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Hi there everyone ^_^ Such along time and now i am back :nya:
So now, for this wallie ^_^ I want to dedicate this to my beloved friend Semanga-san ^_^ I am sure everyone knows her and loves her as well so hope you all will like this small gift ^_^

Back to the wallie, it is the first galaxy wallie i make ^_^ So sure alot of difficulties i have to face up with :sweat: But sure i finish it right now ^_^ All the stuff here is my hand made, no copy, no borrowing brushes. So the effort is really high and i did try my best to bring out the wall as cool as possible....

About the wall"
Time to work: Extract and clean take me 2 days. Because the scan resolution and quality is too short... but now you can see it is more smooth ^_^ Effect and finishing time is about 13-15 hours ^_^.
Layers: I didn't count it and don't want to count ^_^ Maybe around 86 or so...
Things i put in:
- Planets: Hum... i tried to learn to make them so much that i totally learn by heart all the tutorials i got XD
- Stars : Hix... 5 hours working and it comes out like you can see... i don't know what else to say now :\
- Some bursting (or exploding...): So nice right :) I am so proud that i can make them come out quite nice... when, orange is my beloved choice ^_^
- Lightng flowers: I don't know why but at first, i want to make some lighting comes out from the girl, but finally it come out like fireflies so... i made them into flowers ^_^
- Some lighting circles around the girl: ^_^ I just realised how to make it and i feel so excited to make it come true ^_^ The technique? It a secret ;)
- The scan: well well, at last, i have to thank to an unknown scan ^_^ I am sure some of you know about the work from that scan before by a talent member (i don't remember....) and i love it too ^_^ So when i see the scan, i do love to make it and here it is ^_^ For the original one, you can see here:


Okay ^_^ Hope you all like this lovely one >__< I do love it too :nya:
And Semanga-san ^_^: hope you like it sweetie ^_^

Join us CW today:

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Ayaki
Wall: I Finally Found You
Reason: So sweet work ^_^ I do do love the way Ayaki-san creates out the bg ^_^.

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  1. enchantressinthedark Mar 11, 2006

    OMG Such a colourful wall! ^_^ I'm not sure our galaxy ish that beautiful XD

    I like how you added the swirls around the scan, adds a magical touch to the wall ^_^ Handmade brushes? Cool! You're really talented Phamthuha :nya:

    You could do better for the font though...its kinda bad -_-

    Keep it up and I'll highlight this work at DA ^^

  2. Milkiyo Mar 11, 2006

    the planets look a little..misplaced...somehow their postions are off..
    but pretty good for ur first galaxy wall xD very original..all handmade haha..no wonder it took up a lot of time >_< a bit cluttered in some places..the effects but the concept is zzzii-ok! pretty colours but they look darker compared to ur other works..sumthing diff once in a while :)

  3. WindAlchemist Mar 11, 2006

    WOW another absolutely amazing wall! every effect is great and i love the stars and effects on the scan. it all looks really cool and good job doing all of this without using any brushes or anything from anyone else ^_^
    i really like the planets, they look awesome!
    the text is really interesting too, not bad though.
    great job, your great at photoshop! O_O

  4. inREVERIEforever Mar 11, 2006

    Ah wow a beautiful wallpaper! All that hard work paid off thu ha-san! For the first time galaxy thing... it really looks like you did it so many times you actually perfected it. ^_~ Wonderful wallpaper and great effects. But one problem I have is with the font. Neh its a bit weird. But other than that, the wallie is very nice. Keep up the great work thu ha-san!

  5. Rhonda21 Mar 11, 2006

    Really well done for your first space wall! So many cool effects. Nice with those light circles around her. Well great work again. You learn really fast so I'm jealous. lol. I admire all your hard work as well.

  6. pana Mar 11, 2006

    nice effort Pham
    a bit too cluttered in places
    scan extracted nicely
    also i think the font doesnt suit this piece
    overall well done

  7. Dariath Mar 11, 2006

    Very pretty, and I like the color design of the character.

  8. darkseraphim Mar 11, 2006

    I really like it, especially the background! Keep up the good work!

  9. rubenz Mar 11, 2006

    its reallu 2 nice ^^ i love all ur wallie ^^ love the bg so much + fave

  10. strawberrt Mar 11, 2006

    oh, a very pretty wallpaper! i just love the galaxy effects in wallpapers. it looks gorgeous, but I think i've seen even more impressive walls of yours ^^ Anyways, keep it up!

  11. nolove Mar 11, 2006

    yay, 1st i have to say that this wall is so so beautiful sweetie ^__^. dark and light, so fabulous wallie XD. the planet is so wonderful ^__^, an exellent wall >_<. +fav for sure :(. oh sweetie i still have no inspiration :( *jealous* XP

  12. ShiXon Mar 11, 2006

    heehee beautiful ha-chan :D althooo the firey planets doesn't really go with the blue bg >,> the elements doesn't really go together but it's still a beautiful piece ha-chan :3

  13. rica-san Mar 11, 2006

    Another beautiful wall from you, Thuha-chan! XD You did it again! :nya: The wall is awsome, great, lovely, beautiful, enchatfull, mystical, & very well done^^ The character is very pretty & nice extract! I suggest you increase the outer-glow opacity & size^^ & add an inner glow! So she can "SHINE"..XD The swirls arround her is very lovely, but put an outer glow so it cold look "SHINING" & "FACINATING"... XD And some lines of the swirls are jagged.. '.' The starry bg is simply FACINATING! XD The stars are beautiful & the planets are so-soo cool! Especially the fire ones! But I think the fonts doesn't match with the wall. Try scripts^^ Awsome job! I'll definately add this to my favs! Keep up the awsome ork & hope to see another wall from you, Thuha-chan!

  14. Ayasal Mar 11, 2006

    wow O_O phamthuha-chan! yet another beautiful wall from you! I love the sharry sky and all the colorful colors are just fitting and beautiful!
    good job and its a fav from me! yay! *gives cake*

  15. Kelena Mar 11, 2006

    This is such a beautiful wall. All the work that you put into it definitely paid off. Not only is the image perfectly extracted, but she blends so well into the background. You can tell in so many walls that the character was added into it. However, yours is expertely blended in. The planets and exploding lights really make the wall come alive. It looks as if she's dancing in the galaxy. Great job! :)

  16. royaldarkness Mar 11, 2006

    this is very beautiful and colorful! love the background, it looks amazing ^.^

  17. MizuhofanFFX2se Mar 11, 2006

    Hi! Nice work *Sweet Angel*
    any way your new page base on this wall look great.:)
    see ya *Sweet Angel*

  18. Eimin Mar 11, 2006

    Those lighting flowers look really pretty. There's so many colors and so much to look at so I love it. The swirls around her fits in and the extraction/cleaning was worth two days 'cause the scan came out great ^-^

  19. kyubinaruto Mar 11, 2006

    Wai! <3 Something fantastic to upload in MR gallery again >.< What a coincidence, I was about to update MR now XD

  20. Osirisa Mar 11, 2006

    I like the lines around the girl....... I did very well ^__^ the space is good too though I can't think out where she's standing on -__- Love the text, too ^__^ very fit

  21. onestepclosertonumb Mar 11, 2006

    Wow such a nice wallie thuha-chan! Cool galaxy and the girl's so cute! Fav of course!

  22. zaira Mar 11, 2006

    wow! and again! very lovely wall! me want to know where did you gete those fireworks! i want it too! XD
    love the space looky bg! + the scan is soo cute! i like the color combos great job again pham-sama! +fav!

  23. littlejonny100 Retired Moderator Mar 11, 2006

    Absolutely spectacular, the way all the different lighting elements clash, it looks like you had a lot of fun making this one (probably a lot of frustration as well). It almost looks as if she's in a spacey garden. With this type of skill i'ld keep experimenting with different galaxy wallpapers, good luck on whatever your next work may be

  24. Sumomo- Mar 11, 2006

    So thua, your first space scene? :). The whole scene looks unrealistic and maybe you did not want it to be realistic?
    I like all the effects, but in this space scene, there is just too much.
    It looks very random, the planets.

    Great colors tho, nice cleaning the scan and good work on learning every tut by heart.
    Good work for your first space scene! :D

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