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Vector Project One - Athrun Zala
This may be the most horrible vector you have ever seen in your entire life, because Enchantress is such a suckie at it >_< I knew I shouldn't have picked Athrun because I think I've ruined his perfect looks here >_< Well, Love-chan, Christine, Amanda, Rikka, Mari, Lizzie, Ayane, and all Athrun fans out there...don't kill me because this is my first vector ^_^'

I've used exactly 256 layers for this vector. OMG So many layers...and surprisingly, the most difficult part for this vector is not Athrun's gorgeous hair, but ish his uniform... >_< I've already been using 180+ layers for JUST his uniform... His FAITH badge is generally a problem too... >_< But I'm quite satisfied on how his eyes turned out. Its really problematic.

The outlines...I know, seems crooked, isn't it? SOOOO MANY FLAWS HERE.........but please, tell me how I can improve ^_^ I know I'm not a professional vector as Chloe-chan or Miky-chan. Oh yeah, thanks to Miky-chan for showing me the vector tutorial! *hugs*

I named this project one because maybe there'll be several more horrible vectors from me >_< I just wanna get the hang of vectoring.

Hmm..I think that's all. No dedication this time, because I think no one would want such a horrible vector to be dedicated to him/herself, right? ;)



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  1. xianghua Apr 01, 2006

    Very nice try enchantress-san!
    It's actually not very bad for your first try^^
    You worked really hard!
    Great effort! And continue this and your vectors will be perfect^_^


  2. Rhonda21 Apr 01, 2006

    Well I think it is a very nice vector, especially since it is your first. I'm sure you will get better and better. Well Done!

  3. Devildude Apr 01, 2006

    IS it just me....or does he look kinda old here... for some reason his brow seems to say that to me... he looks like a veteran... LOL>
    great vector nonetheless. good job!

  4. LilLaoRyo704 Apr 01, 2006

    Quote by DevildudeIS it just me....or does he look kinda old here... for some reason his brow seems to say that to me... he looks like a veteran... LOL>
    great vector nonetheless. good job!

    Lol i was goin to say that man, well it looks good to me, but the outlining is wierd, did you use the pen tool? well it still looks good, nice try tho, Ja!

  5. Kairi-Hearts Apr 01, 2006

    for a first vector it's pretty good ^^
    just like ryo-san said, did you use the pen tool?
    Anyway, Good Job ;)

  6. strawberrt Apr 01, 2006

    >_< ooo so nice! i just love that image of athrun. he looks so GORGEOUS! awesome vectoring! all those 256 layers paid off xD

  7. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 01, 2006

    This looks so awesome, Enchantress-san!
    The outline is really well done for your first realy vector, and the colors are just right, in my opinion (sometimes, people use colors that are too pale or too dark, but this is just right ;))
    Anyways, I hope you continue to make great vectors like this!

  8. ZonSlashSykato Apr 01, 2006

    Its is an ok vector, its not totally bad.
    If u keep on vectoring I m sure u can do a pretty good job until then.

  9. ShiXon Apr 01, 2006

    yayayaya nice vector enchan-sannn~ ^.~
    can't really say much for a vector but you did a great job suu!

  10. Milkiyo Apr 01, 2006

    say...not bad for ur first...oh, oh..do a shinn vector! *-*
    erm...his big brows here sorta made him look...matured >.<
    whoa...u spent a lot of layers in this O.O my lazy nature wouldn't allow me to do that :P
    though...I think the colours went a little..musty.. :P

  11. rica-san Apr 02, 2006

    Great for teh first vector, Enchan-san! Very soft & smooth, altough it's a bit dusky, & teh colors are a bit to fadey. Also, teh eyes outlines doesn't fit with teh entire outline. It's to sharp & teh entire outlines are very smooth. You used teh brush tool to stroke it? oh yeah, I agree with DD, he looks kinda old... Well great job! I'll add this to my favs. Hope to see your 2nd vector, Enchan-san!

  12. EevaLeena Apr 02, 2006

    Aww.... congrats on your first vector, Amanda! Not too bad... Everyone is bad at first time. Don't worry too much, kay? And... good luck!

  13. Yureika Apr 02, 2006

    yay !
    u did it soo quick amanda-san !*give a big round of applause* cheers!
    i just finish my vector yesterday too !
    great job and keep it up amanda-san !
    i know taht u are good it just taht u keep saying u arent ..=.=

  14. kyubinaruto Apr 02, 2006

    Well, honestly it's not that bad... Just that the colour is rather dull. I think it's better than my first vector wall X3

  15. Kiako Apr 02, 2006

    well it doesn't look bad for your first vector, kind of surprising how you managed to use 256 layers for it.

  16. Amru-chan Apr 02, 2006

    Very nice :D. Fav from me ^^

  17. toonmaker Apr 02, 2006

    Very nice! ! ! ! Its not bad at all! Why u think it is bad ? It is so nice! Great job

  18. royaldarkness Apr 02, 2006

    i don't think this is horrible, in fact i think it's amazing! very good for a first timer ^.^ *runs off screaming something about athrun* XD XD

  19. Athrun Apr 02, 2006

    Doesn't look as happy as he should... or that's just what I saw in the PRIDE opening...

    A good vector, but an AWESOME vector for someone's first vector.

  20. rubenz Apr 03, 2006

    lol of course this is nice enchan san ^^ great job :d

  21. Ephemeral-Garden Apr 03, 2006

    Vector is getting trendy these days XD

    That's a nice one, for your first time. Though there's some minor flaws like... his hair... which some part doesn't look as curvy as it should. But the rest looks fine. ^^

    But I still wonder why people get to use sooo much layers for vector? I never reached 100 layers in doing anything...

  22. nolove Apr 03, 2006

    lol sweetie, i wont kill you becoz of the vector, how can i kill you, it's beautiful. im not anymore better than you in vectoring XP, still i cant vector the pic of Arthun that i want >_<, i cant say it ugly or anything, you're really really so so great finish the vector, it's such a hard thing to do neh? ;).
    hahaha, i sure can understand how hard the uniform is ^o^, i vector Kira before, but still be surprise you took so so much layers >.<, you must be really careful ^__^.
    lets show us all your next lovely vector of Arthun, luv ya enchant-chan *kisses*

  23. Akarix Apr 05, 2006

    Awwww enchantress dun bee sad~! this is one nice vector.... ^0^ really nice relly really.. though the eyebrows are.. kinda thick.. o_O but he looks like the normal athrun by overall nicenice..

  24. k1ru Apr 06, 2006

    nice job on your first vector~
    athrun really looks good~ ^^

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