Air Wallpaper: Sorrowful Innocence

Hinoue Itaru, Key (Studio), Air, Misuzu Kamio Wallpaper
Hinoue Itaru Mangaka Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Misuzu Kamio Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yo minna-san! Watashi wa mada ikite! *squeals excitedly* This ish my second non-gundam seed/destiny wallpaper ^^ (LOL do I have to say that always? XP) Featuring the cute girl from Air, Misuzu Kamio! I had to make a wallpaper out of her... I rewatched some episodes of Air *sniff sniff* Itsh really sad and touching! Most touching and saddest anime I've ever seen yet! Poor Misuzu.... *cries*

Okay, enough bout my dramtic self ^^ Extraction probably took me ages to get it done. (Note to self - never extract Misuzu's hair again! :D LOL just kidding) Her hair was the MOST difficult part for me to extract. But its the most beautiful part of her character. Made me realize how grateful I am to the artists of Gundam Seed/Destiny cause they didn't draw such complicated character's hair ^^ Although it is tough, but I made it out alive! Havent I? Hohoho..... If there's any mistake about the extraction, please tell me ^^

Dedicating this lil' masterpiece of mine to my dear chatterbox friend at MT, Bubbles! *starts blowing bubbles* :nya: Hope ya like it everybody!

P/S All guestbook posts will be replied by tomorrow or later. Its almost midnight now...LOL

Here's the poem for the AIR group's wallpaper contest ^_^

In the lingering darkness, a light shines forth
Sending out a tiny ripple of hope
She laid there, blood dripping from her wounded wings
Everything she beheld in her gaze
Was everything she wanted to escape from
"That light is my radiant heart"
I'll fly towards it, one day
I'll fly towards it, with my broken wings.

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  1. phamthuha Nov 25, 2005

    OMG >_<! Your work is really pro now, sweetie ^_^ I really love the way you merge the scan and the stock imagine perfectly like that OX! Sure a fav for you, and i am ur fan now, sweetie ^_^

  2. AlterGhost Nov 25, 2005

    the wall looks flawless, and so does the extraction. You have really done some high-class work here, you definantly have skills for these sort of things. Everything looks flawless, great artwork.

  3. Emma Nov 25, 2005

    What an adorable wall for bbls! I wuv the scan! And the sunflowers are so bright and cheerful ^^ But I don't understand the title. I guess I should finish watching Air >_< The title is so sad and yet the wall is so happy. Beautiful work though!

  4. royaldarkness Nov 25, 2005

    wow, very nice wall! i love it :) very nice non-gundam seed wall made :D it'll be decorating my desktop ;)

  5. maihw Nov 25, 2005

    wad a cheerful wallpaper! it juz seems to brighten up my day juz by looking at it ^.^ Great work!

  6. CagalliYamato Nov 25, 2005

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeeeeeeee!


  7. strawberrt Nov 25, 2005

    wow, a very matching and pretty wall ^^ I dont know how you do it, you make wallpapers so fast and it turns out nicely!

  8. Cagalli22 Nov 25, 2005

    The girlie looks really pretty, but i dunno if she's sorrowful..lol
    anyway great job! :)

  9. Fire-Flies Nov 25, 2005

    awww...its pretty wall, the girl is so cute, and i love the sanflower field too..

  10. Liz Nov 25, 2005

    WOW its so pretty, love the scan and the background is soo beautiful!

  11. rubenz Nov 26, 2005

    very pretty ^^

  12. Milkiyo Nov 26, 2005

    hmm...nicely done lol..yup, I hate the extracting time too...waste most of my time lol..

  13. nolove Nov 26, 2005

    oh yay, another come out from you, san ><. Always beautiful much. She iz very nice and pretty much with her flowers ><. Have a fav for sure, I love all your wall, yay...><

  14. Yureika Nov 26, 2005

    awesome one echantress !
    soo sweet the girl and the bg ..
    *checking for the extraction....*still checking....
    great extraction ..cant see a mistake ...and yes i do agree with strawberrt
    u make a nice wallie in such a short period of time ...oo how i wonder...
    the bg is simple but it suit with the char who is holding a sunflower ...hehe
    great wallie ...^^

  15. Larxie Nov 26, 2005

    Wow. It is very, very, very beautiful! I love it. You have certainly improved a lot. I mean it. Adds to favs.

  16. Pisces Nov 26, 2005

    Wow Nice work ^ ^! The carecter very lovely and color background look relax.
    Thank for sharing.

  17. mizu-megami Nov 26, 2005

    ahh great wall^_^ i really love air. and.. you're not the only one who cried while watching it. and yes poor misuzu*snifs*
    any way i really love the scene of sunflowers. you've made this wall soo pretty. i will add it to my favs for sure^_^

  18. hongrboi Nov 26, 2005

    Wow, I think this is my favourite wall that you've made...other than the Stella one. I've checked out the extraction and it looks fine to me! The sunflower field is a very nice addition. The only mistake I would like to point out is that usually, sunflowers all face the same way...but it looks better this way anyways ^^

  19. xianghua Nov 26, 2005

    Woow what a nice wallie! The bg looks great and the scan is cute 2!
    Great work! +favs


  20. kagirinai Nov 27, 2005

    Wow from what you said enchantress, Air really seems like a good anime...and that cute girl in that wallie (yeah, it's a wonderful wallpaper XD) makes me wanna watch Air more >_<

    Now if only I could find somewhere to download Air...*goes off searching for links*

  21. lunacrystal Nov 27, 2005

    OMG! I love Misuzu! This is one of the awesomest Air wallies yet!

  22. Rikkablurhound Nov 29, 2005

    You Lucky duck... I so badly want to watch that anime... Damn.... -_-
    back to the wall...
    Extraction: Perfect, I bet it was hard....
    BG: Lovely, nothing to complain...
    Merging: Good...
    Scan:Good Quality
    This is one of your best one yet.... Good job
    +fav ^^

  23. chibi-lizard Nov 29, 2005

    whoa ! you're reallie getting very good XD feel so left out now >.<

    eto .. the extraction ish sugoi ! i don't see any mistakes :) so your hard work reallie paid off

    the sunflower field suits the scan very well too. eto .. maybe the horizon part ish kinda odd .. but it's not a big deal ^_^'

    and i wubbb your typesetting !~<3 good work on this overall :D

  24. bbls Nov 30, 2005

    waaaahhhh...do you mean me, enchantress?
    omigosh...i luv this wallie soooooo much...*squeeze hugs & kisses this wallie* XD
    oh man, you made me crack up in laughter from reading your comments about the hair! XD
    well, you did a superb job in the extraction, especially around the hair where it's so intricate!
    i also luv your sunflower background because it suits misuzu and the atmosphere of your wallie perfectly.
    and your text and sunflower of your title is so lovely and really adds a nice detail to the wallie.
    it's so refreshing to see text that really compliments the wallie instead of being a distraction.
    and this anime was like one of the saddest i've seen... T_T so it's wonderful to see her depicted in a more happy setting. :)
    thankies so much for thinking of me! :D

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