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Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Gainax, FLCL, Haruko Haruhara Wallpaper
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Mangaka Gainax Studio FLCL Series Haruko Haruhara Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

9th attempt...must...upload...now...or...else...I...die

So as I promised, here's my entry for meteorcloud's contest, a grunge wallpaper. And actually my first ever. The brushes are from 8nero and some are made by me. The texture and the vector are also made by me and took forever. First I wanted to add Naota and Mamimi, as you can see on the original scan from Minitokyo (forgive me, I'm too lazy to link it), but it'd look weird since Haruko is riding on a vespa.

Why FLCL? Because lately I'm listening a lot to the third OST and harakiri drew an awesome fanart. By the way, the title is made from two songs, one by Phantom Planet - Big brat and the second by Garbage - Stupid girl. I heard Big brat for the first time made with an AMV which is very cool, called And that's that. The best FLCL AMV ever, and there are a lot of them.

Check out www.uchiki.de for more resolutions, Yina's entry for MC's contest and a new layout by Yina! Pretty much, huh? Hm.... what else? Apart from me absolutely loving the pillows and the series FLCL (including the love to Gainax' awesome series like Diebuster) nothing.

Thanks to falh (when I find a SG scan, I'll make your wallie =D), mc-san, hara, Yina, tian (extra-hugs :3), saki-chan, Flowerdog-sama, Sandra-chan. OA-san, Masamune (the silent one =P), Skillzpay (with the kool ava), rocknroll isgo, frosty-san and Blacky for their comments on my SG wp.

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: harakiri Wall:
Shin Sekai Symphony
Reason: I love FLCL, I love the background, I love harakiri's design.

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  1. tareren Jul 18, 2005

    Well, saw this one already on your site ^^ and I love it :D I like the color blends and all ..
    For the great effects and colors, as well as the cool pose and vectoring, you deserved a 9.0/10 and a fave :D
    Keep up the good work :D

  2. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 18, 2005

    Woah!!!!! o_o this is some newest most bestest grunge of FLCL ive ever seen, plus its a new thing for you.... ;) Oh Haruka just blows my mind with her guitar swings and her cool vespa, the whole grunge effect is coool with the awesome text! Red really works for her even though shes a pink hair! XD

    Great job as always Chibi! :3

  3. tian82 Jul 18, 2005

    *blushes*_*hugz* Chibikko-chan !!! Can`t miss all your submission here ... my mission to enjoy and see your submission !! Like this wallpaper a lots !!! This character is so cool !!! Like the background too!! But the most thing I like is the orange colour !!! So perfectly match and striking. Awesome work and great job !!!! Thank for sharing it with us !!!

  4. Yina Jul 18, 2005

    nyaa.. so you've finally made it!! hurray!! XD you can read my comment on www.uchiki.de nyaa.. and here I can finaly click the fave link.. :nya: excellent work..!! ^^

  5. Aa-chan Jul 18, 2005

    I love the orange colours and the shot of Haruka makes me laugh. Nice work.

  6. harakiri Jul 18, 2005

    I already said it to you that I like that one. I've just passed by to say a big thank you for the advertisement :)

  7. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jul 18, 2005


    rawr ..

    showing off your new layout, ey?


    RAWR ..

    rawwwwrr ..

    ;-; me wants an uber cool layout too .. >.< *smacks bromithia* kekekkekekeee ..

    me wubs all of your walls cuz they're all wub u ly .. >O< yu should go and make tuts on all your walls .. xD XD so losers like saki can go and study off of them .. *-*


  8. Kyuzo1 Jul 18, 2005

    A new flcl wall ^_^
    i really like it. The orange colors are soooo great and fit perfectly with haruka.
    I also like the bg. Great brushes.
    Obwohls n paar etwas... naja wie soll ich sagen... "knallige" farben sind kann man ruhig laenger drauf schauen, ohne das sich einen der sehnerv verknotet. Das gefaellt mir wirklich sehr :)
    ... wollt ich nur mal sagen ^_^''
    +fav :)

  9. Darky Jul 18, 2005

    I wuv flcl!!!!!! (Adds to favs.) Oh~ yeah!

  10. DayBreak Jul 18, 2005

    Its FLCL time jo~
    Nice grunge wallpaper, its your first time? O_o
    You need to join my group.. its called... "The Grunge Family"
    I would be really happy if you joined :O
    The scan of haruko rules!Shes riding on her vespa...but wheres the gutiar? T-T

    Anyway, great wall.

  11. Skillzpay Jul 19, 2005

    lol cool ava huh?
    Nice to see you delving into grunge now. I like the messy paint splashes, really compliments Haruka and her crazyness well. And the vector looks spot on. The only thing that kinda irks me is that the wall looks flat to me, although that's probably just me. Not sure whether it's due to the vector, the whole orange tint, or a combo of things but regardless this is still a great FLCL wall and quite the different one too may I add :)

  12. FlowerDog Jul 20, 2005

    Oh, Chibikko-sama!!! :D I truly love your new FLCL grunge wallpaper. *Stares with admiration*

    You have done an excellent job with combining your brushes with 8nero's brushes and creating both vector and text. Man, how I love Haruka's expression and the way you have created the perfect setting and choosing the colors for your first grunge wallpaper. :D I have to agree that Harakiri-sama's drawing of the FLCL fanart looks awesome. :) Overall, you have done an outstanding job with your latest wallpaper. *Adores Chibikko-sama's talents*

    I wish you luck with MC's contest. This is an extremely well done wallpaper and I bet you would have the judges have a hard time choosing a winner. ;) I'll be looking forward to your next wallpaper. :)

  13. SilentMasamune Jul 20, 2005

    No need to die, chibikko. ^_^' Good going for grunge (I am too lazy to view the full contents, but knowing you, you'd submit a good wall anyway). Keep up the great work.

  14. Keishu Jul 22, 2005

    Whoa, great colors ^_^! (That's strange >__<".. normally I don't like orange colors xD")
    Looks very different from your other wallis, but it's also an amazing work ^__^, so: more grunge xD~!
    The wall gives a feeling of dynamic and fun.
    I don't know that to say else (damn, no mistakes in the wall XD), very nice job.

  15. ThaIsland212 Jul 22, 2005

    dang, chibikko-duude...i faved this wall bCuz i LUV anything flcl!! and...its ssiiick-lookin...thats okay, Haruko doesnt need her Bass 2 be cool, i still luv the colorzz here....even the outlining is matching...im also a lover of the soundtrack(is it Japanese grunge?) i also like that crazy look on her face, its her typical disposition of slight mania that i've grown fond of....i dont know what contest you're entered in(i been gone awhile) but i hope this one wins........unless i see sumthin better XP (j/k)

  16. daisuki-daisuke Aug 22, 2005

    Love how Haruko looks here.. really great work with the background and the colours used are really fab. It's a fav.. Great job!

  17. squink Oct 20, 2005

    wow... i just love the colors that is awesome ... too many wallpapers dont know which one to use ... well time to switch to this one

  18. Luuna Dec 18, 2005

    she will send you in hell ;)

  19. Toshkatta Dec 04, 2008

    i just love that look on her face

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