Yuji Kobayashi Wallpaper: Reminiscing

Yuji Kobayashi Wallpaper
Yuji Kobayashi Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hey minnasan! ^-^ another wallie. :nya:
i really liked this scan when i saw it (on MT), so i walled it. :) pretty simple
it really reminded me of this summer when i hanged out with my cousin and her friend. we had such a blast. XD it was a very memorable summer.
so, first time i dedicated a wall to someone. for this wall, i dedicate it to my cousin and her friend. XD
i hope everyone likes. thanx for viewing anyways. all comments welcome. ^^

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  1. janicehamtaro Nov 20, 2005

    This is one nice wallpaper....they look so happy! Happy!

  2. zaira Nov 20, 2005

    wow! i love the scan! the bg is soooo nice too! the sunset look really fits the scan! + the butterflies is soo cute! though too many still a pwettie wall! XD

  3. phamthuha Nov 20, 2005

    The color is amazing ^_^ Though the buttefly there bother me @__@ but this is still very nice. Love the sky, sweetie ^_^
    *fav* and featured!

  4. tareren Nov 20, 2005

    There are way tooooo many butterflies and I think the comets (or whatever they are) shouldnt be there...
    But the colors is awesome, and I think the floating island thingy is cool :D keep up the good work ;)

  5. indigo Nov 20, 2005


  6. Pisces Nov 20, 2005

    Nice wallpaper ^ ^ I like sunset background and carecter.
    Thank for sharing.

  7. Milkiyo Nov 20, 2005

    well, first of all..too many butterflies and isn't meteors supposed to be facing downwards?
    Are u feeling high when you're doing this wall? no offense lol..but this wall seems way too hyper and happy

  8. Ryoutou Nov 20, 2005

    I like it~

  9. nolove Nov 20, 2005

    ho yay, sweet and nice wallpaper :D, really great. Very very good wall XD. Fav from me now ^^

  10. rythem Nov 20, 2005

    @_@! I think the butterflies r too many .. if I were there I would be irritated with those flying insects XD lol

    anyways~ the wall is not so bad.. nice concept n colours .. but there r too many different elements n the wall looks so busy .. very decent extraction on the scan though ^_^

    overall it could do more work but nice wall anyways` :D

  11. bbls Nov 20, 2005

    i really get a warm, fuzzy feeling looking at your wallie!
    the autumny, warm colors of your sky and choice of scan truly create a nice, happy atmosphere.
    but i feel like the comets are out of place, and maybe it would be nice with less butterflies?
    i also thought that the floating island was a very interesting and fun touch to your wallie!
    overall, your wallie is quite lovely and conveys such a nice feeling!

  12. Sandra Nov 20, 2005

    Wow this is a good one.But need some work , i think that you cut girl's hand :P A small mistake i guess ^_^ And there are too many butterflies ! But overall is a good one.I luv the clouds....nice job !

  13. Angel-on-Dragon Nov 20, 2005

    Wow, what a beautiful wallpaper. The bg looks really stunning. I just think there are a bit too many butterflies...
    Anyway, thanks for sharing *adds to fav*

  14. AngelKate Nov 20, 2005

    Ohh, very pretty! I think I saw someone else wall this scan too. Its so cute! I love all the details. The butterflies are really pretty, and so is the sky. It reminds me of summer. ^_^ Nice job!

  15. Zoamel Nov 20, 2005

    Simply fantastic! The floating island, the butterflies and the warm colours. You made everthing right! ;)

  16. Rhonda21 Nov 20, 2005

    Wow so many butterflies. Anyways this is really cute and pretty. Very Nicely Done!

  17. Acuni Nov 20, 2005

    not bad
    i like the scenary but the red there is to red it sould have more orange and yellow tones in there and the butterflys are not fiting that well

  18. volrath77 Nov 21, 2005

    A very beautiful piece of work you've got here. All in all, it's excellent although i foresee that some may think that the big butterfly behind the title may be a bit distracting and throws some of the ambience out.

    As for the little butterflies, perhaps you might want to have them cast shadows on the wall? Just a suggestion tho' & just a bonus oevr and above what you've done here.

    Yeah, great job. Keep it up.

  19. gilion Nov 21, 2005

    Oh My! Another masterpiece! Hey dude, another fantastic work! Great background, wonderful colours, excellent composition... What else to say? You'll leave me breathless... (The island in the sky is from Laputa, right?) :-)
    Magna cum Laude.

  20. kal91 Nov 21, 2005

    Nice wall, I especially like the 'path' of butterflies. It's very appropriate for setting the theme of reminiscing. I do not understand what the 3 streaks of light in the upper left though. Care to enlighten me?

  21. Akira-san Nov 22, 2005

    The sky is just perfect! The wall, perferct too... The flying thing in the background is weird, and the butterflies don't fits the wall, you should remove then.
    Hmm, the whole wall is really beautiful... wanna fav it ^^
    Ah this scan is being so popular, it's the third wall I see with it xD

  22. Sumomo- Nov 23, 2005

    Very pretty! I like the feeling of in the air with butterflies fluttering about like that.
    Keep up the great work :D

  23. Emma Nov 24, 2005

    Sorry for the late reply on such a beautiful wallie *blushes*
    Love the powerful expression of the sky with its clouds and colors ^^
    And the scan is so cheerful...reminiscing... LOL
    I can recall some memorable summers *daydreams* And I admit this wall reflects those feelings so well *giggles*

  24. walkure245 Nov 25, 2005

    This is so pretty~ XD It does really have that reminiscint feel of later summer. The clouds are really nicely done but I think they are a lil strong. Lighting them up a bit would take down the contrast. Also, I'm not too sure about the shooting white things. Other than that, the scan fits perfectly with your bg and everything has a nice coloring to it. The butterflies are really pretty and shows how summer is fleeting. A really warm piece. Nice work~

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