Frost! :D I love your drawing and you of course! :nya: Thank you so much for taking some of your time to illustrate our characters (sort of like avatars of us). XD It shows that you really think about us even when you are busy. :)

    Cool, Flower-chan gets to be a Quincy and even when I train hard, Ishida's sewing skills are still superior. T_T Roxzy-chan is so cute! I also love the fact that she is shorter compare to the others and that she looks so lazy (perfect, it's so like me). :D Also the little ghost adds a great touch! XD Blue-chan is so adoring with her silly pose and attitude. Walkure-sama's, Chisana-sama's, and Pegassuss-san's characters are so beautiful. :) It was a real joy to observe the details and to see a character of mine joined up with such talented and sweet idols. Flower-chan is not worthy. T_T

    I am going to make a promise that one of these months I'll catch you off guard and give you a gift too. :) It's going to be next best attack compare to my Evil Be gone: Thousand Ghost Attack! It's the Gift Attack! XD So what out Frosty-sama. Mwhahaha! XD

  8. animefairy Apr 06, 2006

    Hehehe, you did an amazingly awesome job on the doujinshi! It's sweet and very kawaii! :nya: Each character descirbes a personality! XD The girl with the banjo is my fav character! :) Good details and bright, vivid colors! :) Keep the work and effort up, Frosty! ^_^ *adding to favs*

  9. Athrun Apr 06, 2006

    Ohhh, that's cool!

    Really nicely done drawing there. I always to like draw my friends with their own character, but I sucked at drawing, and then not too long shit happens and we all went our seperate ways.

    EDIT: Is is just me, or is more than 90% of the commentors here, female?

  10. rafaellaGP Apr 07, 2006

    hahaha so cool!
    i loveee it! hahaha
    you have a funny imagination! XD
    fav! lol
    gerat work!

  11. walkure245 Apr 07, 2006

    Frosty! XD Me totally loves. I especially adore the description for everyone, especially mine's. >_< I will get him back. HOHOOHOHO~ I adore your artworks and this is really cute and blue-chan looks like she's having fun. And pegassuss looks so elegant. Flowerdog looks awesome. Loves the hair. Yeah! I like to sing even though I can't sing at all. XD Maybe I could do a combo move with my alchemy and bad singing. ^_~ The colors are really nice and it's nice and clean. Really awesome stuff~

  12. MagaOscura Apr 07, 2006

    Aww n_n this is soooo cute, I love it!
    Great work on this one =)
    C'ya! *waves*

  13. isdx Apr 08, 2006

    hey! looks very nice, great draw, luck whit the vector stuff!

  14. Yina Apr 13, 2006

    yeah.. it's a baaand.. xDD
    like the composition and the instruments look naisu =D
    overall great work, ne ^^

  15. evasion Apr 13, 2006

    Hey Frosty, teehee, awesome doujin! That's so cool! Long time no see, wonderful work. The poses are so alive ^_^. +fav+

  16. kiokorenay703 Apr 15, 2006

    WOW i so relly love the pic. its so cool, and the work is very nice i really like the coloring and the ideas are GREAT, GREAT A++++++++ fro u! i will add this one to my favorites and i will enjoy it ! LOL
    yeah its very nice and the rock type of style IS TOTALY RROOKKIINNGG! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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