Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper: --Le Petit Soldat de Plomb--

Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts, Sora Wallpaper
Square Enix Studio Kingdom Hearts Game Sora Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Alright. So this is not the most elaborate of my walls, but I somehow like it all the same. And I also know this scan has been used thousands of times already, but still... I like it. So nah. *smile*

This is for all the people in the Simple-ism group, but also for anyone who likes it, really. Enjoy!

Your coments are awaited with great impatience, as always. You so know I'm gonna check every five minutes if someone posted, so don't disappoint me. * tries to look menacing*


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  1. TimothytheDarkMagician Aug 03, 2005

    heya that looks really good scarlet! Favorite for sure! *adds to favorites*

  2. sjade1 Aug 03, 2005

    LoL good thing I have a computer screen to hide behind xp
    I like this. It's not as complicated as a grunge, yet not so simple as a beginner randomly slapping unedited images together. I like how it emphasizes Design rather than either of those things :). Good work.

    *Adds to faves*

  3. Acuni Aug 03, 2005

    nice one
    i like the scenary on this wallie and the way the thing behind te chara is glowing is nice and the effect at the bg is great the lines are disturbing and the fact tht i can see through the chara is not so great

  4. gadgetgirl16 Aug 03, 2005

    that looks verry nice, i like the textures in the background and the lighting....great job +fav

  5. drell Aug 03, 2005

    Nice wall, resolution is kinda small but that's not very important. A fav form me fo' sure.

  6. tcodec4657 Aug 03, 2005

    The background looks very good. I like the colors. This is very nice.

  7. flyindreams Aug 04, 2005

    Wow, I didn't even realize it was Kingdom Hearts at first! Great job, coming up with a whole new conception and style for the scan *^.^* And... *wipes tears* that's the first time that anyone's done a wall for people in Simple-ism... I'm so touched *hugs* I'll nominate it for you ^.~ Lastly, great composition... the only thing that I'm not sure about is the line that Sora is standing on, but it's not a big thing ^-^ Thanks for sharing *waves*

  8. SharinganKnight Aug 04, 2005

    oh, a quite original style for KH walls, I like it, very dark...just how I enjoy them ^_^

  9. Ayamael Aug 06, 2005

    nice bg... lucky i speak French, otherwise i'd have no idea what that title means XP though, i'm not familiar with Kingdom Hearts at all... <-- doesn't play games... >.<

    anyways, nice bg, simple, but very nice actually... cool colors, cool composition... well, in conclusion, cool wall and i'll leave it at that XP

  10. Nadriel Aug 07, 2005

    How do you people do these..I mean.. My imagination doesn't support to make these things..
    >_>.. Anyways.. Nice play with colors.. But what does the letter at the back say? Nice art..
    Kindom Hearts.. Maybe i should start playing that kinda games again.. To get some imagination support..-_-

  11. BankotsuInuyashasgirl Sep 18, 2005

    o0o0 i really do like this wallpaper.. like the misty/lgiht grunge effects on it too ^_~


  12. Zax Sep 23, 2005

    Great wall. Love the background and how the words merge with the character.

  13. Lightningalchemist Oct 10, 2005

    The picture really ties in with the background- the layout really compliments Sora, too. I like the mood- it's kind of melancholy.

  14. Destiny001 Oct 24, 2005

    very nice and love the background, keep up the great work..... and alot the words are very nice

  15. MistressKat Oct 24, 2005

    I like it! The color's really nice.. I like the font.. I like the thingy that's behind Sora, too.

  16. WakeintotheNight Nov 27, 2005

    Cool background, this wallpaper is really neat i like the way sora is standing. ^-^ i'll added to my favorites. ^-~

  17. PhoenixNox Mar 18, 2006

    after getting all pissed off over your 50 week old death note wall, i figured i should probly check out your current gallery. and this pretty much kicks ass. +fav

  18. cassandraronald Sep 08, 2006

    wow this really nice wallie

  19. jinglingli Jun 09, 2010

    It's very beautiful~! thank you for sharing~!

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