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Defeated Evil. As the title says, its supposed to portray Evil after being Defeated. The dark angel in the center represents evil, and if you look at the expression on his face, well he's been defeated by something. That something is in the background. This is actually an ironic wallpaper, i wonder if anyone will pick out the irony...haha. Anyways tell me what you think ok! I hope you all like it! Made by David Kelly - endsoftheworld99.

This is the updated version of Defeated Evil, I accidently uploaded the unfinished version the first time, haha, sorry guys. I didn't like the first unfinished one at all, but i like this one!

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  1. s9031496c Banned Member Aug 31, 2005

    OH my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! this wallie is amazin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up I love it!!!!

  2. SketchDR10 Aug 31, 2005

    nice work, awesome wallie, love his hair and the black wings, thank you for sharing it

  3. Asigha Aug 31, 2005

    wow this wallie is reallie good i love it :) keeep it up k
    i especially love his black wings ;)

  4. eden13600 Aug 31, 2005

    nice wall.... yoou did a great job on the background.... the design of the background and the colour of the background is great! anyway, nice work! :)

  5. Fire-Flies Aug 31, 2005

    ^^ nice wallpaper... I love the background too.. is that a unicorn?? thanks for sharing

  6. ArtificialRaindrop Aug 31, 2005

    Awesome! I love the colors you used, and the image lays perfectly witht he background that you made. :) I'm not sure what irony you are thinking of is, but to me the image kinda has an apocalyptic look to it, though 'evil is being defeated' in it. o_0 Feel free to continue the good work! ^_~

    p.s. Btw, thanx for posting in my forum!

  7. Emma Aug 31, 2005

    Omg--I always love your walls!! More puzzles!! *pulls out microscope* =D
    You are definitely one deep, symbolic person--I love it!!

    First of all--I love her facial expression. It is like she is biting her nail out of frustration from the defeat.
    Now the background--I see a beach, trees, a unicorn!!, and a black cat--at least I think it is a black cat. I guess evil was beaten by good if the black cat represents her and the white unicorn represents good. But I don't see any irony in that!

    Wonderful blending!! You blended in that layer of the cat and unicorn just right with the beach and trees. Trying to hide it, eh? ^_^

  8. Xerdo Aug 31, 2005

    whoooa, dude... this one rocks so much.
    You know, your strong point is the way you compose backgrounds. They add serious depth to the wallpapers. While your composition, as is, is great, you could make an alternative version of this wallpaper with the character more oriented to the aureous section of the rectangle.

    Then again, you have both his wings (the edges) touching both aureous sections, so it's very well centered and looks insanely cool this way as well.

    The coulours you choose are great always. This wall is no exception The white section in the back gives the subject enough contrast to look even more poignant.

    You, my friend, have a natural talent for composition, and using colours that are hard to use correctly.

  9. Wslasher Aug 31, 2005

    cool scan! thinking wether 2 add this 2 my faves nex week! hehehe

  10. Emma Aug 31, 2005

    I thought I saw a black cat. It could just be a black horse. I see its tail and hind legs. But its tail is skinny and fluffy like a cats. But it is your pic! You should know if it is actually a black horse.

    So maybe its similar to the book of Revelation. The white horse on the clouds is good and the black horse on the skulls (I see them) is the bad. Though the bad lost out their deal in the Heavens they were sent to Earth and gained a kingdom here maybe representing the beach and humans. So even though evil was defeated, it really wasn't if you think of it from a human standpoint. I don't know. And there is a sign on that tree too near the black horse/cat. I can't make it out though.

  11. Tomokazoo Aug 31, 2005

    This is the updated ver?? very nice wall.. The background is very complex.. I love the horse too

  12. Aeya Aug 31, 2005

    Really nice wally. The background looks great. hmm... The horse seems to be a unicorn to me ^^ Good job, keep it up!

  13. semanga Aug 31, 2005

    this is a very evil angel and the dark red in the bg it looks great with the black wings
    i love it very much u are a great waller keep it up honey

  14. choppar Aug 31, 2005

    a very nice wall here! Your BG is just so well done, very complex. The scan goes with it really well too. :)

  15. dawn-99 Banned Member Aug 31, 2005

    this picture is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool :) :D

  16. sangel99 Aug 31, 2005

    AH!! XD I love this~~ ^^ I love the background and the angel guy in there XD +favs ^^

  17. Rella Aug 31, 2005

    It looks really nice! The extraction looks good and let's see...the ironic part...uh...well I think I see the theme of light and darkness here... Good job on the wallpaper and keep it up!

  18. Luckster Aug 31, 2005

    o_o Amazing background... it kinda looks like a beach coast line in the background XD

  19. AnimeMangaChick Aug 31, 2005

    Wow this is amazin! I love it! *adds to favs* I ecspecially love the wings ^.^ You can just see the feelings in your wallpaper! Im so glad you came out with another wallie! Thanks for sharing!

  20. lunagata Sep 01, 2005

    GOoD JoB!!!!!!!
    *adds to fav*

    Keep it up!!!! :)

  21. MagicianFairy Sep 01, 2005

    thats awesome!!
    like the bg, seems cool with this scan!!

    like it, like it, like it :nya:

  22. YukitaRiku Sep 01, 2005

    It's awsome! Is the irony that evil is never actually defeated just sort of temporarily disabled, because the angel (evil) is not actually dead just sort of frustrated?

  23. Sakura-K Sep 01, 2005

    This is reali nice, I don't know what to say bout this wallie. I like the character and the background is nice ^^

  24. Rhonda21 Sep 01, 2005

    Wonderful Job. I love the scan you used and the background is pretty. I love it.

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