Final Fantasy VII Wallpaper: Too much Knowledge

Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth Wallpaper
Square Enix Studio Final Fantasy VII Game Sephiroth Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

*sigh* After my quite frankly disappointing W.A.R submission, it took me a while to get the urge to wall again. Heck, I dont know if I will again after this one. But hey...

Tis another fanart, thrown together over 5 hrs with a background that..well, its going for that 'You`ve discovered too much' feeling, since the artwork is of when Sephiroth discovers just WHAT he really is.

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  1. EvoIIICE9A Sep 26, 2005

    zomg instant fav cause Sephy is like the hottiest guy on earth +fav x 1000

    *snickers* Now the left part of Sephy where the white parts are look a bit rough maybe a bit of smudge or colour over it to help blend it into the wall and the white line around the left hand side of him looks like it was missed in the extraction maybe it was maybe it wasnt it just looks that way.

    Oh and that white swirly thing looks a bit umm i dont know actually its looks overly pixilated just seems out of place thats all. And Im not a fan of the wind effect over characters but hey dont listen to me hehehe.

    But I loooooooove the background it makes me wonder where Worchester is... it sounds like English or something hehehe A good use of brushes too in my opinion and also zomg!!! Sephy is so hawt mwahahahaha Well done

  2. tevi Sep 26, 2005

    I'm glad you're not too down from the w.a.r. thing... And I hope you keep walling ^^ Because I'd love to see more of your outside-the-box walls =) Alrighty! I'll get on with the critiquing...

    Scan :

    Okay, you've still got a bit of an extraction problem... Do you extract with the pen-tool? Because, for me, that's the most efficient means to extract... Because, leaving the white outline kind of looks sloppy [or did you do an outer glow or something? - I wouldn't do that, it just looks ridiculous in most walls... Very hard to pull it off well]

    Hmm, and did you intentionally blur the image? I don't think it suits the background, that's all. Because it's a really sharp background, the lines are clear and there's generally very little blurring... I think the "speed" blur just looks out of place...

    And is that white-red flame a part of the original scan? If it was, I can see why you chose to use the red scheme on this wall... But it really is distracting, because it's not the same shade of red that you've used in the background...

    Choice of Colour :

    Okay, to be absolutely honest, I *love* the red in the background. The combination with the black just makes it feel more angsty ^^

    The only qualm I really have in terms of colour is that well, the background colour doesn't match the red of the flame... And the fact that you didn't use white or grey... To blend the scan in more. It's just, the lighter tones are clustered around the bottom right hand corner, and in a wall as complicated as this, you should place a bit in other places, just to draw a bit of contrast, or interest into the other corners.

    But in a way, I could also see a really effective white+black+grey wall... Like, it could have been done using colours that suited the character more, and then you could have enhanced it with a bit of red here and there, to highlight points in the image that you felt needed emphasis...

    Background :

    i love your background. BUT, keep in mind the scan... Please. You make the most beautiful backgrounds... But then you think about how the scan integrates with it... I mean, I just love how you do your backgrounds, they're always so full, but never *too busy*, which is why I just absolutely admire your backgrounds. It's really hard to pull that off, I've looked at enough walls to notice that people usually overcrowd like crazy ^^

    The shapes and images create the sense of "too much knowledge", like it's just, everywhere, which I think is a wonderful way of demonstrating what you were aiming for ^^ And the way these are composed in the wall is just *perfect*

    Text :

    Teehee, okay, you're really not a text person... But maybe you could have put a white+grey text on the left, to draw a bit of attention there? [Not sure what you'd write though... And don't even ask me about font =P]

    Useability :

    Ooh, new criteria [because I'm getting really annoyed over walls that look great, but just wouldn't fit on the desktop] ^^;

    Okay, to be honest, it looks good on the desktop... But only for a while. It's just... Very red. Generally, keep in mind that a wall is for the desktop, and make sure you don't use colours that will hurt the audience's eyes, or annoy them. Red is a great colour, but you could have opted maybe for a darker/browner version... [I said darker/browner... Because I know that darkness makes very little difference when people turn their screens to 100% brightness... And brown-ness gives it a murkier feel, even if it's an extra-bright screen]

    Or, you could have gone for the other option of greyscale... Which definitely looks good on the desktop [like Misa's Shibuya Hybrid ^^ - which isn't totally grey, but it's the only wall that I know of that uses greys]

    So, keep in mind, to maximise useability, don't use bright colours =)

    Overall :

    Keep up the great work on the backgrounds <3 But work on both the scan, and scan-integration, 'kay?

    - Tevi

  3. evasion Sep 27, 2005

    wooooooooooooooooooo! I think it is beautiful :) Thanks for sharing it! ^_^

  4. inuyashalove04 Sep 28, 2005

    Hi teryon, hope you continue walling, you're really good at it.
    I love everything about this wallpaper. The image is very good, especially for fanart. The bg is really good. The color you used is a good choice, and I like the effects thrown in there. You're really good at making grunge wallpapers, if nothing else, you could make grunge wallpapers without images on them... just a random thought.
    Anyway, nice work!

  5. SkyKing8 Oct 28, 2005

    Very good especially the nice background, very artistic! Hope theres more like this to come!

  6. ipio Mute Member Nov 20, 2005

    weeeeeeeee my sweet sweet little sephiroth if only i could i could............................awwwwwwwwwwww never mind

  7. VOOT Apr 14, 2010

    Great background. Thanks for doing this wallpaper.

  8. ginsliver Feb 21, 2011

    sephiroth is gorgeous i like it~~~

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