Jeanne d'Arc (Sumiko Amakawa) Wallpaper: Jeanne D' Arc ~Miracle~

Sumiko Amakawa, Jeanne d'Arc (Sumiko Amakawa) Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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as you can see, its fairly simple wallie, but nothing I'm really proud of. >_< very simple effects and the idea isn't very oringal (over used sky and clouds)..... T.T

The chara. is Joan of Arc, I personaly scanned this image from my manga, Jeanne Darc by Sumiko Amakawa, but the bad thing was, is that the picture was pretty small, so I tried my best to clean it^^
I don't exepect this wall will get as much love as my other ones, but I still like it.
and sorry if you don't like the color. It was blue, but blue didn't go too well with the scan. >_<
Layers - 26+
thank you so much for viewing and if you have time,
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  1. Milkiyo Feb 12, 2006

    she has been forgiven! XD god accepts her! n.n
    this wall shows what innocence and purity is about! XD it may look simple for u but the effects is just right^^

  2. ShiXon Feb 12, 2006

    hyaaahhh i love the really dreamy effect on this wall >3< nyuuu , i love the orange color too since i make too much blue wallies >____< the clouds are beautiful and everything seems serene ~.~ good job aya-chan! <333

  3. Sumomo- Feb 12, 2006

    The composistion in the wallpaper is quite lovely, and so are the effects.
    Good job Ayasal :)

  4. mado Feb 12, 2006

    Quote by Milkiyoshe has been forgiven! XD god accepts her! n.n
    this wall shows what innocence and purity is about! XD it may look simple for u but the effects is just right^^

    totally true! the simple things in life are often the most beautiful and should be appreciated above many other things.

  5. jinhui Feb 12, 2006

    i really think orange is the color for this wall if it's blue it will be another feeling orange feel more warm for this wall well done your bg is really great

  6. fawna-chan Feb 12, 2006

    Love the colors and the light from above seems very otherworldly...simple and effective enough to show the idea of innocence and purity (like Milkiyo says). :D Nice scan too!

  7. AngelKate Feb 12, 2006

    XD I know this style is kind of cliche now but I am still a fan of it. ^_^ The color is really pretty! I'm sure this does look better than blue. The lighting in this is really well done too. ^_^ Good job Ayasal!

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 12, 2006

    Very nice! Love the scan and the textures are awesome! Great job!

  9. nolove Feb 12, 2006

    wonderful, i dont know if it's simple or not but the view is so so so amazing XD, all the clouds, the birds, sky >__<, everything comes awesome. very nice work >.<

  10. lunacrystal Feb 12, 2006

    The color is sooo pretty! I love the scan!

  11. Kenichi Feb 12, 2006

    i c heaven!
    nice light effect, it looks very nice. ^^

  12. MagicianFairy Feb 12, 2006

    love the bg >.<

  13. Amru-chan Feb 12, 2006

    So wonderful wallpaper XD. You always make me love your wallpaper XD. Awesome >___<, fav from me ^O^

  14. animefairy Feb 12, 2006

    Ooo...this wall is so birght and orange. It gives this wall more of a dreamy and sunny look! ^_^ Nice job, Ayasal-chan!

  15. phamthuha Feb 12, 2006

    PRETTY WORK, Ayasal OoO The scan is really wonderful, and the way you make bg is so wonderful too, sweetie ^_^
    i love it so of course +Fav ^_^
    Feature this wonderful work to CW too *dance*

  16. BlkLotus Feb 12, 2006

    this is very beautiful my friend wow keep it up it maybe simpple but it is still very well done

  17. Mario2 Feb 12, 2006

    This is amazing, Ayasal... Great wallpaper!

  18. RonWeasley Feb 12, 2006

    looks really good! awesome work!

  19. Emma Feb 12, 2006

    Personally, blue wouldn't work especially if you know the story of Joan of Arc. The oranges and yellows convey a Heavenly aura and represent the voice of the Lord in that way far better than blue would. And your backdrop of doves and clouds and the rays of light also convey that mood of spirituality. A very moving and powerful wall, indeed. Great job on setting and on the scan ^^

  20. Machika Feb 12, 2006

    This is great! The color is so cool. I don't like yellow but this wallie is really nice. Fav from me :)

  21. Arashi-san Feb 12, 2006

    what a nice wallpaper =) i like the colours and the feeling

  22. Kiako Feb 12, 2006

    nice wallpaper, i like the colors and all the effects, they look very pretty
    keep it up

  23. Saikusa Retired Moderator Feb 12, 2006

    Such a divine image! I loved this manga, and it's so good to see someone using such a beautiful image from it. She really is ascending up to the heavens to be with God. Beautiful! Just beautiful!

  24. dianas Feb 12, 2006

    i just have to agree with the others..the wallie is nice..and the concept is original ;)
    + fav from me for your work #smiles#

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