Fruits Basket Wallpaper: Fruits Basket - On the Edge

Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket, Momiji Sohma, Yuki Sohma, Tohru Honda Wallpaper
Natsuki Takaya Mangaka Fruits Basket Series Momiji Sohma Character Yuki Sohma Character Tohru Honda Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

OK, for this one I wanted to do a simple senic/grungy wall since there is not a lot of grunge walls of Fruits Basket, but I couldn't draw on this so beautiful scan XD Oh well next time...

This scan was soooo long to extract, I had to redo some part of it cause there was text on it.
Found the scan on Anime Project Alliance, but I think the scan is also on Minitokyo.... here it is

I made the background almost just with brushes and my paint tool (Photoshop), but there is some stock photos somewhere behind some part.
They are suppose to be on the edge of a mountain.

EDIT: Since my trees wasn't really looking like trees XD I decided to add some branches. I hope it's a bit better... maybe I shoudn't say it's a senic wallie, it's more surealistic I think. Like the sky is willingly weird... XD
RE-EDIT: Added some fog at the bottom, I think it gives a better perspective to the rock.
And I added some weird effect in the top, cause I like weird grunge effect...

That's it!
Constructive comments always welcome, and favs too...

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: bluSake
Wall: Free Fall
Reason: A cool Samurai Champloo wallie. I like the minimalistic style of it, it just works really well!

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  1. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Aug 30, 2005

    the tree looks a witto flat .. o_o so they look like mistakes .. >.> maybe round it? cuz i didnt noe it was a tree till i looked at it. . o_o it just looks like a strip of brown there ..

    the grass should be near their feet too! not only the front~ ^-^ so it'll look real!

    ^-^ the clouds dont really show! but great job with the effects~

  2. GentleSnow Aug 30, 2005

    ooo...nice extraction!! I can't even tell where you did the redos.
    But the scan doesn't seem to blend in very well with the background...the trees look kind of flat too...maybe add more roundness to the rocks and the trees
    And it might have been nicer if you used more than just brush and paint tool.
    But good job, nonetheless. ;)

  3. Tatsuya Aug 30, 2005

    i like the sort of dirty/grunge style, but just like ppl said the trees look kind of flat i think :x

  4. kai81220 Aug 30, 2005

    nice nice anji ^^ sorry i missed a ton of your subs and i WILL get to them ^____^'''' just need a bit of time to catch up =P

    really like the effort in creating the scene. detailing is very good but it needs a bit of touch up on the trees like saki said bit flat. also the trunks are a bit cutted out, try to soften the edges. the grasses are great but the rocks look a bit bubbly ^_^' i dont know why though XD
    but extraction is awesome. try to desat the sky a little bit so it doesnt look so extreme. clouds are nice ^^

    overall great job anji =] *off to missed works* X]

  5. pengi-san Aug 30, 2005

    Very nice. The scan is great. And the trees, rocks, grass, etc, are all really good. They are a little surreal, but that doesn't detract from the wallpaper. Good job.

  6. asan Aug 30, 2005

    nice wallpaper... it looks great... i love it
    keep it up!!

  7. Amaranth Aug 30, 2005

    Ilove this wall~!
    i usually don't like the manga drawings of FB
    but this pic of haru is pretty niceee~
    i like how the trees almost feel like one with the yellow sky xD

  8. Asahi Aug 30, 2005

    how always .. perfect work from you - earn a favi 3/10 gone xD

  9. Keik Aug 30, 2005

    Hey Anji this one is typical for you :)
    *howerver i think so :) ^_^
    i like it its Simple and not to shiny :)

  10. grizlyed Aug 30, 2005

    i like this wallpaper and this anime. this wallpaper is beautiful. thank you

  11. Cagari Aug 30, 2005

    It's so cute!! The scan is so cute and pretty to me!!! Great job on it!!!! but the trees do look a little flat....but I love the effects you put on here. ^____^

  12. Jormungand Aug 30, 2005

    Whee~! This looks soo nice~!
    I actually prefer this style of background, more interesting than realistic look imo
    extraction is excellent, and colours are amazing :D
    great effects too
    definitely a fav ^.~

  13. semanga Aug 30, 2005

    ohh very cute wall from my wonderful friend u are very creativ like it a lot keep it up honey

  14. kawai Aug 30, 2005

    genial l un de mes preferes :)
    que dire l ambiance niveau couleur, visage des perso et bien plus encore met un ptit quelque chose de genant, de triste!
    en plus le dessin du manga qui fait bien papier colle parfaitement avec les couleurs qui donne un ton ancien,quelque chose du passe un souvenir "entre amis" oublie, genial je sais pas quoi dire de plus que c est une belle compo, une organisation propre et bien faite !
    je t accord mon +fav :)

    bye bye ;)

  15. llilliathari Aug 30, 2005

    Ohohoh un nouveau wall^^
    Tu veux partir en fanfare pour tes vacances ? ;)

    J'adore l'ambiance qui d├ęgage de ce scan, ca fait "petit-coin-de-verdure-pour-nous" mais ca rend bien le cote mystere de la serie, c'est ce fond jaune grunge et la brume qui accentue cet effet. J'aime beaucoup le fond meme si Yuki va moins bien avec, d'un autre cote tu l'aurais enleve je t'en aurai voulu a mort! >____<
    *on ne touche pas a mon Yuki!!!*
    Le plus de ce wall, il y a un cote epure avec ces arbres sans branches, au debut ca me genait ("un arbre sans feuilles comment?!?"), mais rajouter des branches, des feuilles et tout le tralala auraient trop charge le scan :)

    Tres bon trvail, je te laisse partir en vacances va! :p

  16. gtrw4 Aug 31, 2005

    I love it!! XD This is a very nice Fruits basket wallpaper. Thx keep it up

  17. iiwa Aug 31, 2005

    cool~! i love this!
    i like like like like like this so much! XD
    haru looks so good in this lol! :D great job anji-san. cant wait for more :)

  18. flyindreams Aug 31, 2005

    Very nice job... *^.^* I dunno how it looked before, but it definitely looks really nice now that you've added all the effects. Great job cleaning up the scan, by the way T_T very strategic placing of rocks, trees, and grass ^.~ I really like the soft grunge/textures that you added to the wall. Although, it's kinda interesting to see all these urban kids all dressed up and sitting in the mountains ^^|| Nonetheless, definitely one of the best Fruits Basket walls that I've seen in a while XD Thanks for sharing!!

  19. Greg Aug 31, 2005

    Salut Princesse
    super ton wall je suis pas fan de la serie
    mais je voulai te fellicite pour ton jolie wall
    Bis a+
    - Greg -

  20. Spriggan Sep 01, 2005

    ahhh j'aurais du me douter que c'etai un wall de Fruits Basket qui serait ton prochain XP c'est l'anime de l'heure ou quoi! lol .. ta faite plusieurs edit... mais bravo pour ce que ca donne!! sont jolie les couleurs , j'aime beaucoup ton ciel! ca me surprend parce que chu pas generalement un fervant admirateur du jaune! lol mais lui ressort super bien avec l'effet que tu lui donne....bon c'est vrai que les arbres ont un brin l'air flat comme ca..mais jserais pas surpris que c'etais ton but donc.....cool XP ....pour finir , tres classe ton scan!! sans farce j'laime beaucoup aussi..surtout la ptite au yeux ecarquiller au milieu O_O a pas l'air surprise elle dabord :o lol...anyway rien de nouveau , belle job ;) l'ambiance detendu prend bien^^ ....ohh sauffffff ..heh dsl! j'aurais peut etre mis un peu plus d'opaciter ou jsais pas trop dans le gazon..parce que devant les genoux dla fille par exemple , yer etrange un peu :/ genre transparent ..ou pixeler? bahh nvm keep it up :P

    P.S:awwwwwww pis tient jle fait ici!! bon voyageeee!!! :) hahah pis revient nous vite...j'croit qui va avoir un vide...quelque part...ici....sur MT >_> XP lol passe des bonne vacance ;)

  21. MyrrhLynn Sep 01, 2005

    OMGosh I have this picture without text one it! XD Hahaha, it's a postcard though so it's tiny so I don't think it would have helped you a whole lot. >_>

    Anyway, I really like how it turned out. I love the surealistic type style you used on this wall. I've always wanted to do something surealistic but I wasn't sure how it would look with anime pics, but now after seeing this I think I'm going to give it a try I think. XD I'm glad you added in the fog as well, otherwise I think it would be too hard to tell that Yuki's arm and leg go behind the tree. ;D Wonderful job! Definately a fav for me!

  22. toru07 Sep 02, 2005

    o_0 ....Momiji looks older on this one...
    Well yeah the trees and rocks looks kinda unrealistic and flat... so I try not think that way, XD I think of it as them having a pictorial for some magazine... XD and they have great props. :) They are making a very good shot, thanks to Anji. :D

  23. LucyXlostangelwings Sep 02, 2005

    Being a huge fan of Fruits Basket, all furuba walls can grab my attention but only a few number can impress me. This is one of them. :)
    First, let me congratulate you on your extraction work! That must have taken a while to do!
    Now, as for the background, I think it fits really well with the characters. I love your walling style (hm, now...how many times have I told you that? XD ) and the grunge effects on this wall seem to work so well.
    This is great! I love it! Definitely faving. ^^

  24. L3g Sep 02, 2005

    bon ca fait deja quelque temps que je me dis de prendre un peu de temps pour commenter ce wall mais j'ai jamais eu le courage a vrai dire :D et puis tu me connai je ne suis pas du genre a passer 10 seconde pour commenter un wall ... surtout les tiens ;)
    Bon je commence :
    pfff t'arrive jamais a faire des truc super joyeux toi?
    euu non ca le fait pas de commencer par ca ... je recommence :
    *l3g mode fayot on*
    woaaa il est magnifique !!! super comme d'habitude !
    *l3g mode fayot off*
    Soyons serieux un peu ...
    alors deja je veux dire que je connait que de nom cet anime mais que j'aime bien le perso de gauche ... il a trop la classe non?
    parlons un peu technique :
    c'est compliquer de faire l'effet peinture a l'eponge du bg? ^^
    euu bon sinon le bg est simple mais il integre parfaitement les persos
    l'herbe rend bien et les rocher aussi
    le seul truc que j'aime moins c'est la chaussure du perso de droite ...
    Bon je sais pas quoi dire d'autre .... un autre chef d'ouevre comme d'ab ^^
    3 jours et seulement 12 favoris .... hum c'est sans doute a cause de cette nouvelle regle de MT ... raa les salos on aura leur peaux ^^
    euu bon je sais que je suis un rat (expression francaise qui veut dire que je suis un peu radin .... je sais pas si tu connais ^^ ) mais bon je mettrai mon 11eme favoris sur ce wall ... il le merite ^^ ! tu vas me dire mais comment tu peux mettre 11 favoris alors que c'est limite a 10? hehehe parce que c'est mon 11eme favoris en 24 semaines et 3 jours ^^
    tout ca pour te dire que si je met un fav sur ce wall c'est qu'il le merite vraiment (j'espere qu'il remplacera la centaine de favoris que tu n'a pas et que tu merite :D)
    euu bon jte laisse
    bonjour!! (hehehe j'ai appris que bonjours au canada ca voulait dire au revoir en france ... il ont vraiment un probleme ces colons !!! ;)

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