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OMG OMG! I just got a tablet! yay! XD and it makes CGing so much easier XP hehe~
it cost so much money x_x gya... my parents are going to kill me T_T
well, anyways :D this is only a practice CG, Im only testing and trying to get used to my new tablet :D yay!
and yea, I know the hair sucks bad OX I hate how it turned out, but right know its the best I could make it look. :angry:
and one more thing, please keep in mind that I did not mack the background, its a stock^__________________________^
Layers - 30+
lineart - used pen tool for now (until I get used to the tablet^^)
well, thank you so much for viewing! and please comment! *hugs*

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  1. Kukuru Mar 15, 2006

    Wow - I like it - it's very pretty, I like her dress a lot - ahah and great work on that background ;)

    Her eyes look a tad bit strange to me - but other than that lovely lovely :D

  2. B4U Restricted Member Mar 15, 2006

    very pretty! I really like the girls dress really pretty!
    personly, I think its one of your best :D
    good job!

  3. julian1 Mar 15, 2006

    omg omg! the colors blend with the background pretty well, and there's the nice dress too. to the favs!

  4. CuteSherry Mar 15, 2006

    Another awsome drawing of yours :)
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Sakura-K Mar 15, 2006

    wow...I don't know what to say...It's fantatic!

    I love it!

    ~addz to fave~


  6. AngelKate Mar 15, 2006

    O_O Wow! That's beautiful! I want a tablet T_T

    Awesome work Ayasal-chan. :)

  7. Milkiyo Mar 15, 2006

    u are one fast learner so I'm sure it'll turn out great no matter what :P
    this is pretty nice..yeah..except the hair looks cut off..
    other than that..smooth flowing like water :)

  8. nolove Mar 15, 2006

    tablet? table make ayasal's work more wonderful >.< *jealous*, wish i have a table too T___T, i love blue, this work is amazing XP

  9. Susan-chan Mar 15, 2006

    wui:) after a red wally it's a blue:D my two fav colors:D great coloring:) i am too lazy to color with photoshop XDDD
    how do u use the tablet? i am interested in it:D perhaps i wll buy one too :D

  10. Sumomo- Mar 15, 2006

    Beautiful Ayasal - I just love the color blue.
    I love this drawing, very nice. Her dress, her hair.. very good :)

  11. Amru-chan Mar 15, 2006

    Wow, very very beautiful >_<. I love water very much XD. Fav from me ^^

  12. dalidadod Mar 15, 2006

    hey hey congrats for ur new table honey >_< i want one too nd i'm saving money to buy one soon >_<
    anyway ur work is growing up and i really like it ;) i like the way u color it its really nice wallie from u
    fava from me too ^_^

  13. PhoenixNox Mar 15, 2006

    wow, this one is great. the eyes are reallt good, the clothes flow really well. +fav

  14. chichiri1907 Mar 15, 2006

    I love the folw of this dress that you made, and the coloring is jst amazing especially her hair.
    The backgrond fits her very well, and of corse this is an instant fav. :)

  15. moonelf313 Mar 15, 2006

    Love the new artwork, I love blue and anything that invloves water! So this drawing goes to my favs! :) Keep it up!

  16. shinorei Mar 15, 2006

    Well, congrats for getting a tablet! I find that a must-have for designers of art and CG painters.
    Oh, and yes, the hair is weird. It looks like blue ribbons. :D
    But then, keep up the good work, because I really like your stuff!

  17. MoonlightEternity Mar 15, 2006

    XD I'm so jealous! I want a tablet XD hahahaha it's so beautiful though, I LOVE her dress, it's gorgeous! =) The colours are amazing and the shading is completely perfect! *sits there admiring the work* wooooww this is amazing! ^-^ awesome job Ayasal

  18. Sayonara Mar 15, 2006

    that's amazing.. sooo pretty. You did a great job ^_^

  19. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 15, 2006

    See, I have a tablet and I'd never ever be able to do that :P
    Anyhow, excellent job on this one. Love the character and the colors are just awesome ;)

  20. chisana Mar 15, 2006

    Now now, it's a water dancer? ^_^ I hope there will be more dancers, the fire one looked pretty too, but this one is even better than that!
    I'm so happy that you got a tablet, this means that you'll submit more of your beautiful artwork and they will be better and better! :D (at least I hope ;) )
    I love her dress and expression, and I think the hair is really pretty too ^^ The colors are great! :)
    The bg is awesome too, I just love that big wave! It matches the character perfectly!
    Great job as always, Aya-chan! :)

  21. Tasana Mar 16, 2006

    *sparkling eyes* oooh its sooo beautiful, awesome use of blueness, deep and vivid, just the way i like it! :) the bg is very pretty and the girl fits in very well with it ^^ i want that dress she's wearing lol XD
    another great wallie from ayasal, keep up the good work! :)

  22. FlowerDog Mar 16, 2006

    *FlowerDog's heart skips a beat* Wow, this is cool and yet very beautiful work Ayasal-sama. :o I was't even half as good as you when I first illustrated with my tablet. You're really creative. I don't think the hair looks bad at all. I actually think the way you colored it looks cool and matches wonderfully with the rest of the coloring style in the entire drawing. You also have good taste in choosing your stock images. ;) I am just really amazed and love everything about this new drawing of yours. I hope you continue to create more Doujinshies. ;) Outstanding job Ayasal-sama. :D

  23. EternalBlue Mar 16, 2006

    mmmmmm I love the concept ^^. Just a few things I think would help improve it. At the top of her head, it looks like you forgot to CG the top of her hair, or maybe you left it like that on purpose. Also, on the eyes, adding those white spots you see in anime will give the eyes more dimension and make them look a lot better.

    Anyways, I still love your CG style, and I love the magical feeling from this ^^. +fav ^^

  24. phamthuha Mar 16, 2006

    tablet? I love it too ^_^ My Phill is also use it to draw her cool drawing ^_^ Add to my fav for sure >__<!
    And sweetie ^_^ You should add in CW banner as well XD
    See ya and good luck ;)

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