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"What the hell!? It's not a Bleach submission?!" That's right! It's Samurai Champloooooo!
I was browsing though a video store a few days ago, and I saw a Samurai Champloo DVD and it reminded me that this is one helluvan awesome anime.

Anywho, I know the title sucks and the bg is somewhat simple, but I honestly couldn't think of anything >.< Don't like the font? Too bad! I'm not going to waste my time for something that suits it.
I've been vectoring like crazy lately 'cause I'm out of ideas for walls :\

Time: I dunno. I'd say around 3-4 hours.

Brushes from deviantART. I think those were also from PAULW. I'd give you the link to his profile, but my God damned Firefox deleted all my bookmarks. Again. :angry:

I've added a Samurai Champloo section to ZCS too. It's not very big, but I've only just started ;)

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Chosen by EternalParadox and belmikry

very clean and the lines are outstanding- great work throughout

Proposed by EternalParadox and highlighted by belmikry.

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  1. Scarlet Jan 31, 2006

    That's some really clean vectoring... love it! And the bubbles look amazing!

    My only comment would be the text you incorporated. It just doesn't blend in with the image, somehow. As though it doesn't really belong here but is a piece of something else. But that's just my impression. Maybe I'm wrong.

    Overall, though, I love the simplicity of the wall. It's greatest beauty is in the impeccable execution.^^

    Great job!


  2. eclair-chan Feb 01, 2006

    MUGEN! I love mugen XD ,I love this wall! the roundy stuff again! @_@ I love those ,and I love the vectoring very nice!+favs

  3. nolove Feb 01, 2006

    the wall is simple yep, but the vector is awesome >__<, so adorable chloe-chan, almost perfect vector gru gru T__<, so great, surely i have to fav this one

  4. Milkiyo Feb 01, 2006

    what the hell is on with circles? :0 anyway, vector is all good here=fav

  5. paintmearainbow Feb 01, 2006

    I have never seen this anime/manga before but the characters seem interesting XD
    Anyway, your vectoring skills are really superb! This vector is just as good or even better than your other vectors :D Great job!

  6. kuchikidesert Feb 01, 2006

    whoaaaaa.. I like Samurai Champloo! >.< hahaha.. cool vectoring!

  7. pegassuss Feb 01, 2006

    Really nice vector! The lines are celan and nice and the clors and shadin is really well done. I really like the bubbles, you did a very good job ^^

  8. Rikkablurhound Feb 01, 2006

    Hey, If it wasnt the circles, I might not fav it... ^_^'
    lol... your vectors are great everytime...
    so, I dun really have ne thing to complain bout that...
    But I really love the circles there, Its so cool!
    Its a lil simple, but really great job^^

  9. uchiha-vegeta Feb 01, 2006

    nice bubbles , and the vextor is sooo amazing , must fav ^^

  10. darkpriestess69 Feb 01, 2006

    I love it! but what is with them and every one having somthing in there mouth... weard oh well i love it! you have good work so keep it up!

  11. trinigirl524 Feb 02, 2006

    haha bubbles again? but i can see why since jin is blowing through that straw thingy. anyways great job on the vectoring yet again! i dont see any jagged lines. keep it up ^^

  12. Machika Feb 02, 2006

    Wow... Another beautiful vector from you! I don't know much about this anime but I have a friend who loves it. Nice job Chloe-chan! :)

  13. acid-awakening Feb 02, 2006

    Nice bubbles
    How long did the bubbles take itself?
    Anywayz... another great wall
    But shouldn't smoke come out of it
    It is a pipe right?
    Anywayz... thanx for sharing

  14. Ephemeral-Garden Feb 02, 2006

    Another awesome vector! Gehehhe.. but that brush seems familiar.. I think I have that brush too. From DevArt right? >.< By the way, I have yet to watch Samurwai Champloo, but from some of the images I've seen, it does looks interesting... I can see all those hyperness in that guy in the middle... not sure if I'm wrong..

    But once again, awesome vector! >.<

  15. Rikimaru-jp Feb 02, 2006

    Great job Chloe-Chan ;) your vector looks really awesome! everything seems perfect in it!
    *adds it to his favorites*

  16. mutalisk123 Feb 03, 2006

    Nice vector. I like the linework. Just noticing that you have difference in the line thinesses. As for vectoring with the pen tool if you are using Illustrator only has a constant thickness and no tapering. I guess ill have to improvise.

  17. bluSake Retired Moderator Feb 03, 2006

    XP That has to be the best idea ever: Jin blowing vector bubbles. I love it!

  18. EternalParadox Retired Moderator Feb 05, 2006

    hehe, Mugen and that look of his. hehe

    The vector is very clean and skillfully done. And as mutalist123 said, the varying thickness of the lines is I think a very nice touch, and makes this different from many other vectors that have a constant thickness in the lines. Makes this stand out, I think.

    Good job! :)

  19. Alfonse Feb 05, 2006

    Kudos Chloe-chan. ^^ Kudos
    You've managed to get yet another highlighted wall.
    .::gives you huge cookie::. xD
    I see why this was highlighted. You've done great with the vectoring...(as usual)...and it's not a Bleach vector/wall.
    This is just original with the bg and all. And I like the idea with Jin blowing out bubbles, classic. ;)
    Great job as always. Keep up the fantastic work Chloe. Let's aim for another highlighted vector neh? xD j/k Don't push yourself too hard. ;)
    .::adds to favs::.

  20. Liz Feb 05, 2006

    Very cool! i Love their faces and i love the bubbles, but i have a suggestion some prince of tennis. But i love this its different keep up the great work

  21. Misato-Kun Feb 06, 2006

    OoOoOoOo....I love the simplicity you used on this wall! It's very clean and well...its just a great design. This is definately another add to my favs, good job and keep it up :D

  22. Redfalling4ever Feb 06, 2006

    Nice bg! these guyz rock! thanx 4 da wallie! =D


  23. yami87 Feb 06, 2006

    haha Mugan and his gangsta look, nice wall, keep up the good work

  24. mozgun Feb 06, 2006

    Samurai Champloo is the one of my favorites anime, and this wall a great present for me! thank you,Chloe-chan ;)

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