Adumi Tohru Wallpaper: The Royal Prince of Captivity

Adumi Tohru Wallpaper
Adumi Tohru Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

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Well I finally made a new wallpaper again.. -__-; I am actually working on like.. 5 other walls at once.. *dies* and I haven't been able to keep my attention span up long enough to complete any of them! >_<; I think my brain died after I made my Wolf's Rain wallpaper.. -__-; lol Anyways onto the wallpaper part:

I saw this image when I was going on one of my random scan hunts and got an idea for it so I had to wall it. You know how it is ~_^ Anyways the background behind the image is an old stock image that I had from a long time ago. I edited to color and worked the image of the boy into it. Redrew some of the bars and then made them look like they were decaying. Edited the colors, etc etc.. And then used some brushes for the mist and the butterflies. Total hours was about 4 hours.. didn't take to long cause I knew what I wanted to do... not to mention I was in a hurry cause I still have homework to do and it's late here ^^; I know the background behind the boy is kinda blurry but I wanted it to look as if your looking through a lense almost and your focusing on him. I kept the title as The Royal Prince of Captivity because those were the words across the bottom of the scan and I liked them.. ^^;

Brushes from: Teku Teku

Also note: My site is down because the server went poof... so... I tried to contact my host but they haven't answered back yet.. so I might have lost everything.. ^^;;;; which would be bad.. *faints*

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  1. Machika Feb 13, 2006

    Wow....Really nice! I love the color theme.
    The scan is fabulous and I really like the tree behind the character.
    The scene looks like the guy is in prison (except there's no wall) :D
    Well, fav from me! >_<

  2. phamthuha Feb 13, 2006

    Very pretty idea ^_^ Look like the boy is waiting for his girlfriend ^_^
    I love it so of course +Fav ^_^ Good work !

  3. Kiako Feb 13, 2006

    wow the wallpaper looks very nice, i like the background, the scene is very good, the tree there and the chara fits in so well.
    keep it up

  4. sama-sama Feb 13, 2006

    greato! XD
    a beautifull wall ^^
    i realy love the art of azumi tohru-sensei... and try make teh same

  5. asan Feb 14, 2006

    i love the background...look nice..keep it up!

  6. acid-awakening Feb 15, 2006

    He's behind bars but behind the bars is a forest?
    Lolz... anywayz..... the background is Great
    Thanx for sharing

  7. Zefie Feb 16, 2006

    this looks very pretty :D like the green colour theme. tree looks wonderful, also the shadows and darker green tones which it creates are nice. lighting comes nicely :) it really looks like sun shining comes from between the leaves of the tree. scan of boy fits well and blends nicely to bg. bars also look nice and agree with Machika that he looks like he is in prison.
    great work ^_^ thank you for sharing !

  8. Emma Feb 16, 2006

    This is so pretty! Love the green ^^ And love how you did the backdrop. It looks like it is right out of a magical cartoon. Smart choice in the stock photo ^_^ Great job with blending it! I like the bars and I can even see how they are broken in some spots. Nice idea and putting it all together ^_^

  9. narutofan92 Mar 03, 2006

    oh, that makes me feel really sucky.
    I mean your working on five walls, and i'm still trying to get one done, and it's been like a month. *cries*

    Well, This wall turned out really great, the whole green tone really fits in with everything, and it's amazing because it looks like the character was initially in that scenery, as if he was drawn into it, and not put there, you know? ^_^'
    The effects on the bar turned out really well the rays of sunshine (which i'm not sure if you put them in yourself or not) really look nice, and the text looks really well placed as well, doesn't stand out too much but not too little either. ^_^

  10. ShootingStar1201 Dec 12, 2010

    the background is aweful
    thanks 4 sharing

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