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@_@ err okay the deadline for this Bleach group contest is really near so it's time to submit it ~_~
i had problems with my scanner so i couldn't scan my doujin >_> instead i had to snap a photo of my drawing, upload it, re-line it & re-CG in photoshop. it took me around 3-4 days , on and off. i dont know what makes me busy going online, i just don't seem to have the time to finish it off quickly T_T anyways this girl's name is Koshiyoki Miyu (Yumi-Miyu, +_+ it's like the opposite..)

-story story story (im seriously bad at this but oh well here goes)-

miyu's a young lady which has the desire to fight through her life. her mother and little siblings died when she was only nine, except her father, which assasinated them. her father was somehow a hot tempered person, and he is involved with the soul society. he murdered his whole family because it was an order from his very cruel and evil master/trainer (he's stupid so he killed his one and only family). fortunately miyu was lucky enough to escape from being killed by her father. miyu will not forget the incident which happened during her childhood, it was painful to see her family leave the world in such a tragical way.
anyhow, miyu has been taking up training and so on, blablabla.after the years passed by, she became a shinigami! i've no idea how she ended up being a shinigami though.. *cannot think of anything else T__T* her goal is to take revenge on her father, miyu cannot forgive him for what he has done. miyu's zanpakuto's name is Kaze. O_o her sword's ability? more to the wind element, she is still trying to acheive her bankai which will probably take her another 3 years. Miyu is a hardworking, kind and friendly girl, everyone likes her for who she is.

and that is all :X.. i'm not good at this so, *gomen* ~_~ i've not come up with her abilities/background story, i spontaneously typed these out >_>;...

XD anyways hope ya'll like it. err yeah her shinigami clothing looks a little different ^_^ short skirt, XD;;.. and the leg warmer thing. *faints*

comments and critiques please >_< ! *skips away*

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  1. iiwa Nov 17, 2005

    cool drawing yumi-chan!
    Miyu (yep, just like the opposite of Yumi XP) has a great pose and the tones are wonderfully done.
    I like her shinigami clothing and her sword haha...
    nice one...keep up the great talent yumi! :D

  2. enchantressinthedark Nov 17, 2005

    Heyhey Yumi-chan!

    Nice doujinshi! The drawing is really lovely and I like her pose! I can't do doujinshis and vectors in my life! Hohoho...Great job!

  3. luckymouse Nov 17, 2005

    cool doesnt even begn to descibe this draing,its more like amazing,such detail to,(drools) O_O, ilike it lotss ^^,mus t add to favvvvv ^_-

  4. gundragon Nov 17, 2005

    It a nice drawing ^_^
    It looks great but it could use something more but that just me
    Anyway it's good

  5. Yina Nov 18, 2005

    fuifui.. XD yumi-chan drew this one for the contest yeah.. >___<
    her zanpaktou looks great and it's a girl.. XD
    her kimono is really pretty.. ^^ overall nice drawing =3

  6. flamealchimist Nov 18, 2005

    it's awsome i love it you can draw so good! ^_^

  7. Valary Nov 19, 2005

    Ohh nice, she looks very good and she's cute :) Good job

  8. shinorei Nov 19, 2005

    I like her sword, and the clothes are done creatively. The weird thing is, her foot is kind of rectangalized, not "feet-like" enough. Sort of rigid, I think. <-< Nice art, though. :)

  9. Chizuku Nov 19, 2005

    weeeee... really nice doujinshi... n_n The shades are amazing... and I like the emotion she has on her face... nice nice~! n_n Keep it up!

    Na-chan [Chizuku]

  10. Sora147 Nov 20, 2005

    You draw way too nice T_T
    Damn it, you better teach me some drawing skills when we meet up after my exams XD

  11. frozenwilderness Nov 20, 2005

    very nice, lovely toning you've done there. Great pose and expression, nice work :)

  12. Frosty Nov 21, 2005

    hey, that looks pretty cool.
    it looks really clean and its very well drawn. ^_~
    I love the way it looks but hmm.. what happens with the other leg. LOL.
    anyways, its really nice little yumi. ;)
    keep up the nice work.
    *9.3 and Grade AA* for a awesome good work! ^_^'

  13. Devildude Dec 04, 2005

    best one among them all i say, go for the win! fav!

  14. auraderecca Aug 10, 2006

    Cool drawing. The katana suits her giving that girlie yet 'don't mess with me' feel. Great job!

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