Naru Nanao Wallpaper: Lonely Night

Naru Nanao, Infantaria, Sofia Hiver Rallensia Wallpaper
Naru Nanao Mangaka Infantaria Visual Novel Sofia Hiver Rallensia Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


I'm pretty sure this is a Cherrysoft image....correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, yeah, this is my new wallie. ^_^ Its my attempt at making something darker lol. My walls are usually bright and happy, so I tried to make something a bit darker for once. I kinda like it. :) The image was a p.a.i.n. to extract. She has too much hair. >_< I hope it doesn't look too jagged lol. I had to redraw the right edge of her dress too, since it was cut off. I hope that doesn't look bad. I suck at redrawing stuff.

I hope the curtains look like curtains and the balcony looks like a balcony. I put little flowery things in the grass again to break it up and I like the look of them. I used the same grass brush I used in my other wallie since it looks more like real grass.

Lastly this is for Semanga-chan, since her wallies are awesome and she always supports my work. :)

Thanks to everyone who commented/faved my last wall, and of course they are appreciated here too. :)

And don't forget to full view! ;)

Ja ne~

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  1. Apopis Feb 24, 2006

    great pic congratulations

  2. Rhonda21 Feb 24, 2006

    Oh extracting images when their hair is like that is so hard! hehe. But I think you did it really good! Great background! I like the trees and the grass and the sky! So lovely. nice job too with the curtains and the balcony! Well all in all awesome work!

  3. nolove Feb 24, 2006

    Kate-san did a really wonderful job XD. the curtain is so lovely, nice scene behind too ^__^, think this is one of your best work Kate-san :D. keep it up ^o^

  4. semanga Feb 24, 2006

    T_T T_T T_T this is so wonderful
    so nice i dont know what i can say i am speechless
    no i can die T_T T_T T_T it is so wonderful and u make this for me
    i love love love it and it looks absolute perfect of course full view and fav
    u make my heart so beating faster and my face will not stop to getting red

    thank u again for this wonderful wall u are a great friend girl i never want miss you

  5. Limefreak Feb 24, 2006

    One of your best :D
    I LOVE IT.... XD

  6. Dream24 Feb 24, 2006

    Very well done! I can feel the loneliness come out of the wallpaper. The background has been put together very nicely and that scan must have took some time to extract cause of the hair. The smei-transparent curtains by the balconey are a nice touch. Lovely work! Keep it up and hope to see more from you!

  7. jtchen85 Feb 24, 2006

    Wow, it's very pretty. Interesting background design, it somehow fits quite well :)

  8. Spystreak Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2006

    It's kinda depressing to look at. She does look lonely and the BG just adds to that feeling. Dunno something about the night time mixed with the moon just creates a lonely feeling. BG is great really love the way the tree looks mixed with the moon. :shrugs: maybe I'm just wierd. As always nice job can't really see any faults with this one other then the stars seem a bit big

  9. knightstar3 Feb 24, 2006

    wow, this is soo beautiful! ^^ lovely dark wallie.
    she's very pretty and the bg is well done. nice job on the curtains and such, the grass, trees, and stars. :) don't worry about the extraction, it's fine , and nice work redrawing the dress too. XD
    you did an awesome job. keep it up! ;)

  10. benjaminchia Feb 24, 2006

    Indeed, the full-view looks impressive. Great work. The background merges very nicely with the character.

    Appreciate the effort put into this one. Two thumbs up!

  11. Machika Feb 24, 2006

    Wow....I don't know what to say. It's beautiful. The background looks so lonely but very beautiful. I love it. Fav from me >_<

  12. phamthuha Feb 24, 2006

    WONDERFUL! The scan is really heavenly chosen and you did an aweasome work to create out wonderful feeling like this OoO I love it sweetie and i am sure Semanga-san will love it too ^_^
    Fav from me and feature this one to CW ^_^ Thank you so much for your working hard sweetie >__<!

  13. rythem Feb 24, 2006

    argh .. 0.4 credits .. T_T lol

    one thing I admire of ur works is that ur extraction is always top-notch X) wonderful work on that ~ XD
    I apologize in advance if my comment is harsh ... >__<

    first ~ u could make the bg a more calmer looking , for the image is serene n has a look of sadness , maybe lessen the stars in the sky , there are so many BIG stars though .. o_O;

    the trees looks odd .. I know its VERY hard to draw trees .. but there are too many branches .. >_< the grass needs more depth . they are too of the same colour , curtains need more flowing effect , I mean , to make it look more lively .

    the font needs to be changed too , it looks disturbing .. use a neater font .
    but all in all , ur effort is admirable :) good luck in ur future walls ~ XD n so sorry again .. ;_;

  14. aqiaqua Feb 24, 2006

    oh wow, very beautiful! i have no idea who the girl in it is, but all i can say is good job! I wish my skill with photoshop (you use it, right?) was as good, and that i could redraw parts. I hope to see many more of your works!

  15. quantixar Feb 24, 2006

    Another wow. :) You really shine in wp making. There's one thing that I want to complain though. For me curtains looks a bit too plain. Sry ^^;
    Anyways great job as usual! :)

  16. upheaval325 Feb 24, 2006

    it's a nice wallpaper. nice scan and great night time background. great job!

  17. shinorei Feb 24, 2006

    o_o 0.4 credits? Wow, that's alot. But since you said to full view, "Hai, wakarimashita!".
    Yeah, I agree the amount of flying hair she has is ALOT. o_o Still, your extraction is amazing, and that's really good.

    One thing though, is the curtains. I noticed it by just looking at the thumbnail. They don't look solid enough. Perhaps it's made to look that way - transparent and all flimsy like that. But it just doesn't look right.

    Also, the balcony.. er, I don't know wether I have the right to.. but it doesn't look real. If I closely look at it, it's like.. very flat. Uhm, maybe you should improve on that. The trees doesn't look too bad from far away, and the leaves are like green painted dots. Looks really cool in some way. :D

    Keep up the good work, it's still a beautiful work of yours and thanks for sharing! ^_^

  18. Amru-chan Feb 24, 2006

    Wow, nice work again XD. Fav from me ^^

  19. tian82 Feb 24, 2006

    Nice wallpaper ! I love this ! The background look cool and and nice. The curtain and balcony look nice too. Great work on this.

  20. Sumomo- Feb 24, 2006

    Beautiful Wallpaper Angelkate, one of my favorites from you :)
    Really love the background you made, and the extraction is flawless!
    Excellent work Angelkate! :D

  21. enchantressinthedark Feb 24, 2006

    Another beautiful wallpaper AngelKate! ^^ This time, you've done an amazing job once more! The background ish very nice and calm! ^^ Keep it up!

  22. Emma Feb 24, 2006

    I won't forget to view in full view ^_^
    The extraction came out great! And OMG you are sooooooooo improving your skills. Unbelievable ^^
    Really like the curtains. Nice touch there. Interesting grass and trees. I like their color--so dark and blue. Isn't that the effect you wanted to achieve--darkness. Well, to me--it looked like you did! The only thing that is bugging me is this one blue blurry dot in the sky >_< LOL I just want to stamp it out ^_~
    Nice job, Angel!

  23. fawna-chan Feb 24, 2006

    Wow...you did a really nice job extracting the image and it doesn't seem too jagged. I like the curtains you added and the darker colors you used look nice. Keep it up with the dark wallies! :)

  24. WindAlchemist Feb 24, 2006

    WOW this is cool! first of all, excellant choice in scan! the scan looks beautiful in the background. the grass looks cool and the trees look nice. i dont really care for the stars though >.< but they look fine. i really like the idea of the curtains, that really gives you the feel of looking at the girl from inside! im not crazy about the moon....
    well good job! this one is great ^_^
    i'll have to see what other cool scans are in cherrysoft...

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