FLCL Wallpaper: FuRiKuRi - Just Some Relax

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Gainax, FLCL, Mamimi Samejima Wallpaper
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Mangaka Gainax Studio FLCL Series Mamimi Samejima Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hi ^^ new wall.. someone tell me to take a break with walling.. but.. XD i cant stop walling cuz i dont know what else do.. i waiting to leave for my vacations from 13 days XD (with my gf)
btw.. i basically.. "copied" the scan.. but i remade all by myself.. i extracted the chara and the "cross" or what is it XD and put it in a white new document.. then i selected from the scan the area when the grass are.. and i brushed the grass on the new wallie.. ^^ then i cut and paste the other 2 things in the bg.. (man with the pc head XD and the "stone") and applied to the new document.. the i colored the scan.. maked the clouds.. and then traced the birds on the original scan and colored in black in the new document.. >.< at the end i decided to add texture.. sorry.. in the last time i always use texture.. but i think its just a period ^^" if u dont like the style.. tell me ^^; btw.. made it in about 4 hour.. hope ya like ^^ (dont look bad too me.. but i never said that one of my wall its "beautiful" or something like XD)
Comments are really appreciate as always ^^ cya
edit: Original Scan

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  1. Eve May 17, 2005

    Oh niiice, I'm glad that you did that extra work with the scan and cross. I love the background too!

    Nice effects, the grass is just the right color for the mood you bring out in this wall.

    Have fun on your vacation too. x_x

  2. Sugasuga May 17, 2005

    wow, u make so many wallies these past few days X_x i like this one, its nice, especially the grass ^^ good work. +favvie

  3. Kozumura May 17, 2005

    Samanosuke, stop walling I can't keep up @_@.. j/k XD

    Overall, the wall is VERY landscape-ish and I love it. The green is seems werid and texturey, but that's very unique, I usually see people just using that dang PS brush and that's it. Very artistic. If you have the original scan, I'd love to see it and compare.

    +fav :D

  4. bromithia Retired Moderator May 17, 2005

    First off, you are a walling machine. Stop making wallpapers for a week or something, you might improve.

    The grass is meh, it could be better, I suggest adding some butterflys and making it look more realistic by going through it with the dodge and burn tool. Then, the clouds are way too simple for my tastes, you should use a better stock photo or paint some different ones. The font is too small, and needs to be larger. The birds should be more solid, instead of blurry / bad quality. The grass in the way front makes the proportion look strange as hell. The character needs more cleaning, if you did any at all.

    Annnnd, stop advertising in peoples Guestbooks / the Shoutbox.

  5. OracleAngel Retired Moderator May 17, 2005

    Simple and beautioful though i wish there was more at the background on the right in the distance also the grass work is better than most walls with grass type style... but nonethelss the whole wall is great...Good job man!

  6. Electrastar May 17, 2005

    You're always busy with wallpapers but your work is always good ^_^ and once again, you did a very good job with this.

  7. AngelKate May 17, 2005

    Its very simple but it still looks great! You have been making a lot of wallies lately! XD They all are nice though! Keep it up!

  8. zaira May 17, 2005

    me like the bg!! soo simple yet detailed!! i like the scan you use!! me like very much the neko on the bag!!++Fav! XD

  9. WindAlchemist May 17, 2005

    thats really nice, good idea for the background ^_^

  10. knightstar3 May 17, 2005

    i like! ^ - ^ i especially like the little cat hanging down on the bag! It's sooo cute! ^ - ^ very nice wall! =)

  11. Frosty May 17, 2005

    Quote by Samanosuke89someone tell me to take a break with walling.. but.. smiley i cant stop walling cuz i dont know what else do.. i waiting to leave for my vacations from 13 days smiley (with my gf)

    sounds fun have a blast. ^^ and for the mean time keep on going. even through u are making them faster then I can comment them. lol...
    pretty and abit more siple looking.
    looks pretty nice. simple, detailed and nice.
    good work.
    *9.45 and Grade AA* for a great looking wall.

  12. miraku-spike May 18, 2005

    Oh. What a nice wallpaper of a girl you got there!! Great Job!! I like the backgruond also.

  13. exentric May 18, 2005

    though.. I dont really get what did ya say... ^_^"" this is certainly a nice wallpaper. you did quite a very good job on brushing the grass. looks nice and fits the wallpaper perfectly.
    all in all, nice job I'd say~

  14. shiwei May 18, 2005

    wow... very nice wallpaper..
    background is great, i like the bg very much ^^
    the effect is great, scan is good too
    keep it up, add fav

  15. Yumi-Chan May 18, 2005

    the grass is great! you brushed them nicely and smoothly ^___^
    the scene looks like its gonna rain but still at the breezy side XD
    great job i can say ^_^

  16. UndyingShadow May 18, 2005

    great wall Samanosuke! I like the simplicity and the nice soft colors. Interesting texture you chose to use as well. good job!

  17. Balljacker May 18, 2005

    Nice wallie. although it's kinda simple, but I still like it. the colors are nice n the effects are cool too. nice artwork

  18. semanga May 18, 2005

    samano make again a nice wall u know i love your style and this is again a very good work from u it is not my fav wall from u but it looks also very good keep it up sweety

  19. Kiako May 18, 2005

    nice wallpaper,
    the girl is very pretty. i like the background, the way the grass looks.
    it has a good atmosphere

  20. Sandra May 18, 2005

    hi ^^ new wall.. someone tell me to take a break with walling.. but.. smiley i cant stop walling cuz i dont know what else do.. i waiting to leave for my vacations from 13 days smiley (with my gf)

    Are ya talking about me ? *blushes* You mus know that it was just a joke ! I love your wallies ! Really ! They are amazing ! This one too ! I like this scan :) And you made a very very good job (in soft words) ! :D

  21. Sira May 18, 2005

    ex elnte imagen de laa chica de Furikuri, jaja me mori de risa al verla de echoe sa serie, se esta pasando en mi escuela

  22. Tirdaelyn May 18, 2005

    Very nice wallpaper. I like the simplicity of it, and the colors are soft, so they don't seemingly attack your eyes. The texturing is interseting, but well chosen, good job. :D

  23. hykyit May 19, 2005

    Actually at first it looks kind of boring to me but when i enlarge it...I realize how nice the bg was~ So im adding it to my favourites because of a very good job done~!! Like the grass a lot~!! Good job~!! Enjoy your holiday with your gf~!! ^^

  24. kai81220 May 19, 2005

    nice texture on the wall. i like the calmness of how the girl is sitting by the cross and the whole mood. even with the pixelation of the scan, it goes well with the stuff on the grass and sky. very nice. +fav ^^

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