Final Fantasy VII Wallpaper: End.of.a.1000.Years.of.Darkness

Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII, Aerith Gainsborough Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hello everyone!!!
this wall is pretty simple, mostly readom brushing, which wasn't very hard to do^^
but I like how this wall come out.^^
I couldn't fit to whole title in so I had to shorten it~_~
Layers - 25+ 36mb
thanks you everyone who have been comment and faving my wallpaper! *hugs %kisses*
oh, shoot... I didn't know this was a fanart ~_~ im sorry... heres the link http://www.geocities.jp/nekkeau/intro.htm thanks DREAM! and asked for permission as well.
didnt know it looked like crapmonster's wall, sorry! *bows*
EDIT: for the people woundering who this character is,
the character is Aeris^^ yay!! her hairs down! she looks so pretty! XP


Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: shadowdeath
Wall: Tears of Hope
Reason: I just love this all!! ... great concept design and mood. please take a look at it!


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  1. hytokiri Aug 13, 2005

    This one is just great, u say its simple, but to me its pretty complex, i like a lot how it is. More favs. Take care.

    Live on!!!

  2. DarkVirus Aug 13, 2005

    i like the way u did to the background,
    like ur title says, the light looks like it is going through the darkness..

    Good work Ayasal :)

  3. bbls Aug 13, 2005

    awesome concept....i like the darkness and then the areas of light that contrast very nicely with the rest of your background. the perspective or angle of the girl is also very interesting.

  4. kamikazekazuo Aug 13, 2005

    really awesome job... i really like the artist of the person who drew aeris... what's his name... uh... Nekkeau yeah hehe

  5. AngelLoveSong Aug 13, 2005

    Quote by hytokiriThis one is just great, u say its simple, but to me its pretty complex, i like a lot how it is. More favs. Take care.

    Live on!!!

    I agree ^_^'
    really isn't anything I could do :D
    its a fav for me!
    keep up the good work and hope to see more from yoU!

  6. dead Aug 13, 2005

    That's great! the shadows and sunshine are perfect, the pic is so clear, I love all in this wall!!!+fav

  7. ayane-heine Aug 13, 2005

    hmmm.. it is too dark for me.. i dont seem to be able to figure what the wallie is about.. ^_^'
    but.. nice efforts there.. ^^

  8. DarkEVO Aug 13, 2005

    The brushing looks good on this wall. There's also liquifying in here too. Good overall wall. +Fav.

  9. Kojiroh Aug 13, 2005

    ohh !! i love final fantasy seven !! XD but i still cant figure out who tha person ish in tha pic.. >.< go ayasal !! your work ish awesome..

  10. DarkIngram Aug 13, 2005

    Nice wallie again. The sunlight is awesome and the background is not simple for me, its coooool.
    The perspective of the girl is good. Fits well to your background...

  11. acid-awakening Aug 13, 2005

    Kool... nice.... great
    Uhm i'm saying that this looks very good
    But the face is too much in the darkness of the shadow..
    But anywayz... this lookz awesome... thanx for sharing

  12. Verbeek Aug 13, 2005

    Oh, pretty good. I like this one.
    The greens are nice. Great job!! Will go to favs.

  13. Yina Aug 13, 2005

    wow.. what a great atmosphere.. XD And the effects fit perfectly to the girl.. what can I say.. another great work from you.. +fav ^^

  14. Cagari Aug 13, 2005

    The girl looks dead...it scares me a little bit.....O_o But I love the brushing you did to this wall....the effects of the light going through the darkness are also an eyecatcher....Great work Ayasal. ^_^

  15. Lenne Aug 13, 2005

    Oooh......it's excellent work!I don't know why,but i just love it.... XD
    Adding too my favorites!!It deserves it for sure!! ;)

  16. AC2N Aug 13, 2005

    As usual... simply amazing.
    I love it and put it on my fav section !! absolutly !

  17. DREAM Aug 13, 2005

    first off why not give the artist credit? Aerith was drawn by nekkeau and his website of incredible fanart can be found here:

    the wall: the background is done very well, but im a little curious as to how the theme is very similar to crapmonster's

    other than that it is a very solid wall and my only complaint is the text- i would have made the font smaller and further down to the left.

  18. heavens-Dragon Aug 13, 2005

    Wowies! I love the colours, looks so pretty! Also, the effects are smooth and nicely done! The lighting looks great too! It does look like she's coming out of the darkness. Awesome work! Keep it up!

  19. Idril Aug 13, 2005

    another great wallie Ayasal-chan! I like your background and the girl looks very cute!
    great job!

  20. sukie Aug 13, 2005

    wow...the bg looks great...i love how everything flows...*or seems to...* great wall again my friend!!! keep up the great work!

  21. MagicianFairy Aug 13, 2005

    Again, again you made a great wall!!
    *claps for you*!!
    I love alllllllll!!
    you already know my comment!!


  22. melymay Aug 13, 2005

    Witch character is she? I can't tell =/ Well, anyways nice wall =] Keep it up!

  23. pegassuss Aug 14, 2005

    This is a great wall! I love the effects you added and the way you made the background ^^ Is simply beautiful! You did a very good work!

  24. Adagio Aug 14, 2005

    I do love a good wall and this is a not agood wall ,. It's a great wall keep up the great work :)

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