Da Capo Wallpaper: First Love

Naru Nanao, Circus (Studio), Da Capo, Kotori Shirakawa Wallpaper
Naru Nanao Mangaka Circus (Studio) Studio Da Capo Series,Visual Novel Kotori Shirakawa Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yeah! Done another wallpaper once again! Finally was able to find time to do it with the help of some friends! Made this wallpaper for Valentine's Day! So please full view it!

Ok~ I had loads of problem when doing this wallpaper. Firstly, I wanted to do a high resolution wallpaper for this at 1600x1200, but sadly, when I was doing it halfway, my hard drive didn't have enough space to run anymore and thus it hang there. >.< So I had to redo it once again but at a lower resolution and decided to revert to the usual 1024x768. Now to the wallpaper.

Used this scan of Kotori from the magazine scan that I posted some time back.

With some help from embershadow, she helped me merge the 2 scans together and vector it. I have to say, she really did a job well done for it.

Next up, I did the sky and added some stars and a huge moon on top. Did some bright effects to make it look nice. Then I did the snow on the ground which was quite tough for me.

Then for the first time, I did my own tree! Yeah! It didn't turn out well actually but after some help and pointers from Leena and SumpfFuch, I managed to blend it in. Also added snow in the tree to have the effect of snow falling on it!

Then drew a bench for Kotori to sit on and lastly, the snow! First time doing it also. At first I find it weird with the snow all over the place, but somehow managed to balance it. It doesn't look right the first time but I redid it and made it more fluffy liked, at the same time, not making it look like rain! Also added a slight glow to the snow to look nice.

Ok~ I also added trees at the background so that it doesn't feel empty. Also added some snowflakes to contrast.

Actually, I made it look like this because it reminds me of Kotori in the OP of DCSS. =)

Once again, I would like to thank embershadow, Leena and SumpfFuch for giving me pointers! Hope you guys love it and do add to favourites if you do!

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  1. Devildude Feb 14, 2006

    great tree, great girl...just that the background is not really my taste, but seeing how well this is made by hand and you, I must say you have came pretty far. I like the tree, it is really natural looking. great work on that. Overall is kinda plain, but simplistically nice.

  2. jtchen85 Feb 14, 2006

    Wow, very nice wall of Kotori :D

  3. zaira Feb 14, 2006

    wow! great collab i should say, nice tree! great texture!
    though as devi-sama said the bg is kinda plain just putting a snowy type bg then walla! + the snow falling around are too many try reducing it :D but overall great job on the tree! ehehe

  4. phamthuha Feb 14, 2006

    I got it ^_^ So this is your entry for the contest ^_^ Good work, Bj0rn-san >_<
    Fav from me and add to CW now ^_^

  5. WWLAOS Feb 14, 2006

    Hmm, I really like the tree. The sky looks good too. The ground is a little weird-looking, I think. It has more of a "desolate" feel to it when it should probably feel more "serene." The character scan looks really good, but the bench just doesn't look right. It doesn't fit the rest of the scenery, and it seems to be at an awkward angle. That's just me being more nitpicky than necessary, though. The wallpaper does look really nice, good job. Thanks for uploading it for us to enjoy.

  6. AnimeFan159 Feb 15, 2006

    woo hoo, love d.c., love Kotori go "First Love".
    i like what u did with bg. The snow there looks so much warmer then those of here...
    well, i think if you added more trees of different sizes, it would blend in the stick figure like trees, but dont get me wrong, i like the wall, it's just a suggestion.

  7. yukiz Feb 15, 2006

    Woo, nice wallpaper of Kotori
    and that is also a nice background suiting for the character

  8. Dearth Feb 15, 2006

    Im in states of amazement
    but..seems something admiss...
    don know how to say...

  9. ChopperDave Feb 15, 2006

    Very nice! I like this man! Much better then my walls! :)

  10. breakfast Feb 15, 2006

    pretty cool though the right side of the wallpaper still looks kinda plain might wanna have bigger trees there ? and maybe increase the opacity of the hearts lol but thats just me

  11. Kuro-kun15 Feb 15, 2006

    Aw its so cute. I think you should have made something more on the other side of her, it seems lonely over there. Maybe a snow covered bush or something. Also I think it should have a bit more light, maybe darken the hearts.

  12. Machika Feb 15, 2006

    What a wonderful background. It fits the scan perfectly. I really like it (winter is my favorite season) :D
    Fav from me!

  13. IzumiChan Feb 16, 2006

    Pretty ^.^
    Kotori looks very cute and you made a good work with the snow :)
    The trees on the back are so cute! >.<
    Anyway, great job! +fav

  14. rythem Feb 16, 2006

    the tree looks very nice , u've done a lovely work on that ^^
    overall I think the wall looks okay , maybe u needn't put the hearts .. it seems a little off .
    maybe add more depth on the bg , especially the trees . the rest is fine ~ great work on the wall ^^

  15. Sumomo- Feb 16, 2006

    Very cute wallpaper :)
    Love the snow scene behind her.
    Great job!

  16. Minervahime Feb 16, 2006

    Very Nice. It's like an anime christmas poscard or sumthing.
    But it seems Kotori pic and the background doesn't blend much. Kawaii Kotori! I like the trees and snows. You did it very well indeed. I really like winter scenes! and the sky, dat look like a milky way or something.. really2 NICE! I luv it! >.<

  17. enchantressinthedark Feb 18, 2006

    Wow...awesome bjOrn-san! ^^ I love the background! Very nice! Keep it up!

  18. LacusLover Feb 19, 2006

    This is perfect. I love this scan/vector of Kotori and the background is perfect with it.

  19. arwokid Feb 28, 2006

    damn this is good! =D

  20. tezuka11 May 26, 2009

    Nice work dood! Kotori is looking really good in this wallpaper... Thanks heaps!

  21. leopoldin Aug 29, 2009

    This picture was from anime? of game?

  22. kimmy114 Jul 07, 2010

    kawaiii ! she is so lovely ! <3<3<3<3

  23. cloudgigvery Jan 19, 2011

    Wow, kotori very nice thank you

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