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This drawing is dedicated to a once special person. One that should have been drawn, done, dedicated and given long ago. I had this fully drawn for at least a week, but work kept me from getting a chance to scan and upload. This drawing is probably the first that has actual meaning, and the most depth in purpose.

For: Niki or Ne-san to me.

Note to you: This is, as said above, the drawing I never drew for you. You always wanted me to draw you "a" drawing so here it is. You don't have to comment.

The drawings background/story: Recently a good friend and myself have parted ways, and are not longer "friends". Many feelings, thoughts and differences exploded, and nether of us ever had a chance. The occurrence of this particular situation birthed the idea of this drawing. I decided to let it all go, and move on. But still felt some differences on the whole situation. I drew this picture to vent out all the "left overs" but more then that, to for fill a promise I had made many years ago, but never conceived the power or thought for it until now.

Details and Symbolism
-Why a stool? Because only one person can sit on it.
-The bottles represent memories.
-The bottles in the back represent "then", and the bottles in the front represent "now". As you can see, not many memories happen now then they did then. And they wont anymore.
-I think the bottles being fully shaded "then" demonstrate them being "full" or "true". And the bottles as they become closer are half shaded or "half full" represent memories that could have been better.
-Why do I have a shadow? Because it shows that in the end of it all, all I had left and kept was "myself" It could also show that everyone has an ugly "dark" side that maybe no one likes about you and will never tell you. Maybe that not even you know about. And that when its all over and done with, damage included you realize it or you don't.
-The bottles have full shadows because it shows they "could" have been full.
-Only one bottle remains under my chair because its the one I chose to keep. And that one I will not say.

Other information:

I used the usual 0.5 mechanical pencil on this one. Blending tortillions (sticks), and that's all. I wanted to try a different style with body shape and also shading, which a good example would be her shirt and legs. I sketched some lines close together and outlined around them. I've also never once drawn hands in that position, so if they are a bit iffy I'm sorry for that. I think they came out alright though. Overall enjoy to everyone.

Be honest from beginning to end. So you don't have to build your life and relationships from lies or mistrust. And never allow gaps to widen the times you share less and less. Be friends for who you are, and not what you do.


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  1. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Mar 14, 2006

    Maybe this is my favorite drawing for you, the details and meaning of each part of the art make it perfect,no complains about it actually.

  2. poogie67 Mar 14, 2006

    Lovely character; deep theme that is well presented; just a hint of anime feel in the hair and face...I love it. It feels very personal and real!

    1.) Her left foot appears just a smidge small or distorted.

    2.) The stool leans just a smidge to the left...hmm, this actually plays into an implied threat of smashing the last memory...though your text hints that it is saved there to protect it.
    Will it be destroyed or preserved? Only time will tell!

    Thank you for sharing Evan!

  3. Anjhurin Mar 15, 2006

    The battlefield is full of ghosts, the empty bottles lay wasted on the ground,
    Filled by the crying rain that falls inside your brain.
    You've got to drink all of them, no poison there, only bitter memories,
    Or happy moments, lost under the shadow of a stool.

    The echoes of your times spreaded around your feets,
    Slowly emptying, and fading far away, colliding the walls of a too full head.

    Ooops. Got carried away by that one ^_^'... Anyway that drawing sure has a lot of meaning, I must thank you for inspiring me.
    I really like the way you represented memories, though the fact is that i can't really tell the difference between the full and empty ones. I like the shapes of the bottles as well, some look like they've got the "radioactive" sign on them, making them dangerous to open.
    Also, the girl has this completely lost in thoughts eye, that fits the scene perfectly. Only thing is that the shadow might not exactly fit the girl.

    Great job

  4. sakura-fumo Mar 15, 2006

    im sorry for your lose this dedication shows your sorrow and i hoep you will be ok but still a very nice simple drawign to say goodbye

  5. foxzero Mar 15, 2006

    wow well i love tthe drawing it looks great to me and im sry for your lose anyways keep up the good work

  6. TheRavenIsUnSkill Mar 16, 2006

    I rememebr you showing me the finished product early, and I loved it :D Excellent job on the pose, her hair is great too. Im sorry about your friend, again :(

    +fav for me. Ill cya!

  7. pegassuss Mar 16, 2006

    Sad description of the image, but really inspiring. It's a really well accomplished drawing with great meaning for you, and it really shows you did your best. Everything looks really good, body proportions, the pose (which is not easy to draw), shading, foldings, depth ... I love the way you created depth through the bottles. Her hands seem fine to me, although maybe the wrist is a bit too big. Her hair is beautifully drawn and I see your new way of shading, it's different but it turned out pretty good in my opinion, and somehow fits the mood of this drawing. I think you did a very good job Evan-san! Sorry to hear about losing your friend, though =(

  8. acid-awakening Mar 17, 2006

    Sad Story.... happens often but to hear more info in it makes it sound sad
    Well now your promise is completed and so now you won't feel half bad am I right?
    anywayz... i think you have a really good idea in this pic
    really great originality in it.... beautiful
    treasure your memories, they will last for as long as you can treasure them

  9. Alisteroz Mar 17, 2006

    great drawing! I like it very much! :D

  10. GintheTwilightswords Mar 17, 2006

    (I'll risk being late to work to comment on this.)
    I read the whole header for the drawing, and I think I have a better understanding of something that happened, that I noticed on this person's gb. It may not be complete understanding, I but still.

    The drawing is a glorious and indepth piece of work, and it drew me in as soon as I saw and read the info for it. Anyway, the drawing is excellent~I really like the shading and emphasis you conveyed with certain aspects of the drawing, such as the bottles standing for different lengths of memory. And the shadow beneath the girl, an ominous sort of splendor there, along with the girl sitting, because it makes you wonder and think about what you mention: a growing grap on what should have been and what is not anymore. But honestly, does it have to end there? It can be fixed, you have to be willing to do so....

    Anyway, the only problems that I can see from the drawing is that the girl's bottom is alittle big, but probably from how her skirt was drawn, hehe ^_^. Same for the stool, but in all, that's all I can see wrong.

    It's a fantastic piece, and like you said, first of it's kind from you that has meaning. I hope your Ne-san enjoys, and I hope things get for both of you ^_^.

  11. Jormungand Mar 17, 2006

    Great drawing and great concept
    I really love the bottles' representation of memories
    and the drawing somehow shows the silent and sad mood
    I'm sorry to hear that, but anyhoo it's an amazing piece of work ^.~

  12. Revan Retired Moderator Mar 20, 2006

    When somenone pours such a degree of emotions into a drawing it trully becomes a piece of art... and you have done that. On this point you have developed your ideas through the bottles very effectively since it does transmit what you were trying to portray.

    The style change went great and it's good to see you continue to explore ways to espress, the traces are great and the shade you went for looks great. By the way, those bottles reminded me of the water bottles on RahXephon XD

    Your artwork has always been underapreciated I guess but at least I always get my treats when you upload something new ;)

  13. FlowerDog Mar 20, 2006

    Your techniques in drawing have always been great Evanrued. Without a doubt it is hard to let go of a relationship that holds a sentimental value. Your approach to capture that concept came out well. I listen to a lot of songs that have the theme of broken relationships and when I look at this work yours it does bring me memories of those songs. Which is sad but you are able to illustrate yourself in a unique way and in a position that I rarely see other characters being in. I am glad that you used this drawing as a self-healing tool to vent your emotions. Keep up the great hard work Evanrued. Also hope that all goes well for you. :)

  14. CrimsonShade Mar 21, 2006

    You tell me not to comment, but as a person who has truely admired your art from the beginning of our friendship, I must leave a comment anyway. I think the most intreging thing about this to me is the bottles and how you tagged them to memories. There is alot of them, but I think you need to add like... maybe 20 more. ^_^ I like the way she's posed sitting on the chair, kind of like she's waiting for something or pleased with herself. Plus, she's sitting the way K-Chan always sat.
    Thanks for the wonderful drawing. ^_^

  15. walkure245 Mar 28, 2006

    Nice symbolism. But I'm glad that you wrote the comment, it gives the drawing more depth. The soda bottles are a really wonderful idea. Soda comes in different bottles and flavors which is really good representation for memories. Her position is laxed and so is her clothes. I think you need a lil more dark shading in her "her right shirt arm". Leaving it like that makes her arm appear fat since clothes tend to have more contours. She's pretty but for someone who "lost" a friend, it doesn't seem to bother her. Her legs and shoes are really drawn well. This is really thought and nicely done. Good work~

  16. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Apr 12, 2006

    Hey Karinne, sorry it took so long to get back to your entries since i was busy with real life as usual. Anyway like i said before you have a real knack with making uber beautiful and simplistic and the symbolism always has that funny but sad aspect to it. Keep up the great work girl! ^__^

  17. flyindreams Apr 25, 2006

    Lovely, lovely drawing... The concept is wonderful and done beautifully, I really like the shading on the girl :) Her + the stool shadow feels a little too defined to me, but I think that's just me. Great work overall :)

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