You Higuri Wallpaper: Night Sky

You Higuri Wallpaper
You Higuri Mangaka

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My first wallie^^
I know it looks like crap but I did really try^^'
Well I know it's a bit simple and I could have been
more orginal and I could have cleaned the scan up better
but I tried my best lol Hopefully I get better ...someday^^
Don't be too harsh on it ^^' Thanks Melmachine for helping
me out so much I know I must have been a pain asking all
those ?s dedicated to all my close friends at MT^^ *hugs*

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  1. tecnophreak Mar 01, 2005

    not bad, not bad at all. you might want to take off the ring around the moon though, and throw some variation in the sky as well

  2. acid-awakening Mar 01, 2005

    a reallie nice wall :D ^^
    it's got a reallie great scan and dark colours :D ^^
    i like the sky and clouds :D ^^ thanx for sahring :| :D ^^

  3. gundragon Mar 01, 2005

    I like it :)
    Then again it better then anything I did :)
    You send it to the right person :)
    It's not the frist what about all those other ones that on the side XP
    *point to the right side*
    I love your night sky and its endless stars ;)
    keep up the good work :)

  4. Aetherdragon Mar 01, 2005

    crap? I think not. It looks pretty cool. Look forward to another if you choose to do so. Till' next time..

  5. joycev Mar 01, 2005

    Quote by tecnophreaknot bad, not bad at all. you might want to take off the ring around the moon though, and throw some variation in the sky as well

    I agree with tecno. This is really good for a first wall but I think I needs a bit more color.

  6. SilentMasamune Mar 01, 2005

    Good job for your first wallpaper. Keep it up. :)

  7. Paolo Mar 01, 2005

    not bad. i see mo problems. its cool ;)

  8. toujin1 Mar 01, 2005

    oooh!! its good its good! keep it up! i love the style and i love the colors even more...ill bet ur gonna have all those other wall makers on their toes!

  9. Mordin Mar 01, 2005

    nice texture, and the black bg is a very nice touch for you. ;) The clouds gives a nice mood to the wallie, and I can see this wallie has a lot of your personality in it. :) good job pretty lady, keep up the good work. :)

  10. jackalx66 Mar 01, 2005

    not bad for ur first wall :D
    the clouds can be more soft imo
    and the bg is too simple [sorry for tel u the truth >.< ]
    u can try with another modified stock bg photo tho :p
    i like the chara u use
    and keepon practicing ok :D
    i believe u can do more than this :D
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  11. rythem Mar 01, 2005

    quite good 4 ur first~~XD
    I like the black theme..but the clouds r too much at the bottom..
    the rest is fine..but throw away the glow around the moon..*is it?*
    but that doesnt matter ,u'll get better n better ne?
    and yeah...the angel is sweet~~lol XD

  12. Kentaro Restricted Member Mar 01, 2005

    looks like crap ?? no way, i like this wall !
    good job :)

  13. DarkCrimson Mar 01, 2005

    Woah It looks really beautiful.Your First Wallie?Wow :D You did a very nice Job with your Wallie and put a lot of Effort in it.Also a great Background.I like the cool looking Clouds.In my Eyes its an exellent Wall and I add it to my Favorites. XD :D
    Well done :) Thanks for sharing with us

  14. Kiako Mar 01, 2005

    it doesn't look like crap, it looks great for your first work
    so keep it up

  15. DREAM Mar 01, 2005

    well it's funny actually i woke up this morning getting ready for my job breaking "rocks" and i noticed my lady had submitted a wallpaper. ;)
    to be honest i didn't know what to expect as much as i love my lady sometimes our taste in art diverge. ...

    wow i love this wallpaper, it's my kind of art. liz i can't believe you used the word "crappy" to describe this wall. honestly you should amend your description and remove it..

    im not sure where the image came from or who he is, he looks great. good job on the extraction. now the bg is solid as well. i like how you did the stars and the clouds. it really adds to the atmosphere and creates a sense of darkness or uncertainity. i only have a minor problem - im not 100% sure about the ring. but it doesn't detract to much from the wall.

    i agree with jackal66 a 9.3 is an appropriate rating. :)


    great job my lover, and your first wallaper at that.

  16. belmikry Retired Moderator Mar 01, 2005

    hey darkmaiden definately not bad at all for a first wall~ >_< better than mine i think >_> ^_^' XD

    i like the extraction... only thing is maybe the clouds at the bottom should be less horizontal? remeber: nothing in nature is a straight line ;) ^_^

    other than that- i love it >_< can't wait to see what else you got up your sleeve ^_^


  17. Susan-chan Mar 01, 2005

    i really like the charachter^^ i like the angels:D and u used nice effects on it^^

  18. Midori-chan Mar 01, 2005

    hello DarkMaiden!!! it's really a great job for your first wall!! i like the black bg and also the wings! it looks great! (bcoz i love black^^) is that a moon behind the scan? hmm it doesn't look like one..
    anyway adding it to my fav!! ganbatte ne!

  19. StarKitty Banned Member Mar 01, 2005

    Kitty thinks it's good *huggies Darkie* ^_^ it's pretty!! and black
    great job fave! ^_^

  20. Dende Mar 01, 2005

    >=( What!!!??? bad, that's your first try?? XO are you joking partner?? lol is a great wallie, you make it really worth of fav it!!!!! keep it up, you really have the ...mmm i've lost inspiration *looks at the wallie*....oh yeah "weapons to make great things like this, by the way i agree with dream edit your post XP see ya partner ;)

  21. darkwaterbunny Mar 01, 2005

    Great for you first wallpaper!!! I love the effects that you used!! But yeah, background is a little too simple, hehe, ^_~ but I like it. Love the clouds, fav!!!

  22. UndyingShadow Mar 01, 2005

    hey nice wall DarkMaiden! great use of the image, and the effects you use match the image perfectly. good job on your first wall, i look forward to your future works!

  23. DarkSavior Mar 01, 2005

    Hey Lady! Looks pretty good ^^ better then I can ever do OX so keep up the good work. Anyway... for some reason, I don't see your submissions when you post it up.

  24. malenits Mar 01, 2005

    eeaaa! potion!
    so cool!
    and the darkness its fabulous!
    excelente job!
    i like it very much!

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