Air Wallpaper: Remember the summer

Key (Studio), Air, Misuzu Kamio, Sora (Air) Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Misuzu Kamio Character Sora (Air) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Long time since i deleted 98% of my gallery and left. Came back now with mt3 and hope stay. I didn't wanted to start walling. But i was bored and I needed a new desktop background. Since the scan i wanted was not walled, there was nothing more i could do then to wall.

It was kinda weired since I felt like a noob. In the end it is not a good wall. When i first started i thought it would not be much of work. Since the scan kinda looked good. But then i had to re-cg the hole scan, which was a pain in the ass.

I hope to learn more about walling and get some skills. Cause this shape now, totally suck. Anyway hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Tama-Neko Oct 26, 2005

    Not bad for not walling in nearly a quarter of a year. The scan is nice, although I think the crow (or raven?) should be darker, since they're really jet black IRL. And I've always loved your cloudwork. There seem to be a few too many crows in the background -- the flock is too dense, and they're also a little jaggedy around the edges. Wall texture is good although I think the very thin lighter outline on the top railing is a bit out of place.
    Also, there seems to be a sun reflection on the water, but no sun :O

  2. CagalliLover84 Oct 26, 2005

    Great looking wall... I really like it... Misuzu looks cute and its great that you put that bird in there... great job with the beach scene in the background

  3. meteorcloud Oct 26, 2005

    waah...wusch is getting back :D~! hmm...not a bad one....I like the clouds =D~! but I think there should be some clouds hanging over on the ocean....now it looks kinda wrong @_@".... and the horizon looks like a euh..line =O? hm....but the scan is indeed great=D~! nice nice keep it up wuwu~!

  4. w00tazn Oct 26, 2005

    «16:35:05» {%w00tazn} i love this wall
    «16:35:10» {%w00tazn} except hte bottom part
    «16:35:16» {%w00tazn} =/
    «16:35:31» {%w00tazn} the font.... the top of the wall, and the water sucks
    «16:35:36» {%w00tazn} everything else is great
    «16:35:53» {%w00tazn} you should've just left it as clouds
    «16:35:59» {%w00tazn} or if u were ambitious
    «16:36:05» {%w00tazn} added a city scape

  5. bromithia Retired Moderator Oct 26, 2005

    The wall thing looks alittle odd, but I still really like the scan you used. The textures look really nice also. Good job Wuschel.

  6. Milkiyo Oct 27, 2005

    so cute!
    it's pretty good but yeah, the sea's a bit stiff but other than that, pretty good^^

  7. carlosv172 Oct 27, 2005

    mizusu simplemente la mejor

  8. flyindreams Oct 27, 2005

    Like Tama mentioned, the jaggedy lines around the flying birds adds a strange painted effect... the crow could definitely be darker, and what's throwing me off about the wall are those two light-colored lines bordering the darker part of the wall. The carved text looks a little too disturbing for the calming atmosphere of the rest of the wall. I like the scan though... finally a wall with a Misuzu that actually LOOKS like Misuzu from the series. Much thanks for sharing *^.^*

  9. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2005

    Just add a overlay of texures to neautralize the whole wall and that could remove the jaggedy edges abit. Hey Wu, never knew you left cos im so out of place nowadays but yeah nice use of imagery, and as Tama has said the crow/raven needs to be darker.... anyway good job! :P

  10. euna Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2005

    ooh. wb wus.
    nice comeback wall i'd say ^^
    btw how on earth did you do the clouds? O_O
    i gotta learn to do that!
    it's a pretty wall <3
    we need more scenic walls here. the grunge has taken over xD
    the birds look too sharp. maybe you could have a look at that when you're not busy =D
    but great wallie. nice job! i'll look forward to more of your walls!

  11. lilm Oct 27, 2005

    i love that scan u used
    so nice and different from other AIR wallpapers
    nice bg as well
    wish i can add 2 favs?
    i dunnoz if i can add 2 favs lol
    so not used to MT3 ><

  12. Daisuke-san Oct 27, 2005

    hum quite nice but i think you can work a little on the sea
    but the composition is good keep it up ;)

  13. owa Oct 27, 2005

    very clean ;)

  14. Electrastar Oct 27, 2005

    The only thing I don't like about it is the "Air" you wrote in the wall...other than that it looks wonderful, I love that picture of Misuzu.

  15. bromithia Retired Moderator Oct 28, 2005

    The only thing I find odd is... the sun light on the water but no sun.

  16. jinhui Oct 28, 2005

    wow great wall i jus tot the black birds in the air look abit strange

  17. zaira Oct 28, 2005

    wow! its been a long time wu-sama! well its my first to write here in the
    gb of MT3.... well the scan is pwettie and cute! and the water is totally
    cool! i love the sky and the looky beach scenery! the birds are cool!
    i love them but maybe you overdo them and the color should be more
    realisitic but that's my opinion....+fav! XD

  18. KorganoS Oct 29, 2005

    wuchan, you know we all love you.. :D
    and this wall is beautiful...
    simple, of course,... but you haven't lost your touch of color picking and compositing.
    The blue tones are relaxing, how a sea breeze would certainly be...
    and the march of the birds in the far distance is cleverly matched by her pose holding Sora ontop of her hands.
    A bit too crowded birds' flock, maybe,... and it can use a bit of perspective on the wall,.. but nevertheless it's a wonderful piece, and oh, I can use a desktop wallpaper change this week :)

  19. chibi-kyo Oct 30, 2005

    Was mir am meisten an deinem Wall gefaellt ist das Wasser und der Himmel. Die Mauer sieht auch noch ganz cool aus, dafuer dass du null Ahnung hattest wie du die machen solltest, nur irgendwie sind da viel zu viele Voegel und die sehen auch noch ziemllich merkwuerdig aus O_o Chara sieht hingegen wieder cool aus~
    Nich schlagen <.<

  20. Zoamel Oct 30, 2005

    I like the birds in the sky. Perhaps there are some birds to much but better as no birds ;)
    The sea is very beautyful and the colours are a real miracle. Only the wall is a little bit to plastically. It's not looking natural.
    Aber was stoert mich die Mauer, wenn ich das schoene Meer und den schoenen Charakter habe ;)
    Gruesse aus NRW :)

  21. Val3f0r Oct 30, 2005

    You're back wuschel :D

    For the wall... I really like your work on the cloud...you did use a really good scan and pretty fit with the background (Tama mentioned it about the water that there is no sun for the reflection :D, but still its pretty), and indeed like others mentioned, the crow on her hand is a bit weird for the colour on the middle body... and few birds on the background would be better :D and the text "Air" perhaps a different type of font? and extraction on the scan is very clean and smooth...

    Great work.... please keep up your walling :D looking forward more of your wall...

  22. Marken Nov 05, 2005

    Very cute wall ! I love this picture of Misuzu. :)

  23. edyim Nov 21, 2005

    Misuzu! Why did she cut her hair. :(

  24. aiguan Nov 22, 2005

    so cute!

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