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Sonatine - directed by Takeshi Kitano

Takeshi Kitano if you havent heard the name, is most likely the most famous auteur director in contemporary japanese cinema. He was originally a famous comedian with his own TV show where he went by "Beat" Takeshi and later went into film. Sonatine is his 2nd directed film yet is the movie which gave him international acclaim. It was the start of his line of auteur works that finally ended with the making of "Hana-bi" years later.
Sonatine is not really one of my favorite films or even my favorite Kitano movie though it is the one of most significance in his career in my opinion. His most polished work being "Hana-bi" in my opinion is very similar to Sonatine in terms of plot, thematic elements, and techniques. Sonatine deals with the lives of Yakuza and shows them in more of a boyish nature then people are usually used to. In it, they dont act like tough men but kids just killing time not aware almost, of their dangerous lives they live. The movie explores themes of lonliness and living out a pointless life. The suicidal themes of the movie were actually very apparent in Kitano's own life in that he indeed tried to kill himself around the time of the movie's release. Anyways, Kitano's flicks are not you average gangster movies like that of Miike, Fukusaku, or Riki Takuechi. Don't expect to see alot of ass kicking done yakuza style cause this is quite the opposite.

The Poster
I decided to do a poster for Sonatine mainly because I had some old vector work I did for it long ago that I thought would work well. I did a DVD cover design using this vector work long ago for a contest over on KFCCinema and always thought i should do sometihng else with it. Here, i just took that and made a simple composition with it and reformated it to be a poster size. The original was the typical red i use in these simple vectors so i thought i needed to change it to a cooler color. Red seemed to imply the movie was very action oriented when it was not. I thought the color i made it may be too dark yet decided that it works cause it made the title text look stronger.
Anyways, the personal reason for doing this movie is that even though it isnt neccessarily one of my favorite movies, it is indeed one of much importance to me. Sonatine was one of the first films i saw that really got me hooked on asian cinema and also was the first Kitano movie i ever saw.

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  1. Tama-Neko Jul 26, 2005

    I love the composition of this -- how the only white is used in the bold title so it instantly draws you to the title, and the details text behind it create a sort of box or frame for it. The blue IS dark, but it just adds emphasis to the white text and makes it appear even bolder, and it's a nice, pleasing color to look at (unlike most reds.) Awesome, and very professional looking :D

  2. belmikry Retired Moderator Jul 27, 2005

    i agree with tama- great professionalism and the colour composition is superb.

    i think the only thing I would play around with for balance wise is making the bottom somewhat darker with gradation? maybe make a suttle ground he's standing on?

    other than that- great job :)

  3. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 27, 2005

    Woah this is like those full out gangster movie poster and i lik eit, not because of the vectors but the color is the most unusual and less used in most design works and youve made this a great work Crap! XD

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