RahXephon Wallpaper: Sanctio Requietum

BONES, RahXephon, Ayato Kamina, Quon Kisaragi Wallpaper
BONES Studio RahXephon Series Ayato Kamina Character Quon Kisaragi Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

collab between:
Kalico: http://pixelatedgraffiti.animationalliance.net
Dhias: http://Dhias.animepaper.net

so, today i present to you, a collab between me and dhias! between me and my new found compositional skills, and dhias' awesome smudging, and my other weird obsession with textures, we have for you a rahXephon wall.
A lot of work went into this one, but the thing about it i personally like the most is the amount of depth it has.
to start, we picked out a scan. dhias smudged and recolored all of ayato and quan, as wella s all the rocks around it, and then there was water added.
it came to me, where i textured, tweaked, and added foreground elements, like rocks and tree branches to fix the scale and add depth. added some light streaks and starte don the text.
back to dhias it went where the ligh went under some changes, as did the text a nd a few other minor issues.
back to me for some final tweaks and effects, text and signature.
now, here it is. the rahXephon wall we worked so hard on.
restricted color pallete, parallel composition, and prettyness.
we hope you enjoy it, because we worked really hard on it.

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Browse RahXephon Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Sunira Oct 21, 2005

    Oh OH first comment and fav!! Like I said before, super awesome wallpaper mainly because you executed the cave scene so beautifully. The hanging mosslike structures and the general lighting is impeccable! :)

  2. jinhui Oct 21, 2005

    u know wat my first word upon seeing this wall was wow really wow

  3. Erinecera Oct 21, 2005

    This one's really great. The kind of things that you wouldn't want to wall on your desktop, but you would rather print out and wall in a real wall. It also has this holy aura in it. Thanks for sharing such a masterpiece!

  4. rocknroll-isgo Oct 21, 2005

    Ah yes, it's finally complete. Dhias had shown be a few peeks at this while the two of you were working on it; and WOW what a team you two make. She did an amazing job with the blending/smudging and your attention to detail never ceases to amaze me. The depth and perspectives are excellent.

    So basically to sum it up: oMG!!1 dis wallie roXorZ! lol!!11! fav!!1! ^^

  5. jocelyn08 Oct 21, 2005

    I saw this in AP awhile ago..and i was stunned by the beautiful-ness of this wallie..
    now..see it in MT..and stun again xDD
    + fav~~~

  6. Nighteyes Oct 21, 2005

    Very nice job, I love it...

    The only thing I would change would be taking those branches away...or at least make them less blurry..

    Other than that, the wallpaper is of the best Rahxephon walls I've seen ^^


  7. phamthuha Oct 21, 2005

    Oh my god!! You bring to another wall right in your wall >_< Really impressive work, you design the bg like it is real !!! I will have to learn tons of things from you >_< Fav+!

  8. Lenne Oct 21, 2005

    I must say dhias made an great smudging work.And you did excellent work to.I love it,it's unique and special...Great job people! ;)

  9. Nyuu-chan Oct 21, 2005

    Excellent! You made incerdible background for this wall! Great work! Thanks for sharing!

  10. ayaki Oct 21, 2005

    omg omg omg omg..... it looks too...too...amazing....
    the recoloring is done superbly.....looking @ the original scan....just craziness...
    i especially love the branches...u make me kinda look like i'm peeping at them from somewhere...
    a masterpiece from u too, Kalico & Dhias...super great job.

  11. Revan Retired Moderator Oct 21, 2005

    The hole blending of this in this composition is what amazes me the most :o this has got to be one of the most impressive works I've seen so far... I mean, the smudging, the lights, the rocks, the braches, everything about this wall is nothing less than supperb ;)

  12. lthnadml Oct 21, 2005

    Amazing work! Everythink is excellent the effects, the rocks, the braches . . . of the most excellent walls I've seen . . .
    Thank you for sharing it. XD XD XD

  13. Cress Oct 22, 2005

    gorgeous! very much breath-taking... i love the rays of light the most, i think, although even then, it's hard to choose what i love the most...

  14. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Oct 22, 2005

    It has this certain aura of loveliness and ambiguity of light and love i think but hey im digging the smudging, and cool title text on the wall. Nice collaboration of you and Dhias and beautiful job as always! :P

  15. Sanzosgirl19 Oct 23, 2005

    Wow this is wonderful. I saw it on AP and couldn't believe my eyes. It has so much detail and emotion I'm just blown away. It's so sad. It has much power and is a real treat to the eyes. I'm a big fan of your walls I love Delicate Paradise and your Loveless one also. You have amazing talent. A+ thanks so fmuch for shareing it keep op the mindblowing work. And a fav. (*^_^*)

  16. Yina Oct 23, 2005

    it really doesn't look like a wallie.. o___o it's a perfect piece of art.. i dunno what to say.. it just looks perfect.. XD +fav *___*

  17. Rex Oct 24, 2005

    oh my
    haven't seen something this artistic in a while

    love how'd everything is blended in such a way that it looks like a whole. nothing seem out of place, and its really fitting for rahxephon

    and gotta love those light effects

  18. dreamers Nov 01, 2005

    this is a great artistic wall. feels kinda eerie, but inviting. nice.

  19. PhoenixNox Nov 25, 2005

    ive seen this before but for whatever reason i didn't comment or fav... but its great+rahxephon is special

  20. ShiXon Dec 06, 2005

    I've seen this one on AP and it was breathtaking, you two did an excellent job and I have no complaints about this wall. I've seen the original scan too and it will never occured to me to wall it to something like this and this wall needs more love from all you guys <3 The little waterfall like thingy is a really nice touch and don't forget to mention that lights coming from the water too! A definite fav.

  21. siete Dec 08, 2005

    Beautiful wallpaper! thanks!

  22. lampard Dec 27, 2005


  23. Himmelssturm Dec 30, 2005

    It's so cool =D thanks alot ^_^ It's my lovely favorite xD and my actually wallpaper =D (it will stay for a long time x3)

  24. adventchildvii Jan 06, 2006

    Damn what a piece of briliance, love the great design of both the chars and the bg on this.

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