Yuji Kobayashi Wallpaper: Standing in the Rain

Yuji Kobayashi, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rei Ayanami, Doujinshi Wallpaper
Yuji Kobayashi Mangaka Neon Genesis Evangelion Series Rei Ayanami Character Doujinshi Source

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Another wallpaper by me! XD Yeah.. this wall was another experiment.. >_>; I'm not sure what to think of it either.. .__.; I like it but don't.. >_>; lmao Anyways I got the image from Anime Layer and I wanted to try a different style of walling.. soo.. it turned out like this. XP I made most of everything in the wall except the trees and ruins/building in the bg (they were stock). Enjoy. ^^ Also please view in full mood because it will most likely look betta.

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  1. Naota85 Jul 22, 2005

    Love light blue so im kinda biest but yea i like this one :D . loving your avatar also btw where did you get that avatar or did you make it?

  2. volrath77 Jul 22, 2005

    Well, Leaf...truth to say, I don't what to make of this either but I think I like it. I don't know why but yeah, I like it. Cool. :)

  3. fawna-chan Jul 22, 2005

    wow, it looks really cool, as in icy. it reminds me of that. the colors look really nice. keep it up with the good experiments! :)

  4. mughi Jul 22, 2005

    I like this. I'm not a waller so I can't give you techical critique but I like what I see here. Looking at downloaded picture shows much better details than thumbnail picture. I'll bet you learned something new by experimenting with this one, right? :)

    Thanks much for showing us your work.

  5. b3nitora Jul 22, 2005

    Oooo I really like this one! I love the white trees, it reminds me of Sin City. I call that chic. ^____________^

  6. comprogrammer Jul 22, 2005

    by the way i think that is rea iyanami off of neon genesis evangelion

  7. narutofan92 Jul 22, 2005

    She looks like Rei Ayanami...
    Anyways, I don't know why your so confused. This wall is damn awesome!
    (better than anything i've done as well. XD)
    It's downright beautiful, and it definitely deserves some more recognition. I don't understand MT anymore. -_-'
    Well, I don't know what else to say (speachless at walls beauty) but I hope to see you around Mt more and to see more walls from you again. ^_^

  8. AngelKate Jul 22, 2005

    Whoa...this is really cool! I love the blue color, and the white tree contrast looks really cool too. :) Awesome wallie. ^_^

  9. chomisia666 Jul 22, 2005

    This wallie is a piece of good work :) , realy Kawaii scan, and back ground looks alco nice.
    Keep working =^._._.^=

  10. asan Jul 22, 2005

    Good jod Leaf ... blue colour as this background is nice and cool !!!! see ya!

  11. tenchigirl15 Jul 22, 2005

    oooo!! verry nice colors on this wall! it reminds me like an ice storm ;) great job *claps* :D

  12. SuspendedReality Jul 22, 2005

    Whoot!!! *throws confetti* -^_^- I'm soooooo happy that you submitted this one!!! And see, everyone loves it XP

  13. jacadcaps Jul 22, 2005

    Outstanding work! The background and colors in general are awsome. This blue/gray fits Rei perfectly.

  14. sylvacoer Jul 22, 2005

    Hm, interesting... normally rain walls would be dark and gloomy, but this is... very bright and gloomy. (O_o) Coooool...

  15. skrim Jul 23, 2005

    the style is eerie, i like it alot, specially the way the rain looks ... it looks like a wet background and all the color is going to be washed away ... beautiful

  16. Yina Jul 23, 2005

    noo.. I've deleted what I've written.. ;__; buuh.. T_T nyaa.. okay.. here my comment again:

    I love the atmosphere and the whole scenery.. XD and those blue colours look great.. but are those clouds over the bulding?? o__o.. and I would put the font to another place.. but nonetheless great job, +fav ^^

  17. Ayamael Jul 24, 2005

    woah, impressive how much that girl looks like Rei from NGE o_O

    oh well, the wall is pretty, the colours in the bg suit the scan really well, and the bg has this kind of poetic sad feeling to it that just matches the scan so well and the white trees just strike out, it's really nice, good job Leaf!

  18. heavens-Dragon Jul 25, 2005

    Wowies, looks really great! The wallpaper gives off the feelings of surrealism because of the grass and the trees. The buildings in the back really looks good! Great colours! The rain looks alittle off but it still well done. Nice fog! Awesome work! Keep it up!

  19. flyindreams Jul 26, 2005

    Nice. The white trees and blue grass/plants makes for a very unique yet slightly disturbing look. I like how the rain looks. I would agree with YuunaChan that the words would probably look better somewhere else (maybe a little closer to the side or bottom...) Nonetheless, a very interesting wall... ^.^

  20. Zefie Jul 28, 2005

    really nice looking raining wall ^_^ rain is really great and bg looks good when it's not so dark. really like the different light blue colours on it, gives nicely little cold and sad theme. scan of the girl fits nicely with bg, ruins in the back looks really pretty. white trees looks cool. good job :) thanks for sharing !

  21. Rikimaru-jp Aug 02, 2005

    Nice wallpaper it's really a masterpiece cause the background is amazing and the cjaracter fits so well with it!!! you did a great job!!!
    check my latest wallie: Water Balloons

  22. 00painfulbliss00 Sep 15, 2005

    This wally is great!! ^_^ The only thing I think of is that I just HATE that style of hair, but it's not your fault it's the scan's. XP but anyways the wall is absolutely stunning! The bg and that girl are perfect together!! I love it! Faves! ^_^

  23. pchan Sep 15, 2005

    Very nice. I like the white-out effect on the trees and the ground. Gives it an otherworldly feel.

  24. Crimson-Flame Sep 24, 2005

    Illness! I really like how the color blue looks in this very charming if you ask me.

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