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hiii @ all ^_^

this is my miko wallpaper a made today >O< she is soooo cute. thiiis is my first wallpaper that i submit to mt. i hope ^_^ you like it all. this is for all my lovely friends out there i like you so muuuuchieee.

ne ne~ i would really love to her your thoughts and comments ^_^

edit: awwie thank you so muchie for all comments but this is not my first wallpaper , its the first that i submit into mt ^_^ i realized that some people made little mistakes

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  1. Aa-chan May 18, 2005

    The background and the female scan work nicely together. The work is very bright and the overall feel of the wall is pleasing.
    I like the fact that the character looks as if she's inbetween the grass rather than just behind it or slapped in front :) .

  2. Parallax May 18, 2005

    Nice and simple. Keep it up, chou. ^^

  3. miraku-spike May 18, 2005

    Wow!! What a really cool/ pretty wallpaper!! I really like the background of it also. The name even matches with the wallie too!! Great Job!!

  4. pamkips May 18, 2005

    oo wow this is sooooooo preety!! i really love it!! yep it's a definate fav!!
    *adds to favs*

  5. Hix May 18, 2005

    wow Really cool wallpapers I like the bg and scan is so sweet Great job + fav ^_^

  6. AngelKate May 18, 2005

    Wow! This is really good for your first wallie! Better than anything I could ever do! Great job! Keep it up! :)

  7. Kiako May 18, 2005

    great wallpaper
    the girl is very beautiful and the background is good too, it is very suiting for th egirl.
    hope to see more

  8. Acuni May 18, 2005

    nice wallpaper
    the girl is beautiful and the background fits i like the idea
    hope to see more

  9. toxictea23 May 18, 2005

    kyah.....its awesome...for some reason i've always loved those miko pics

  10. chibi-kyo May 18, 2005

    I don't think that it is so great, like the others said.
    The character needs more work, u should maybe concentrate more on the extraction, 'cause there are still some white parts.
    And I do not really like the font, thin kit does not fit so good either, and maybe u should have put some more things in the bg, looks too empty.
    But I'm looking forward for ur next submissions.

  11. ssgohan May 18, 2005

    nice wallpaper

    Quote by Aa-chanThe background and the female scan work nicely together.

    i agree with what Aa-chan said. the background looks great
    keep up the good work, addin it to my favs

  12. luckymouse May 18, 2005

    wow great work on that, it kinda has like a warm type welcome to it ^_^' ,annway keep up the good work hope to see more ;)

  13. hikarinotenshi May 18, 2005

    nice wallpaper chou! it's really good for a first. great job!

  14. Rella May 18, 2005

    Wow! Nice wallpaper! I really like the whole scene here. The scan looks really nice and the sky too! Great wallpaper! ^^

  15. mughi May 18, 2005

    This is your first? Wow, what a wallpaper. Could I dare to say that you practiced alot first before submitting this wall. I think it is that good. The background and characters fits very well. Your petal effect give an impression of light wind and the bird in the sky in different shape and angle is nice touch. Not like stiff formation flying I saw in some of other wallpaper. You're off to a running start if this is your standard. Thanks much for sharing your work here. :D

  16. dlzagnar May 18, 2005

    This is your first??? You got a real knack for this Photoshop thing. I love it +fave for me

  17. kilalamiko06 May 18, 2005

    This is such a cute wall!! And is so totally awesome to be your first!! Its very pretty and has a wonderful atmosphere to bring you good karma on this gift you have shared with us! I like the focus on the character, she's lovely, and the background really compliments her and makes her stand out in a 'portrait-focus' sense. The sky and the clouds look outstanding! Perfect wall for your grand interduction! :D Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful wall! :)

  18. MS0B9 May 19, 2005

    Owwww! Very nice wallie! I love the charcter. Very pertty! Adding to favs!

  19. zaira May 19, 2005

    sooo pwette the scan is soo pwettie!! and the bg is nice! but there are some things need to be removed but still a nice wallie!+fav!

  20. volrath77 May 19, 2005

    Beautifully done. Consider this one fav'ed. Good work.

  21. knightstar3 May 19, 2005

    i like! ^ - ^ the tree and the flower petals are all very pretty! =) fav* XD

  22. kyubinaruto May 19, 2005

    wow! It's so nice!!!!!!!!! ^^ Much much beta than mine! great JOB!

  23. pegassuss May 19, 2005

    Very beautiful! ^^ I think this is a lovely wallpaper.
    I like the composition and the scan is lovely.
    I like the bacground, the sky is pretty! ^^
    The only thing is the mountain. I think it could be improved.
    I think you did a great job! Keep it up! :D

  24. ProfMembrane May 19, 2005

    a perfect balance, the light the color , everything merges nicely in this wallpaper, a warm sunny day... makes me wanna go for a walk.

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